Monday, September 28, 2015

A Review On Artist Guitars

When it comes to music, people are getting more experimental. The music industry today is evolving because many artists come up with their own style of music with the help of different musical instruments such as guitars, drums and keyboards. It’s easier for these people to create different kinds of music using these instruments especially the guitar, which one of the most popular music instruments used by aspiring singers and songwriters. And so, more and more people are looking for quality guitars to use either for personal enjoyment or for advancing their musical skills and talent.

About Artist Guitars

Artist Guitars is an online shop that actually offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to acoustic guitars, electric guitars and other musical tools and accessories. Ian Bush, the CEO of Artist Guitars ensures people that they only provide quality and reasonably-priced guitars to help people get one without having to pay more. Ian Bush wanted to provide the same high quality guitars to people who just love music like him at an affordable price. And to make this possible, he orders direct from the factory to cut the middle agents and get the best possible price for the best quality guitars.

Artist Guitars only sell these music instruments online because they do not want their products to be sold by wholesalers and retailers as this will only increase the price of their products. They choose to go online and offer products directly to customers so they can enjoy the affordability of quality music instruments.

The Products They Offer

Aside from a wide variety of guitar types, Artist Guitars also offer many other musical instruments that music lovers can choose from.

- Guitars. There are several types of guitars available. You can choose from any of the following: acoustic guitars, classical guitars, electric guitars, 12-string guitars, bass guitars, left-handed guitars, blue grass/folk and guitars for beginners.

- Drums. For people who love drums or just want to learn how to play drums, Artist Guitars has drum kits and sticks, cymbals, percussion and drum head packs.

- Violins. The shop also sells violins packs and accessories.
- Microphones and recording devices. If you want to record your own song, Artist Guitars has different types of recording devices and microphones.

- Amplifiers. There are guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers and effect pedals.

- Accessories. If you want other musical accessories to go with your chosen instrument, Artist Guitars has everything you need from bags, leads, capos, guitar straps and strings and even music books.

Their Contact Details

If you want to check out more about the shop, you can check out their website to view the details such as their store address, their business hours, their email address and their phone number.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Review On – Your Shop For Stylish Nursing And Maternity Clothes

Comfort is the priority of most pregnant women. This does not mean however that style and function should be ignored when choosing maternity and nursing clothes. And because this stage in every woman’s life passes like a breeze of time, it is but just to enjoy the moment and have fun while being fashionable.

If you are pregnant or nursing and you are looking for a beautiful maternity and nursing wear, The Milk & Love shop is the right place to go. This shop’s mission is to help women celebrate their pregnancy and breastfeeding moments by looking fabulous and amazing through the functional and stylish clothes that the store provides. Corryn, the founder says that while it is challenging to find stylish clothes that are made with natural fabrics, it is more rewarding being able to help mums find what they need at the very special time in their lives. Finding well designed and stylish clothes for mums has become her passion.  Milk & Love offers the following:

Maternity Clothes and Maternity Bottoms

The range of maternity wear here features super soft and durable fabrics from natural fibers such as bamboo and organic cotton. These maternity clothes are lightweight and stretchy as well and they flow beautifully over your bump. Among the best selling items to check are:
  • Lola Mae Maternity And Breastfeeding-Dress
  • Zahra Maternity & Breastfeeding Dress
  • Flamenco Wrap Breastfeeding And Maternity Dress
  • Coco Ono Breastfeeding & Maternity Top
  • Bandeau Maternity & Breastfeeding Dress


Breastfeeding Dresses and Breastfeeding Tops

For your peace of mind and comfort, the breastfeeding tops and dresses here are also made with natural fabrics. As a busy mom, you would love the easy wash care feature of these items. Most importantly, these clothes are designed with your breastfeeding ease in mind.  Some featured items to try are:
  • The Bestseller Britney Bubble Breastfeeding Tank
  • Slouchy Pleated Short Sleeve Breastfeeding Top
  • Must Have Wide Neck Breastfeeding Tank Top
  • Organic Breastfeeding Singlets
  • Kimono Shawl Nursing Wrap

More For Nursing Moms

  • Nursing Sleepwear – the shop has collection of nursing pyjamas that surely makes it easy for you to nurse while looking gorgeous and feeling so comfortable. The maternity and nursing chemise is a must try as well. The list also include maternity and nursing robe, bras, and underwears.
  • Jewellery and Accessories – the shop offers a range of stylish and functional belts, necklaces and bangles. These are great for transforming your everyday wardrobe.
  • Pre-loved – this collection is something you can look forward to as it gives you a more sustainable option.

Milk and Love has a complete collection of maternity and nursing clothes and accessories. Visit to view all the items.

Indalo Transport – Expert Delivery And Removal Services In Spain And UK

Relocating to another place can be energy-draining and stressful. For many people, getting the help of a company providing removal services is really an advantage. Since it can also be time-consuming to do all the things yourself such as packing, labeling of boxes and transporting them, getting the help of people who are experts in doing these tasks safely and efficiently will not only save you time but money and effort as well.

About Indalo Transport

Indalo Transport is actually one of the most trusted and most reliable removal company offering services both in Spain and in the UK. The company has been providing delivery and removal services for years and has gained the reputation of efficiency and expertise when it comes to delivery services and removal services. The company is also an accredited member of Move Assured which is a trusted name when it comes to professional moving services.

The Services The Company Provides

Indalo Transport offers full removal services between Europe and the UK. Since, the company understands how stressful it is to move to another place, getting an expert moving service is such an advantage and a convenience. Indalo Transport provides the following:

- European Removals. Moving from one place to another will really take time. So take advantage of this removal service to save you from stress and from spending too much of your time.

- Inventory. When relocating or moving to another place, people do not usually bring all of their belongings. Doing an inventory of the things you will be bringing with you can be a hassle. Get an expert help from professional in moving services and get the best price.

- Packing. If you need boxes and other packing supplies, you Indalo Transport also provides quality items to help you pack your things easily. However, if you do not have much time doing all the packing, the company also offers a full pack service. They will be the one to pack all your things safely and efficiently.

These services are provided by professionals and you can take advantage of these expert services by simply checking out their website where all the information you need is provided. Ideally, moving experts suggest contacting them at least 3 months before the planned move out to ensure everything is in order.

Find out more about Indalo Transport and their services by visiting their website at

Sunday, September 20, 2015 – Your Beauty Blog In Dubai

There are millions of beauty products to choose from in the market. With this huge number, how do you exactly pick which one to use? 

More than your goal to look your best, you would want a trusted and safe beauty product to use. The last thing you want is to damage your skin and to waste your money on something that will directly go into your trash. Before you go shopping, it is wise to turn to beauty blogs and read reviews or tips. 

Beauty Bloggers In Dubai

Beauty bloggers would be of great help as they usually share some tips and stories about a particular product. If there is a new makeup trend you are curious about, check The Beauty Banker blog. This beauty blog is owned by a fashion and beauty expert in Dubai. Hazel shares her real life experiences through this online resource. It is interesting to read how a particular lipstick, foundation, eye shadow, perfume, and other beauty collections made it through her beauty kit.

How This Beauty Blog Can Help You

Simple makeup tips – as you read about makeup stories on this site, you will also find a lot of makeup tips. You will discover easy to follow steps on how to put on your makeup. The site is your personal make-up artists, stylists, and insider experts on everything gorgeous. 

Her latest article on makeup products talks about blush sticks or cheeks sticks. Hazel thinks that you should own at least one blush stick for the sake of convenience and easy application, whatever brand you think is best for you. Her Blush Stick Addiction post compares two of the most popular brands, Dior and Chanel.

Skincare tips – This blog is rich on tips about having soft, smooth brighter and clearer skin. If you are excited to use new skin care products trending in the market, you may want to check The Beauty Banker first. Heard about Oxygen Care Moisturizer And Radiance Booster?

Product discounts – aside from giving you a heads up by mentioning the price of the product, you can also get discounts using the promo codes provided on the website in case you will be interested in buying one.

The Beauty Banker – Among The Top Fashion Blogs In Dubai

The Diary of a Beauty Banker is among the top fashion blogs in Dubai. The website has the best trends and products information you would want to know about fashion, fragrance, lifestyle, makeup, random, and skincare. 

Read more reviews here or visit the site to find the answers to your beauty and lifestyle questions. 

A Review On David Eshom’s Website

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, there are actually a lot of different ways that people use just to make sure that they have the best smile. Some opt for temporary solutions which are often more affordable. However, there are also those who really opt for the more durable and lasting ones. And when you say lasting, it can only be from a trusted and reliable dental expert.

About David Eshom

Dr. David Eshom is actually a much known dentist in their area. A lot of his previous patients have actually proven this when they went to Dr. David Eshom and took advantage of the expert dental services that he and his clinic offers. Dr. David Eshom does not only provide certain dental services such as putting on porcelain veneers but also even comprehensive general dentistry which may include teeth whitening, invisalign and dental implants.

David Eshom has already gained a strong reputation when it comes to his dental services. Because he has been in this business and profession for a long time, many people have learned to trust his expert services and they actually help get more patients and clients for David Eshom through “word of mouth” advertising.


When choosing a dentist to take care of your teeth and other dental issues, it is always best to opt for those who offer a wide variety of services. David Eshom actually provides almost all dental services that people from all ages and all walks of life may need. Check out these services below:

- Porcelain veneers
- Instant straight teeth
- Lumineers
- Gum contouring
- Custom tooth matching
- Invisalign
- Teeth whitening
- Crowns
- Dental implants
- Dental bonding

These services are actually listed as the most common ones. And so, you will really not find it hard to get the best dental service for your needs when you check out these expert services provided by David Eshom and his teams of dental experts.


If you are interested about one or two of these services, you can actually contact David Eshom through his website. You can make an appointment by filling out a form provided or by actually calling the phone number which is also provided on the website or visit their San Diego office personally to set up an appointment and learn more about their dental services.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Review On – Learn How To Create Better Relationships

Everybody longs to have a respectful, loving and life affirming relationships. But did you know that this can be achieved with the right help?

Relationship Counselling In Sydney

In Sydney, Clinton Power + Associates is the team that can help you better your relationships. This group of relationship counsellors are dedicated to improving the lives and relationships of singles, individuals in relationships and couples. With their over three decades of counselling experience, you can achieve the respectful, loving and life affirming relationships you have been longing for.

People who have struggled due to painful relationship patterns can benefit from the following counselling services that this team provides.

Individual Counselling
Have you been feeling frustrated, lonely, despair and hopeless about finding a partner? Or tired and sick of your life? Would you like to leave the relationship without knowing why? Whether you are single or in a relationship, individual counselling can help resolve your issues.

Coaching For Singles
Clinton Power + Associates is also counselling and coaching for singles who want to be in a relationship. If you feel like your single life is going nowhere or depressed about your single status, perhaps it is time to see these professionals.

Couples Counselling

This service helps couples create loving, rewarding, and satisfying long-term relationships. Don’t rick losing your relationship. Work issues out with your partner. Show that you care about your relationship by attending couples counselling.

Couples Therapy
Couples struggle at one time of another. Sometimes you get stuck in your struggles and just can’t work out their differences on your own. Couples therapy is a powerful and effective way to work on your relationship issues together. 

Marriage Counselling in Sydney
Married life can stress you and your partner. This could lead to relationship issues. If you feel alone and disconnected from your spouse or bickering about things that never get resolved or cheating on your spouse, it is time to seek marriage counselling.

Pre-Marriage Counselling in Sydney
Did you know that pre-marriage counselling can help you create a strong and thriving marriage? Differences can arise between you and your fiancé when you are newly engaged or about to get married. You may suffer from communication breakdown, disagreements related to your wedding, jealousy and insecurity, doubts and questions, etc. To resolve these issues and understand how to deal with these differences, this team can work with you.

Divorce Counselling

Ending a relationship? End it respectfully. Divorce can be one of the hardest things you ever go through in your life. But you can learn from it and go on to create a loving and nurturing relationship with a new partner. This is possible through divorce counselling.

Know more about these services offered by Clinton Power + Associates. Visit for more details.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Website Review On TGP

A great way of showcasing your brand, your services or products is through an exhibition. Today, participating in this kind of event is a great way of increasing brand awareness and your profits. Be sure though that you will stand out from other industries joining such event. And this can be done with the best, attention-grabbing exhibition stand. This is where TGP comes in.

TGP Profile


Since 1995, TGP has become the leading full service design and production company throughout the GCC. They strongly believe that excellence in quality, professionalism, and efficiency must never be compromised. 

Be aware that they draw on the experiences of their 5 divisions (Exhibition Services, Events, Graphics, Interiors, and Audio Visual) to work towards one goal which is to deliver top class commercially successful projects from conception to implementation. 

At TGP, they also believe that strength will come from within and so they have hand-picked every member of their team accordingly. They say that this ensures that they are employing only the experts in their given field and those who fully understand the markets in which they operate. Know that all the services they offer are managed in-house, allowing them to meet tight deadlines, ensuring excellent quality, and achieving exceptional results for their clients.

TGP Today

These days, they are considered the leading Design and Production Company in the UAE. This is due to the fact that they have been delivering excellent solutions to both their local and international clients for the past two decades. 

They are very proud to say that a high percentage of their business arises from current contracts and repeat business. This proves that they are definitely providing high quality of work and exceptional customer service skills.

Overview Of The Services They Offer


As mentioned earlier, they have 5 specialist divisions. They provide a very powerful integrated, in-house combination of solutions to their clients. They have meticulously handpicked the best team for every task at hand. Also, they are leveraging their strategic alliances for any external requirements which then resulted to a hassle-free, commercially successful project.

Current Job Openings


TGP is constantly searching for enthusiastic and experienced talent to be a part of their growing team. If you are interested of working in a dynamic organization, all you have to do is fill out their application form provided on their website. They are currently looking for senior project manager interiors and interior designers. If you think you are qualified for such position, visit now.

A Review On Body In Balance

Having good health is really important these days. Your health is one of the things that you should take care of especially if you are working 5 days a week. You have to make sure that you take enough rest to ensure that your body will properly function. And so, when you feel pain in some parts of your body, especially in the lower back, you have to find a way to address that pain so you can work normally again.

One of the best ways to improve your health and experience relief from body pains is chiropractic treatment. This type of wellness practice is becoming more and more popular these days as it does not involve any surgical procedures. It believes and promotes self-healing. This means that you can actually deal with any type of health problems if you know how to take care of your nervous system which is composed of your brain, spinal cord and nerves.

About Body In Balance

Body In Balance is a wellness clinic providing this kind of services. The clinic has a lot of health experts who are more than willing to help you achieve an improved health. For people who have problems with their lower back, a trusted chiropractor from Body In Balance can definitely help you. Aside from their expert chiropractors, they also have a wellness team that if focused on helping you achieve your health goal.

Health and Wellness Services

Body In Balance does not only help you deal with your body pains and other health issues but they also help you get the best health services for you to experience relief and comfort. Below are some of the services they provide.

- Wellness and chiropractic workshops. If you want to learn more about chiropractic treatment, you can actually attend their workshop which usually lasts 30-45 minutes.

- Massage. The clinic also provides massage services which includes relaxation and remedial massage. They have massage therapists who are trained and experts in providing the best massage service in the area.

- Myotherapy. Many people do not actually have any idea about myotherapy. This is actually a kind of treatment that focuses on the preventative, corrective and rehabilitative phases of muscle therapy.

Contacting Body In Balance

If you are interested in Body In Balance and the services they provide, you can actually check out their website to find out more details such as their physical address and phone number. You can also leave a message or book an appointment through their website.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Zain: Providing A World Of Telecommunication Possibilities In Kuwait

Leading telecommunications company in Kuwait
Communication is part of everyday life. You talk face-to-face with your family, co-workers and friends on a daily basis. If speaking with a person personally is not possible, you will have to call him or her on your landline or mobile phone. Another option to get in touch with a person you need to contact is by sending him or her an SMS, e-mail or instant message. There are also other Web-based platforms you can use to communicate with a person such as Skype, Viber, etc.

The various innovations today has indeed made communication easier and more accessible, wherever you are in the world. And this is largely due to the dedication and tireless work of various telecommunication companies.

trusted telecommunications company in Kuwait

Zain: The Top Telecommunications Company In Kuwait

In Kuwait, the leading telecommunications company here is Zain. Zain is a member of the Zain Group and it was founded in 1983. It started off as MTC or Mobile Telecommunications Company but was later rebranded to Zain in 2007.

Zain in Kuwait is the Group's flagship operation. In 1994, the company became the first telecom operator to launch commercial GSM services in the region and at present, offers 4G LTE services.
reputable telecommunications company in Kuwait

Zain’s Services And Solutions

Zain’s services and solutions are divided into 2 main categories: Personal and Business.

Under Personal, their offered services and solutions include:

• Post-paid plans
• Pre-paid
• Internet services
• Mobile services
• International and roaming capabilities
• Entertainment solutions
• Number portability
• Other offers and exclusives

For Business, their solutions and capabilities include:

• Corporate services
• International and roaming solutions
• Fleet management
• Email hosting
• Zain M2M
• Hybrid service

To get more details about these various innovative telecom solutions and services, go to

A Look At Zain’s Website

Zain’s website is highly impressive. It boasts of great graphics, the colours on the site are very appealing and eye-catching. The texts are also easy to read and understand and are of just the right sizes.

The site is professionally-designed. It loads fast and all its content are always updated, well-thought of and written. You can find all the information you want about the offered services and solutions of Zain on their website. If you need to get in touch with a rep from Zayn, you can also do this when you visit their site since it has a live chat feature.

The website also has an online store which you can use to see the various gadgets they offer. Aside from mobile phones and tablets, Zain also offers various Internet and gaming devices.

Based on their website, Zain indeed offers the most complete line up of telecommunication services and solutions. Kuwait locals can definitely continue to expect the latest and most reliable communication services and exciting offers from Zain.

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Review On – Your Family-Friendly Dental Practice In Mesa

Need to address any dental issues? If you want to have a good experience on your dental visits, turn to a family-friendly clinic.  Dentists and staff here are always excited to welcome new patients.

Cosmetic Dentist In Mesa

In Mesa AZ, one of the family-friendly dental clinics to consider is Desert Family Dental. The team of dentists here is committed to making your visit an enjoyable one. With a welcoming and fun atmosphere, you feel more comfortable as you go through the treatments needed to address your dental issue.

Range of Treatments

To help you achieve optimal dental health and beauty, they provide wide range of dental treatments. On your Mesa dentist’s Dental Care page, you can check the range of services they offer. Whether you need cosmetic dentistry, general and family dentistry, or orthodontics, they have a solution for you.

Cosmetic dentistry – Achieve the smile of your dreams! This branch of dentistry focuses on repairing and enhancing the natural aesthetic of your teeth and gums. Change the luminosity of your teeth, repair broken, chipped, or fractured teeth, close large gaps or spaces, straighten crooked or misaligned teeth etc. You need this solution if:
  • You are unhappy with the way your smile looks.
  • You are facing serious dental trauma.
  • You feel too embarrassed to smile.

General and family dentistry – this branch of dentistry helps prevent decay, repair existing damage, and foster dental hygiene in your entire family. Check reasons why visiting dentist is important and how often you should visit the dentist.

Orthodontics – this branch of dentistry focus on treating irregularities in the alignment and bite of your teeth. Find out if braces are right for you.

Teeth Whitening In Mesa

Teeth whitening treatment is done to change the luminosity of your teeth. At Desert Family Dental, the process starts with regular cleaning and examination. Prior to treatment, your Mesa dentist has to make sure immediate issues are addressed. Bleaching trays are customized to fit to your teeth.

Invisalign In Mesa

Invisible braces are very popular these days. This dental technology is considered revolutionary as it straightens your teeth quickly. Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign offers many advantages.

Sedation Dentistry

Receive painless treatment through sedation dentistry. This is recommended especially to those with dental fear. At Desert Family Dental, this treatment is done by professionals using the modern sedation dentistry techniques.

These are just some of the services they offer. You can check more information about their treatments at The website has their contact details if you wish to schedule an appointment.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

HYPOXI Training Equipment LLC: UAE’s Exclusive Distributor Of HYPOXI Equipment

authorized distributor of HYPOXI equipment in the UAE

Face it: there are some parts of your body that you simply love to hate. It may be the flabby arms that you have. Or those love handles that you can’t get rid of. And of course, nobody wants to have a bum or legs that are too big due to cellulite.

The worst thing about these body parts that you hate is that no matter how hard you target them during your workout sessions, they still don’t go away. Even if you look at your diet carefully and workout with a trainer, you still find it hard to make them disappear completely. And even if you do manage to get rid of them or tone them down, you are left with some unsightly bulges or flabby skin.

You can get rid of any unwanted flabs and have a body that you will really be contented with without all the hard work though with a revolutionary weight loss and body shaping technology and training programme: HYPOXI.

About The HYPOXI-Method

HYPOXI was developed by Dr. Norbert Egger in the late 1990s in Salzburg. It is a targeted method of body shaping. HYPOXI is the first training concept to combine alternating high and low pressure with exercise to help target fat in the common problem areas. This body-sculpting method uses the natural principles of lipid metabolism to reduce undesired fat deposits. A usual 30 minute HYPOXI workout is safe, pain free and completely natural. And it effectively helps your body to tap into stubborn fat stores while you work out.

registered distributor of HYPOXI equipment in the UAE


HYPOXI Training Equipment LLC is the sole accredited distributor of all HYPOXI equipment in the UAE. This company was formally established to build and maintain the reputation of the brand. It aims to support all the authorized HYPOXI studios in the UAE through various training, maintenance and marketing support.

Allison Pickford is the director of HYPOXI Training Equipment LLC. In 2006, she set up her first dedicated HYPOXI studio, BodySmart, in The Meadows, Dubai, which is now the flagship HYPOXI studio in the UAE. Allison opened a second centre in Umm Suqueim in 2009. Under her leadership, the company continues to ensure high service and quality standards are maintained to help their authorised partners reach new clients and retain the existing ones.

authorized distributor of HYPOXI equipment in the UAE

The Company’s Services

1. Sales of HYPOXI equipment. HYPOXI Training Equipment LLC is the exclusive distributor in the UAE of all HYPOXI equipment which include the S120, L250, HYPOXI Vacunaut, HYPOXI-Dermology and the Metabolic Analyser.

2. Training and education. Upon purchase of the equipment for gym or fitness centre use, coaches will be provided specialised hands on training as per international standards. The training will include nutrition guidelines, programming and technical know-how, practical skills and information on educating the clients.

3. Marketing and branding. 
The company will provide marketing, branding and PR support to all authorised HYPOXI partners at affordable prices in mainstream media channels such as online, print, radio, and TV.

4. Maintenance. HYPOXI Training Equipment LLC trained and qualified team will provide all their customers with every service and maintenance support including maintenance & service packages, advice, spare parts and training.

To know more about HYPOXI Training Equipment LLC, visit

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Review On - Unleashing The Drawing Artist Inside You

Do you know any friends or family who can draw? Drawing is fun as you can bring your imagination to life in a paper. Unfortunately, only few can draw well and teach well. While not all people are gifted with this skill, this can be learned. You can unleash the drawing artist inside you with the right guidance.

On the web, Drawing Mentor is your one-stop destination for drawing tutorials, tips and resources. This resource has been created to help you boost your drawing skills to a new level. Tony, the founder believes that anyone can draw as long as they are shown the basic skills and the best practices of drawing. So grab your pencil and paper, browse the pages and get started with some of the most popular tutorials on

How To Draw A Snake

This page will teach you how to draw a snake in 2 different tutorials – for beginners and intermediate learners. The first tutorial covers the slithering snake pose illustrated on the site in 6 steps. The second tutorial is a 5-step tutorial of the snake striking. The page also has trivia about snakes. Did you know that there are more than 3,000 species of snakes in the world?

How To Draw A Dinosaur

Learn how to draw two different dinosaur species - T-Rex and Diplodocus. In 6-steps, you will be able to draw the famous T-Rex. In another 6-step tutorial, draw this dinosaur with a long neck and tail. Check interesting trivia about Tyrannosaurus Rex and Diplodocus on the page as well.

How To Draw A Frog

Teach your child how to draw frog in two different poses. This page has a 5-step guide of the frog sitting and a 6-step guide of the frog on a tree branch. You can also read facts about frogs here. Did you know that the average tree frog life-span is 3 years?

Drawing Tutorials

Check other cool things to draw at Learn how to draw a fairy, a steaming train, a plane, Santa and more. These drawing tutorials will build your confidence. Now you can impress your family, friends and even your teachers with your artworks.

A Review On Medical Village

When it comes to health and beauty, people today have access to advanced solutions that do not only provide an effective result but an efficient one as well. Gone are the days when only the elite in the society can afford advanced health and beauty solutions because today, everyone can already take advantage of what new technology has to offer. This is especially true when it comes to dermatology, surgeries, dentistry and other medical technologies.

About Medical Village

Medical Village is an expert clinic providing expert health and beauty solutions. The company has the commitment to make health luxurious yet affordable. Hence, more and more people, especially those in Dubai actually take advantage of the services provided by Medical Village to improved their health and beauty. With the use of new and advanced technology, Medical Village assures their clients of excellent medical services to help them be more confident in facing other people.

Medical Village’s founder, Dr. Hamid Taghaddos has been practicing as a General Surgeon since 1992. He was among the first doctors to introduce laser technology to the UAE in 1996 with Ultra Pulse Laser as his first service using laser tech. Since then, he took courses to further his knowledge about laser technology and has been using this knowledge to provide better medical solutions.

The Services Provided

As of now, there are many different medical services provided by Medical Village. Check them out below:

- PicoSure Solutions. This is a new and advanced technology used by Dr. Taghaddos and is first in the Middle East. This latest global technological Innovation includes tattoo removal, scar treatment, skin revitalization and removal of pigmented lesions.

- Treatments. Medical Village provides expert and effective medical and beauty treatments which includes laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, laser skin tightening, laser skin surgery, laser pigmentation treatment, laser acne treatment and dermatology and skin care.

- Dentistry. Medical Village provides comprehensive range of dental services including cosmetic dental solutions. Using the latest high-tech equipment and tools, Medical Village assures clients and patients of excellent and world-class dental services.

How To Contact Medical Village

If you are interested about the services provided by Medical Village, you can send them a message through their website. Provided in their website are their contact information such as their phone number and physical address. Medical Village is closed on Fridays so you better check out their website to know more about their hours of operation.