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Al-Futtaim Logistics – Best Provider Of Advanced Supply Chain Management Solutions Today

When it comes to providing industry and logistics solutions, nothing beats Al-Futtaim Logistics, an Al-Futtaim group company in the lower Gulf region, headquartered in Dubai.

Everything About Al-Futtaim Logistics

Al-Futtaim Logistics was established in the 1930s, providing world-class supply chain solutions, with a global reach through its network of an exclusive strategic alliance with IJS global. They are also a member to internationally recognized professional associations such as SCLG, IAM, NAFL, FIATA, and IATA.

They offer full connectivity from strategically positioned state-of-the-art facilities at the most important freight hubs in the region. They strive for quality in everything they do. And since, February 2012, they are already fully certified by DNV on ISO 9001-2008.

With the latest sophisticated technology, they were able to create innovative solutions, guaranteeing the full visibility of stock at each operational stage, meaning that customers will enjoy various benefits. And these include the following:

  • Full tracking on a real time basis of all shipments
  • Real time remote access to warehouse management information with the use of barcode scanning, handheld terminals, and radio frequency
  • Advanced vehicle tracking system combined with GPS wireless network technology
  • Specialized freight management software that can deliver transparency to customer
  • Warehouse stock management to ensure optimum use of resources as well as accuracy in order delivery

Services They Offer

Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance – They have efficient and competitive solutions backed by specialist customs clearance expertise to help your shipments all the way.

Warehousing & Contract Logistics – They offer one-stop efficient solutions for all your warehousing needs

Goods Transportation & Distribution – Their fully monitored fleet offers efficient and secure delivery, along with seamless freight connections.

Corporate Transportation – The hallmarks of their affordable corporate transportation solutions are safety, reliability and comfort.

Their Offered Industry Solutions

Automotive Logistics – They are the leading automotive logistics service provider in the UAE. They offer a wide range of high quality services for leading automotive distributors.

Retail Logistics – Their extensive warehousing and redistribution capacity can cater for more than a quarter of a million line items in different locations.

Humanitarian & Military Logistics – Change is somewhat unpredictable. Such changes can actually present logistical challenges in any part of the world. Al-Futtaim Logistics is aware of this.

Project Cargo, Heavy Lift & Break-bulk – They assure clients of its absolute attention to each detail throughout the process and its utmost care to guarantee safe delivery throughout the turnkey management of Project Cargo, Break Bulk, and Heavy Lifts.

Industrial Solutions – They provide customized industrial solutions in order to meet the unique business requirements of their customers.

Corporate Transportation – They provide school and staff transport services to most business sectors throughout the UAE.

Relocations & International Moving – They provide complete solutions from origin to destination for local and international relocation storage and warehousing, pet relocation, office movement, vehicle transportation, and comprehensive insurance. 

Cotton Barons: A Trusted Name In Bespoke Cotton Products Design And Creation

Trusted bespoke cotton products designer and manufacturer
Bags are one of the personal and household items that many people have in their homes. They can be made of different products and can be used for a variety of purposes. Some can be used again and again, depending on the product used for creating the bag. Once they become torn, damaged, old, and unsightly, most of the time, these products will be thrown out, never to be used again. As such, they can be quite staples in landfill sites and are one of the leading contributors of environmental waste.

Choosing the right product for your bag can make a huge difference in reducing your contribution to environmental waste. Cotton is one of the most popular materials used for bags today. When you opt to purchase cotton bags, you can use them again and again since they are durable and strong. They can also be washed and as such, can offer you many repetitive uses.
leading bespoke cotton products designer and manufacturer

About Cotton Barons

Although you may be interested to buy and use cotton bags but don’t find the plainness of their design to your taste, you can still have the product you are looking for by choosing a leading bespoke cotton products designer and manufacturer. In the UK, one of these well-known companies is Cotton Baron.

Cotton Baron found its early beginnings in the 90’s. In 2007, Cotton Barons was formally established in London, with a production house in the EU.

Behind the company is a friendly team of people from different walks of life. They never fail to something special to the whole company. All employees truly believe that almost everything can be wrapped in cotton and that cotton bags can be a part of many celebrations.  The staff work hard, push themselves, and engage in fruitful conversations with each other and their clients to produce the best products for various occasions.

The team of Cotton Baron always takes pride in their growing range of products and they will not hesitate to take on new projects that their clients will give them.

The office of Cotton Barons is located at The Close, London.

reputable bespoke cotton products designer and manufacturer

Cotton Bags

Cotton Barons offer a variety of cotton bag products which include:

• Cotton drawstring bags
• Flat cotton bags
• Cotton bag with base gusset
• Cotton bag with full gusset
• Cotton party bags
• Cotton bottle bags
• Flat cotton zip bags
• Cotton zip bag with base gusset

These products come in different sizes and colours. Of course, they can be customised to your preference or requirements, to showcase your brand or logo if you want to use them for business or marketing purposes.

Other Products

Aside from the listed bags above, Cotton Barons can also manufacture and customise other cotton products, which include:

• Cotton aprons
• Wedding favour bags
• Jewellery bags
• Lavender bags
• Soap bags
• Accessories bags
• Shoe bags
• Bread bags
• Laundry bags

Learn more about these cotton products and bespoke services offered by Cotton Barons by visiting their website.

What Spectus Window Systems Can Offer

Choosing the best window systems or solutions that suit the overall design of your home can be very challenging especially if you are left with just a few options. There are a lot of things to consider such as the aesthetic properties, the functionality, durability, cost and even the maintenance. And so, if you are looking for the right window solution for your home, it is always best to choose from the company that provides a variety of options for you.

About Spectus Window Systems

Spectus Window Systems is a company that provides a wide selection of window and door solutions. It was founded in 1981 and was only providing door and window solutions made from PVC-U then. However, today, Spectus Window Systems strives to provide the best to their customers by offering the different options for their doors and windows. When it comes to window solutions, Spectus Window Systems is definitely one of the best and most trusted in their field.

The Products That Spectus Window Systems Offers

If you are looking for the best door and window solutions for you home, Spectus Window Systems offers the best choices. They have a wide variety of options available depending on your preference. You can choose from among the following:

- Casement windows
- Fully reversible windows
- Tilt and turn windows
- Vertical sliding windows
- Residential doors
- Patio doors
- French doors
- Composite doors
- Victorian conservatories
- Edwardian conservatories
- P-shaped conservatories
- Sunrooms
- Lanterns
- Bespoke

All these products offer advantages to homeowners which help them save money and effort. Spectus Window Systems boasts of the following:

- High-quality, accredited, and approved profiles
- Durability and strength
- Energy efficient
- Very easy to maintain
- Recyclable and long lifespan
- Made from excellently sourced materials
- Systems accredited to Secured by Design standards

The best thing about Spectus Window Systems is they have online technical support to help customers with their concerns and to make sure that they have successfully installed their solutions.

Contacting Spectus Window Systems

If you want to know more about Spectus Window Systems and the products they offer, you can check out their website. You can browse through the different products and check out more about them through email, call or site visit.

Monday, November 28, 2016

A Review On HSBC- Most Trusted Bank Recommended By Business Experts

There are a lot of banks these days. Some are operating locally while others are operating globally. And when it comes to choosing the right bank for your business, most business owners advise to look for the bank that offers the best services and has the best reputation in the field. Choosing the right bank where you can put all your business assets is very important. When you choose the right bank to partner with, you can take advantage of the services it provides to help your business grow and expand. And one of the banks that is most recommended by business experts is HSBC.

About HSBC 

HSBC is considered as one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations. The bank serves more than 45 million customers through four global businesses with a network that covers 71 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America. HSBC is worldly known for its high standards in providing excellent customer service with the products and services they offer. HSBC has 4,400 offices worldwide. The bank aims to be where the growth is. They aim to connect customers to opportunities, enable businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, and aim to help people fulfil their hopes and realise their ambitions for a better life.

The Services The HSBC Provides

HSBC offers a wide variety of services to different types of businesses. The bank has become a trusted partner when it comes to ensuring the finances of a business. Below are the services offered by HSBC for businesses:

- Commercial banking
- Global banking and markets
- Retail banking and wealth management
- Global private banking

All these services are offered to business to help them achieve their goals of success. The best thing about HSBC is they always see to it that you fully take advantage of what they have to offer to make sure your business’ growth and success. They are your best partner when it comes to financial solutions needed for business expansion.

How To Contact HSBC

Contacting HSBC is now made easy through their website. It has all the information you need and you can opt to chat, call or make an appointment to know more about their products and services. They also have several different branches and offices worldwide that you can visit to know your options for your business.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

VOS - Envisioning Building Structures Out Of Creative Concepts

Change is indeed inevitable; however, transformation is a conscious choice. As people evolve, so should design. Hence, VOS aspires to come up with building and infrastructures that will take architecture to a completely new level, enhancing the art of building homes and structures.

About VOS

VOS is a team with more than just architects and interior designers but a team of innovators and dreamers. Their aim is not just to assemble buildings with the most modern designs and aesthetic perfection. Rather, they also put their hearts into their work so they can yield structures that will echo across the area of architecture. They actually turn their imagination into every project they sign up for. They are very dedicated to raise the bar of interior designing, planning, architecture and landscaping through their talented staff.

Moreover, they focus on the cultural context of their projects. They create structures of optimal function and magnificence. Most importantly, they deliver unique spaces that will boost people’s experience and change their perspective when it comes to architecture.

Services They Offer

Project Management – Each project will have a dedicated project manager who will coordinate between the client, their engineers and design team. The project manager will also oversee all aspects of the design and construction process and will keep the client updated with each stage of the entire process.

Master Planning – The first step to master planning is finding the ideal location for the occupants. They provide a dedicated team of landscape architects, planners, and urban designers in order to fulfil the projects planning and designing.

Procurement – They handle furnishing and fixture selections, along with specifications furniture installation and coordination.

Commercial Interiors – They have commercial interior designers who will provide the process of creating as well as overseeing the construction of a space. They will help in selecting the best building materials, layout and placement of interior walls, power and plumbing systems, and will coordinate the communications between the professionals, service providers, and owners.

Interior Architecture And Design – Their goal is to create value as well as enhance the quality of life of their clients. They offer professional services to their clients by providing the design and construction of the interiors and physical features of the building.

Architectural Design – All of their designs rotate around the needs of the client, and with their expert team of architects, interior designers, and graphic designers.

Landscape Architecture Design – Details integrated in a project, regardless of whether it is in the landscape or the garden, will define the landscape architecture. The usefulness and attractiveness of the design will reflect the skills of their architects in planning and designing.

How They Work

  1. Consultation – During this phase, their team will suggest design ideas that can help you in selecting the best look for your future building, landscape or residential space. Identification of the type of design you want for your property happens in this stage as well.
  2. Concept Design – Their team of expert interior designers, architects, and engineers will work together to produce remarkable designs for your project. They will provide creativity to their designs and consider practicality and function.
  3. Detail Design – They will give life to what used to be a formless design concept. Also, they will make it a point that all the projects they manage will have the right materials and safety protocols.
  4. Project Management – They are equipped with skilled project managers who will monitor each progress. They will also report issues about the project immediately to you in order to mitigate the problems.
  5. Handover – When the project gets completed, they will turn over everything to you. They make sure that you will know how to operate as well as maintain all elements.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Eton Institute: The Leading Global Provider Of Language And Professional Development Programs

leading language learning institute in NYC
Today, if you want to go far in your chosen career, you need to constantly take up courses that will enable you acquire relevant and useful skills and knowledge you can use in your profession. By taking up such courses, you will be more confident in taking on bigger roles and you will be more qualified for higher and better job positions or levels.

The prestige and course and certificate or qualification you will gain though will also depend greatly on the learning or training institute you will sign up with. Whether you are in North America or the Middle East (and even in other parts of the world), you can choose from and get great quality language and professional development programs from the Eton Institute.

trusted language learning institute in NYC

 About The Eton Institute

The Eton Institute provides a variety of professional development training courses in more than 100 languages and mobile learning programs internationally throughout the Americas, East Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia.

Behind the institute is a team of professionals who continuously develop highly customized programs, training methodologies, and techniques. Eton Institute offers flexible timings and uniquely tailored courses that can suit the learner’s specific requirements. Only highly qualified, trained, and experienced instructors handle their training courses. Eton Institute is also known for offering competitive prices for all their high quality programs.  

reputable professional and language learning institute in NYC

Eton Institute NYC

Eton Institute NYC offers a variety of language and professional development programs that are classroom-based, virtual, and mobile. These courses help individuals to communicate and connect better. They also aim to improve the thinking analytical skills of the students. Lastly, they can improve the personal and career prospects of an individual.

The courses they offer include:

• Exam preparations
• Cultural programs
• CEFR Language levels
• Kids and teens’ courses
• Professional development
• Teacher training

well-known professional development and language learning institute in NYC

Eton Institute Middle East

The Eton Institute also has an office in Dubai which offers their programs across the UAE and Gulf area. They provide more than 100 language courses, all of which are EAQUALS-accredited and meet the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standards set by Council of Europe. These include:

• English
• Arabic
• French
• Spanish
• Japanese
• Chinese
• German
• Italian
• Greek
• Russian
• Swedish
• Farsi
• Portuguese
• Dutch
• Sign Language

They also offer a variety of programs under Professional Development, Teacher Training, and Computer Training. These courses can be taken in the classroom and through mobile learning options.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Knowing More About Body In Balance

There can be times when your body really needs the healing and relaxation it deserves after a hard day’s work. Giving your body what it deserves is a must in order for you to function well. Overall health and wellness is important and you can only achieve this if you give the relaxation and the relief that your body needs. If you want to be more efficient and productive, you need to regain strength. Take care of your health by ensuring that you get the right treatment whenever you start feeling body aches. There are specialists that you can go to. They can certainly help you restore your body’s health and wellness for you to function properly. And one of the best and most recommended treatments that these specialists offer is chiropractic treatment. This treatment promotes overall health and wellness without undergoing surgical procedures. By taking care of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system, it drives self-healing which is very effective in restoring the overall wellness of your body. And this type of treatment is offered by Body In Balance.

All About Body In Balance

Body In Balance is a popular wellness clinic that primarily provides overall wellness. They have experts who are willing to help and perform chiropractic treatment to each patient depending on certain pains she or he feels. Body In Balance experts are focused on helping people achieve an improved health. People who suffer from lower back and other body aches can go to Body In Balance and get the type of service or treatment they need to restore their body’s overall health and wellness.

The Services Offered By Body In Balance 

Body In Balance does not only provide services to help you get a relief from body pains and muscle aches. The clinic also provides other effective services to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. Check out the following:

- Wellness and chiropractic workshops. For those who want to learn more about the basics of chiropractic treatment and how effective it is to treat body pains, these workshops are recommended. Their workshop usually lasts 30-45 minutes only so it won’t actually take much of your time.

- Massage. Many people just want to have massage either to feel restored or to be able to give their body the relaxation it needs. The clinic also provides massage services such as relaxation and remedial massage.

- Myotherapy. Myotherapy is a kind of treatment that focuses more on the preventative, corrective and rehabilitative phases of muscle therapy.

Contacting Body In Balance 

Get in touch with Body In Balance and know the services the clinic provides. Visit their website and find out more information such as their physical address and phone number.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Alpha Suit: The Top Provider Of Affordable High Quality Custom Made Suits In Chicago

Leading custom clothing company in Chicago
Custom suits are all the rage today. A lot of men are choosing to have their shirts and suits customized for a variety of reasons. For one, you can have your shirt and suit created exactly to your needs and wants. They will come in the color you want and their size and fit will be perfect for your body. This saves you a lot of time in looking for that ideal outfit online or on various brick-and-mortar shops. After all, just like with all the other millions of shoppers out there, you probably spend hours looking for and choosing the right attire that meets all your requirements.

Another advantage that comes with going for custom shirts and suits is that you have a say in everything. From the choice of clothing material, the stitches, pattern and style, you will definitely get the outfit that has eluded you for years.

reputable custom clothing company in Chicago

About Alpha Suit

Once you have made the decision to invest in bespoke suits and shirts, the next step to take is to find a company that offers services in customizing men’s outfits that are of great quality and affordable, too. Chicago locals can find all of these in one brand: Alpha Suit.

Alpha Suit is the brainchild of Sean McKee, one of North America’s most in-demand and talented clothiers. He has helped dressed some of the country’s wealthiest and successful men for their various needs and different occasions by providing them with custom made or bespoke suits, shirts, and sport coats.

Sean established Alpha Suit with one goal in mind: to provide young professionals with high-quality custom suits and shirts at lower prices.

top provider of affordable custom-made clothes in Chicago

Pop-Up Events

To start the process of getting top-notch custom-made suits and shirts, you will need to sign up for or join a “Pop-Up Event”. This is essentially a group measuring and shopping event that can take place in your office or business premises, a hotel conference room, a retail location, or even in your home. Through these events, Sean will be able to work with multiple customers at once and this, in turn, increases volume and greatly reduces his expenses.

Because of the reduction of his expenses, customers will get top-rate custom-made suits and shirts that are 60 to 70% lower in price than what other bespoke clothing companies offer.

Alpha Suit’s Chicago Showroom

In case you can’t organize or join a Pop-Up Event, you can still get the perfect suit or shirt for your work or business or for a special occasion by scheduling an appointment at Alpha Suit’s Chicago showroom. When you visit their showroom, you will be able to purchase clothing at the same group pricing with no minimum purchases.

Alpha Suit’s Chicago showroom is located at 320 W Ohio St Suite 3W, Chicago, IL.

Visit Alpha Suit’s website to learn more about their tailoring and clothing services.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Review About Molloy Lawn And Landscape

One of the important factors that greatly adds more beauty and value to the home is a well-manicured lawn. It is, indeed, very nice to see a home with a beautiful landscape and healthy plants surrounding the property. However, achieving this few may take some time, effort and money. And with the help of the right people, you can certainly achieve the look that you want for your lawn or garden.

About Molloy Lawn And Landscape

Molloy Lawn And Landscape is a trusted lawn care and landscaping services provider that is family owned and operated. The company was established in 1963 and until today, they provide the same excellent service to their customers. Molloy Lawn And Landscape provides excellent lawn care and landscaping service for both residential and commercial customers. They are known in their area because of their philosophy and goal of providing nothing but the best professional lawn care and landscape services to create lasting relationships with their customers.

Molloy Lawn And Landscape boasts of their professional services and are willing to provide these services anytime. They also list down the top ten reasons why people should get their services. They are the following:

- Reliable
- Educated and knowledgeable
- Trustworthy
- Licensed
- Skilled
- Friendly
- Reputable
- Speedy
- Courteous
- Honest

The Services That Molloy Lawn And Landscape Provides

You can certainly trust Molloy Lawn And Landscape to help you achieve the perfect lawn and garden of your dreams. They provide the following services:

- Lawn maintenance
- Lawn care
- Landscaping
- Lawn sprinklers
- Snow plowing

With all these services, you can request a free estimate so you can prepare yourself for the amount it will cost you to get their services. This is actually an advantage on your part and very convenient and cost-effective  since you no longer have pay them just to know how much it will cost you to get a particular service. With their offer of free estimate, you are not obliged to get their services and you will certainly not get high-pressure sales convincing. This is totally a good news for homeowners who are still doubting of having a lawn or landscape because of the cost.

Contact Information

If you want to know more about Molloy Lawn And Landscape and the services they provide, you can visit their website and browse through the pages. You can also get their contact information such as their phone number or simply fill out their contact form for questions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Alkatraz – A Reliable Production Services Company In Dubai

Their collection of acclaimed feature films, music videos, events, short films and different new media content makes Alkatraz one of the most trusted production services company these days. They work closely with local and foreign production houses.

More About Alkatraz

Alkatraz was founded by a group of talented and passionate individuals in 2013. They have managed to grow from strength to strength since they have opened their doors.

Today, they are on full schedule of films and commercial projects. They continue to focus on hiring new talent, securing unique locations and Unite services as a crucial part of their business fabric.

Services They Offer

Casting – It is not easy to find the right talent to be in front of your camera. Good thing they have a Casting department having one of the largest casting databases in the region. Be aware also that their casting office can hold auditions and call backs. They have actually been involved in every major movie shot in the UAE. They have all the bases covered – from featured cast members to background extras.

Location – They do not just have one of the most extensive portfolios of locations in the UAE but also maintain an excellent working relationship with the Dubai Film and TV Commission and other Government entities. Their location managers have more than a decade of production experience. Most importantly, they are very knowledgeable when it comes to the local production landscape. They can’t just help any production in finding the best location but also in managing on the day of the shoot.

Unit – Alkatraz highly emphasized that the Unit is the backbone of nay film set. Hence, they have the most experienced and well-equipped Unit team in Dubai. Regardless of what the weather or location may be, their Unit team will definitely have the resources to ensure that your shoot is as convenient as possible. Their managers and assistants are properly trained for any kind of situation that may arise on a film shoot. Moreover, their Unit Trucks are equipped with portable air conditioners, pop-up tents, chairs, tables, first aid kits, traffic control gears and many more. In other words, they have all the important and useful pieces of gear to guarantee that the crew and the shoot are well taken care of at all times.

Apart from that, they also offer aerial filming services and Film and TV. If you want aerial shots to boost your company’s event, they are surely the one you can all. They have the best equipment and crew when it comes to aerial photography and cinematography.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Wellspring Landscape Services - Your Source For Expert Lawn Care And Landscaping In Texas

Landscaping is very important to increase the value of your property. Also, nothing beats a great looking landscape in boosting your property’s appearance. So it is a smart idea for you to invest in reliable lawn care and landscaping services. In Texas, Wellspring Landscape Services can be your best partner.

About Wellspring Landscape Services

Wellspring Landscape Services is full service residential & commercial lawn maintenance and landscaping company. They offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn maintenance, seasonal clean-ups, landscape design and installation, mulching and more.

They strongly believe in attention to detail, doing things right the first time as well as using only trained lawn care professionals. They offer easy payment options. Also, they provide superior communication with their customers. They offer set mowing days to make things more convenient for their customers. Most importantly, they offer a custom service schedule.

Residential Lawn Maintenance
They will treat your home landscape as their own and promise to go the extra mile by paying attention to all aspects of the landscaped property and make sure that your personal environment is as beautiful and healthy as possible.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance
Wellspring aims to become one of the rare vendors that truly want to be an indispensable member of your team. They are known to do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it and for a very reasonable price. Before proposing a solution, they will identify problem areas in you landscape. They will definitely look out for your best interest.

Services provided by Wellspring will include general maintenance like weekly mowing, blowing, trimming and debris removal. Also, they will expertly perform upgrades to your current landscape. They will definitely keep you property looking at its best by integrating seasonal colour, trimming trees and shrubs, and maintain its health via seasonal bed and turf management.

They offer a wide range of landscaping services that will help you through the process. Their specialists can help you from designing the layout of a new landscape renovation to cleanup when the job is finished. They further emphasized that they have experience with all types of landscaping and landscape elements.

Why Hire Them?

  • They will show up if they say they will. In case there will be a delay, you will surely be notified about it beforehand.
  • They have friendly crew members. Also, their employees are highly trained.
  • They will shut your gate. If they leave it open, they will pay you $25.
  • They are full service so you don’t have to call anyone else for other services.
  • They make use of the best commercial equipment that is perfectly maintained.
  • They will remind you if it is time to aerate, mulch, prune, water, top dress, and more.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Zayed Sports City – The All-in-one Sports Center For Family And Friends

One of the best ways to improve you fitness level is by engaging in sports. Many people really suggest opting for sports if you want to be physically fit without forcing yourself to go to the gym and exercise. Although there are some people who also enjoy exercising at the gym, more people opt for sports mainly because it is not only a good way to stay fit but also a smart way to enhance your social skills especially if you play in sport centers where you can find a lot of people doing the same things you love.

In Abu Dhabi, most people go to this place where they can bond with family and friends while at the same time enjoy the wide variety of outdoor activities. This does not only help them strengthen their bond but this is also a fun way to improve their physical health.

About Zayed Sports City

Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi is a known sports center where a lot of people, both locals and foreigners go to whenever they want to engage in sports and other fun activities with friends and family. Zayed Sports City was built specifically for the fulfillment of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s vision to create a place that people can go to to have fun. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the founding father and the first president of UAE. He built Zayed Sports City which was inaugurated in January 1980 with the intent of making sports accessible to everyone. Thus,  Zayed Sports City reflects the country’s passion for sports even until today.

Different Activities You Can Do at Zayed Sports City

Zayed Sports City is indeed, the one place you can go to whenever you want to play, have fun and be fit at the same time. Zayed Sports City offers the following activities for sports enthusiasts:

- Basketball
- Netball
- Volleyball
- Billiards
- Bowling
- Camps
- Combat sports
- Fitness
- Football
- Free activities
- Ice sports
- Rugby
- Paintball
- Tennis
- Youth programmes

Different Facilities You Can Find at Zayed Sports City

Aside from the several different types of sports available at Zayed Sports City, the place also has a lot of facilities for the enjoyment of the whole family.  Here, you can train, develop, enhance and improve your physical skills. Find the right facility for you below:

- Haddins fitness center
- Healthpoint hospital
- International tennis center
- IPIC arena
- Khalifa Intl bowling center
- Restaurants
- Rihan heights residences
- The Domes
- The Room
- Training pitches
- Ice rink
- Stadium

Contacting Zayed Sports City

If you want to get in touch with Zayed Sports City and know more about what they have to offer, you can visit their website to get all the information you need or use their contact form for your queries and comments.

Hero Health & Fitness: Helping You Achieve A Superhero Body

Trusted PT studio in Kent
Having a personal trainer is a popular by-word of Hollywood, sports, and fashion celebrities. These personalities usually need the assistance of these fitness experts when they have to buff up for a movie or TV role, an upcoming game or competition, or a fashion event.

And due to the popularity of superhero-themed movies and TV shows today, a lot of people (and not just celebrities) are looking for ways to have a body similar to their favourite hero. Because of this trend, one personal training studio and gym in Bromley has decided to amp up the ante and help people who want to have a healthier and fitter body and the right attitude to gain this goal: Hero Health & Fitness.

leading PT studio in Kent

About Hero Health & Fitness

Hero Health & Fitness was founded by Abhi Gupta. Aside from being the owner and head of this fitness studio, Abhi is also one of its personal trainers.

Abhi’s goal in establishing Hero Health & Fitness is to create superheroes. This PT studio’s primary aim is to help individuals be fitter, stronger, and healthier so that they have the strength, skills, and will to fight villains and deal with all the challenges heroes have to face on a daily basis.

Hero Health & Fitness does not offer traditional personal training programmes. Their fitness and training solutions will enable you to feel challenged all the time. As such, under their programme, you will have to follow all their exercise and nutrition guidelines, be determined, keep a positive disposition, and commit the right amount of time and energy to your health and body.

Hero Health & Fitness’ private PT studio is located in Flamingo Park, Chislehurst, Kent.  They offer their services to fitness seekers residing in Bromley, Bexley, Sidcup, Chislehurst, Orpington, and nearby areas.
top-notch PT studio in Kent

Offered Programmes And Services

Hero Health & Fitness offers the following superhero-themed workout and training programmes:

• Alpha Man (fat loss programme for men)
• Captain Iron (muscle and strength building programme for men)
• Super Mum (fat loss programme for busy mums)
• Ms. Meltdown (radical fat loss programme for women)

This PT studio also offers a free transformation session for new clients. This service covers:

• Weight and body fat assessment
• Health and fitness evaluation
• Nutrition assessment
• Personalised one-to-one training session
• A take away personalised nutrition plan to take away
• Goal assessment plan
• 5 step action plan

You can get more details about these fitness programmes at Hero Health & Fitness’ website.

Reasons To Choose Hero Health & Fitness

Hero Health & Fitness offers only premium training programmes – all methods have been scientifically tested and proven effective and safe, too. Whatever programme you choose, you can be sure that you have a seasoned and qualified personal trainer guiding and motivating you all the way. Your trainer will also provide you with a tailor-made diet plan that will also help you have a healthier body and lifestyle. Lastly, the programmes of Hero Health & Fitness are all designed to help you have a more positive mindset and behaviour so that you can start feeling healthier and better inside and out.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Heartland Turf & Landscape: The Top Providers Of Lawn Care And Upgrading Services In Kansas

leading lawn care and landscaping company in KS
Your outdoor space is an important part of your property. It is an area of your home where you and everyone in the family, including your pets, can exercise, engage in various outdoor fun activities, and even relax. It can also double as an entertainment space where you and your guests can have picnics, barbecues, and other forms of social gatherings. Lastly, it is an area that can help enhance the overall appeal of any property and improve its market value.

As such, if you want your outdoor space to be functional and serve various purposes for you and your family’s needs, it is important to take care of your lawn. In case you don’t have the time to do so, you can always invest in the services of lawn care and landscaping experts.

trusted lawn care and landscaping company in KS

About Heartland Turf & Landscape

Heartland Turf & Landscape was officially established in 2002 by Sam and Brett Jackson. But even before this year, they were already providing a variety of lawn care and renovation services. Both brothers learned the ropes of lawn care and landscaping at an early age from their father. Even during their formative years, they learned and upheld the value of paying attention to detail and having or following a meticulous approach to all the services they provide.

The company provides their lawn care and landscaping services to properties located in Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, Johnson County, and nearby areas in Kansas.  Their head office is located at 5251 W 116th Pl #200, Leawood, Kansas.

reputable lawn care and landscaping company in KS

Offered Services

Heartland Turf & Landscape offers a variety of professional lawn care and maintenance, improvement, and landscaping services and solutions for residential, commercial, and business properties. These are:

• Lawn renovations
• Landscaping
• Lawn mowing
• Fertilization and weed control
• Spring and fall clean-up
• Home insect barrier installation
• Chigger, flea, and tick control
• Mosquito control

Get more details about these services by visiting Heartland Turf & Landscape’s website.

Reasons To Work With Heartland Turf & Landscape

Heartland Turf & Landscape is one of the oldest and most established lawn care and landscaping company in Kansas. With the experiences, training, and qualifications of the owners and their leadership, Heartland Turf & Landscape’s team not only provides quality services and solutions but unparalleled customer service as well.  Whether you have a small lawn or a huge one in your commercial property, you will get excellent services and the best results that the company can provide.

The company takes pride in the fact that it was founded on a simple principle: extremely satisfied customers will remain loyal and spread the word. They continue to work with this motto at heart and as such, they will work hard to provide you the results you are looking for with all their lawn care and landscaping services.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Review About Personal Group

There are indeed ways to help a business or a company to be successful. And one of these ways is to make sure that the workers or employees are happy and are motivated to work. And so, it is very important that as an employer, you seek out what’s best for your employees and what’s for the company. This is what Personal Group helps you to achieve.

About Personal Group

Personal Group was founded in 1984. It is a company that helps other companies create a happy work environment and provide services that will empower, encourage and motivate employees to do their best at work. The company believes that effective employee engagement is the key to success and this involves face-to-face interaction and powerful technology. The absence of the other is simply impossible for a company to effectively deal or engage with its employees. Personal Group has 50 strong engagement team situated across the UK.

About Hapi

Personal Group boasts of Hapi, their employee benefits platform which helps employers know what their employees need and want for them to be more effective and productive at work while creating a happy environment. With Hapi, companies can take advantage of the following:

- Core benefits. You can make your core benefits to work using the flexible yet simple Hapi platform to create employee benefits.

- Health and wellbeing. You can also take advantage of Hapi to improve your employees’ physical, emotional and financial wellbeing, thus, improving productivity and reducing absenteeism.

- Everyday discounts. Employees can really enjoy the discounts they can get from various retails stores by creating your own rewards system with the help of Hapi.

Personal Group provides different types of services and products that help companies provide the best experience for their employees. Check out the following:

- Employee benefits
- Employee rewards schemes
- Employee engagement
- Salary sacrifice scheme
- Employee incentives
- Total rewards statement
- Employee recognition
- Employee engagement app platform

You can take advantage of these services to reach your company’s goals through creating the best work environment for your employees to encourage them and motivate them to do their best and work hard. Since every company is unique and every employees has unique needs as well, Hapi offers specific services to make sure these unique needs are meet.

Contact Information

Contacting Personal Group is easy through their website. You can use their contact form, call their office number, email them or even visit them at their office address.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Baseline Hair Center - The Leading Hair Fixing And Hair Care Specialists In Dubai

As you age, you may experience several changes in your body – emotionally, mentally and physically. Loss of hair can be one. Be reminded though that there are other causes of hair loss. Regardless of what the cause may be, know that there are experts who can help you achieve stunning looks through innovative hair weaving techniques. They can also help build your confidence by transforming you from inside out. Baseline Hair Center is one of these experts.

About Baseline Hair Center

Ahmed is the brains behind Baseline Hair Center. He is a certified hair care professional always updating himself with the pulse of modern hair trends and must-haves in the beauty world. It is his passion that led him to perfect the making of seamless hair weaving. He is operating from a state-of-the-art, aesthetically designed salon. He showcases his talent in natural hair weaving techniques and unique hairstyles.

He and his team of dedicated hair specialist cater to both high profile clients and their loyal customers. Ahmed’s knowledge and patience about weaving techniques and hair care has allowed him to great an excellent reputation in the market.

Today, Baseline is among the leading hair fixing and hair care specialists in Dubai. Baseline professionals operate as image consultants. Baseline hair care center’s ambiance is of understate elegance. They make use of sophisticated technology to come up with signature weaving concepts in-house. Truly, Baseline is carving a niche for itself in the salon industry in the UAE.

Services They Offer

Men – Genetics, age and androgens are the 3 main factors causing men to become bald. Baseline Hair Center can help repel hair loss. They provide the latest cutting edge hair replacement technology and the best craftsmanship in the world. Their method doesn’t depend only on replacing your hair but also on styling. If you regain your hair with their help, it will definitely increase your confidence as well as make you more attractive to women.

Women – You can change your look, style and color in just a couple of minutes without altering or damaging your own hair. Due to the fact that women’s wigs are indistinguishable in appearance, you certainly can be serious today and playful the next day. But if you have thinning hair, want to save money and time or perhaps your own hair is difficult to style, your best option is the Baseline stylist wigs. These wigs can actually help you create your very own style. Indeed, Baseline is the best place you can check out if you want to try special wigs.

Their team of experts are just a call away. Feel free to call and book for an appointment with any one of them. You can learn more about them, along with the products and services they offer at