Monday, January 9, 2017

Zain Saudi Arabia: Your Total Telecommunications Partner In KSA

Leading telecom company in KSA
Various pieces and types of technology today have made a lot of things easier and simpler for the common man. Different kinds of mobile devices have made it faster and easier for people to communicate with others. Aside from calls, people can get in touch with each other through text and private messages, emails, and chatting. Using their gadget, everyone can continue their work while they are on the go. With the same device, they can play mobile and online games, watch their favourite films or TV shows, and listen to some music whenever and wherever they are.

All of these are possible through the various solutions and services of a dedicated and reliable telecommunications company. In Saudi Arabia, the leading telecom service provider here is Zain.

About Zain Saudi Arabia

trusted telecom company in KSA
Zain Saudi Arabia, also known as Mobile Telecommunication Company Saudi Arabia, is a telecommunications services company that provides fixed line, mobile, and Internet services in KSA. The company was formally established in August 2008 and is now one of the biggest mobile network operators in Saudi Arabia.

Zain Saudi Arabia is spearheaded by its executive management team. This team is entrusted with launching Zain’s services in Saudi Arabia and managing the Company’s business in all facets to meet the targets and vision set by the Shareholders and the Board of Directors. They also closely oversee all Zain operations while searching for new growth opportunities.

At present, Zain’s executive management team is led by Peter Kaliaropoulos, the Chief Executive Officer.

To date, Zain has numerous branches and shops across Saudi Arabia. The company’s main office is located in Riyadh.

reliable telecom company in KSA

Offered Services And Solutions

Zain Saudi Arabia offers their telecommunication services and solutions to individuals and businesses.


Locals in KSA looking for telecom-related services will get a variety from the Personal division of Zain. Their products and services under this category include:

• Voice plans

• Internet services

• Devices

• Roaming services

• Phone and electronics services

• Rewards programme


In case you are looking for telecom services and solutions you can use in and for your business, these are the products and services Zain has to offer:

• Voice plans

• Internet services

• Add-on bundles

• Roaming services

• Other business solutions (Microsoft Office 365, Machine to Machine, Bulk Messaging, Zain Gate Pro, and Easy Gate)

Zain’s Shop

Aside from their services and solutions, Zain also has an online shop and various physical stores where you can get the latest devices, accessories, and other packages. In addition, with their vanity number product, you can choose your preferred local mobile number.

Get more details about Zain Saudi Arabia’s products and services here.

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