Thursday, March 30, 2017

Prolab – A Trusted Audio Visual Company In The UAE

When it comes to providing the best quality products with the most competent service, Prolab is among the most reliable service providers in the UAE today.

About Prolab

Prolab is one of the respected names in the realm of professional audio-visual and stage equipment retail and distribution. They are currently the leading, one-stop shop for PA and conference system equipment, studio and DJ gear, pro-audio and lighting products, and stage rigging supplies.

They provide tailored solutions to fit every budget and needs. Their showroom has a wide range of products on display. They sale representatives are experts in the field. Moreover, they love nothing more than to provide creative solutions and professional advice to ensure that your needs are met and that your shopping experience is stress-free.

They are very proud to provide a world-class customer service experience. Also, they are very committed to your complete satisfaction. The service center they have in the UAE is staffed with the most highly-qualified and experienced technicians in the industry. Whenever you experience issues, they will definitely deal with it promptly.

Audio Products

  • Turbosound – This is a professional British audio manufacturer endorsed by major international artists and prestigious permanent installations worldwide.
  • TW Audio – This is the leading German manufacturer with many different special and excellent individual components.
  • Powersoft – This is the world-leader in manufacturing light-weight, single rack space and energy efficient amplifiers for the professional audio market.
  • Midas – With its consoles being used by audio engineers worldwide, it prides itself on its high-quality, innovative products.
  • Eighteen Sound – This is an Italian manufacturer and designer of professional audio loudspeakers. They have the most high-tech development and manufacturing technologies in the world.
  • KlarkTeknik – This is among the prime players in the audio industry, designing and developing professionals signal processing and audio equipment since 1974.
  • Drawmer – Products offered by this audio brand have constantly remained the unequivocal choice of engineers, artists, and producers.
  • ITC Audio – This is the leading Chinese manufacturer that provides clients with high performance products at very competitive prices.

Visual Lighting & Effect Products

  • Chamsys – This is a British developer of lighting system. In fact, this is the creator of the notorious MagicQ – credited by Harry Potter, WWE, Pendulum, Placebo, etc.
  • Vision – This is the manufacturer of sophisticated moving heads, DJ Effects, LEDs and Pars, Lasers and LED Screens for the leisure, entertainments and architectural industries.
  • DJ Power – This is the leading player in the line of stage effects. It has largest production base of stage effects products in Guangzhou, China, with over 8000 sqm.
  • Datation – This has been leading the audiovisual industry since 1973. The company is located in Sweden.

Cables & Accessories Products

Roxtone – Though they are based in China, Roxtone is also exporting to the US and Europe. They focus on creating and selling high-tech audio cables, stands, connectors, and musical accessories.

Stage & Rigging Products

  • Movecat – This offers kinetic solutions of the highest quality. Its wide variety of products is made in Germany.
  • Alustage – This is the leading manufacturer of professional stage systems, providing high-quality solutions ranging from musical stands to exhibition constructions.
  • Plustruss – This is a Chinese manufacturer of lighting clamps, aluminium accessories, TRUSS, and truss accessories to cover all your staging needs.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Power Pest Control Inc – The Leading Provider Of Pest Control Services In Canada

Do you have a property in or around the GTA area that has been infested by unwanted pests? Pests can be very annoying. Also, they can pose significant health hazards for you and your family. Hence, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Getting expert pest control team services can be your best option. Professionals at Power Pest Control can be your best partner.

About Power Pest Control

Power Pest Control is you best resource for pest control services in your area. They are locally certified exterminators. They have many years of experts in dealing with different types of pests in the GTA including Toronto, Richmond, Aurora, Burlington, Milton, Vaughan, Mississauga, Hamilton, Newmarket, and Thornhill.

Peter Power made use of the latest techniques in Integrated Pest Management or IPM like proper inspections, as well as the least toxic pesticides necessary to solve the issue. After getting a Structural Exterminator License from the Ministry of Environment, he launched Power Pest Control.

Power Pest Control’s experienced pest control team can get free your property from pests and make sure that it remains a healthy, safe environment for you and your loved ones.

Pest Control Services

Ant Control – Whenever you have an ant control problem, call the professionals at Power Pest Control. They have a team of ant exterminators equipped with the right equipment and knowledge to solve your pest control problems without causing any hard to you, your family and pets.

Bed Bugs Control – Each bedbug infestation is different and you’ll definitely need a provider that can explain the best practices of IPM to deal with this problem.

Rodent Control – Apart from being a nuisance, rats and mice can create health issues for those living in your home. Rodent exterminators at Power Pest Control can help you identify as well as eradicate the rodent problem in your property.

Wasp Control – Regardless of how huge the wasp nest grows, Power Pest Control can definitely handle the problem. They are your wasp nest removal experts and wasp exterminators with plenty of years of experience.

Residential Home Protection Services

They offer residential protection coverage for both single pest and multiple pest pressures around your home. All of the plans they offer come with a full interior and exterior inspection to help avoid as well as prevent pest problems later on.

Commercial Pest Control Services

  • Monthly – This will include basic pest control for no or low pest problems. To watch for pests before they become a problem, best practices of IPM are in place.
  • Bi-Monthly – This is ideal for customers that receive plenty of deliveries from different sources or for institutions with older buildings.
  • Weekly – This is the best service for those suffering from on-going pest problems with different sanitation and structural issues.
Depending on the pest problem you have, the technician will recommend the best service frequency to minimize or eradicate pest pressures within your establishment. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

NIMR Automotive – Delivering The Highest Quality Vehicles That Ensures Protection And Security While On Transit

NIMR is leading manufacturer of wheeled military vehicles in the Middle East and North Africa region nowadays. NIMR vehicles are providing the tactical mobility necessary to meet a wide range of operational requirement on the modern battlefield. Also, NIMR offers logistics, command and utility variants as well as patrol vehicles with a selection of protection options.

NIMR’s History

In 2000, the first NIMR vehicle design is announced by a joint venture of UAE and regional investors. The concept is to come up with a multipurpose vehicle intended to replace the current 4x4 light tactical vehicles. A year after, a prototype vehicle was first displayed at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) 2001. On the same year, a dedicated production facility was also established at Duleil, Jordan.

In 2002, 2 prototype trial vehicles were produced and tested. 3 years after, a 6x6 variant was first displayed at IDEX 2005.

In 2010, 60% stake in NIMR was acquired by Tawazin Holdings. In 2011, construction started on a new factory in the Tawazun Industrial Park in Abu Dhabi. A metal fabrication plant was also established. In 2015, the ownership of NIMR was transferred from Tawazun to EDIC.


Special Forces – NIMR offers the AJBAN LR-SOV and RIV. The AJBAN LR-SOV is an open-top 4x4 long-range reconnaissance vehicle that can access all terrains. This can also be transported by a helicopter and be fitted with blast and ballistic protection. The NIMR RIV (Rapid Intervention Vehicle), on the other hand, is a light yet powerful 4x4 vehicle for a high-speed response to tactical situations in remote areas. It can be transported by helicopter insertion or fast ground transit.

Logistics – This class of vehicles provides a number of dedicated vehicles meant to meet military standards, with their lifespan exceeding that of militarised commercial vehicles. It includes the AJBAN 450, which is a 4x4 vehicle equipped with a 4-man station wagon cabin in multiple configurations. It also includes the HAFEET 620, which is a 6x6 vehicle designed to provide critical logistics and utility support to deployment missions.

Internal Security – The AJBAN ISV can deploy 10 crew members to intervene during internal security situations. Also, it can be fitted with different non-lethal crowd control systems and mission equipment. It features roof hatches, a hardened cabin equipped with gun ports, and an integrated camera-based situational awareness programme.

Multi-Role – The JAIS range of vehicles provides the ideal balance between survivability, firepower, and mobility for asymmetric and conventional operations. It can be deployed as an infantry fighting vehicle.

Tactical Mobility – This class of vehicles can meet the most demanding military duty-cycle requirements in extreme environments. It includes the AJBAN 420 and 440 ranges, which can be configured in order to suit different operational roles.

Specialised – The AJBAN VIP vehicle can be customized to meet the most discerning of customers and the highest standards. It is designed with discrete ballistic and blast protection. During convoy movements, it can seamlessly blend with support vehicles. This class of vehicles also includes the HAFEET Ambulance, which is designed to provide trauma medical care for the wounded. It can be equipped with different medical equipment.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kershaw Landscape & Design: Providing Year-Round Quality Lawn Care And Landscaping Services

Trusted Lawn Care & Landscaping Company In Oklahoma
Residential and commercial property owners will enjoy various benefits when they have a landscaped lawn. For one, families, tenants, and guests will have an abundance of additional functional and appealing space for all sorts of activities such as picnics, outdoor reading, games, and so much more.

In addition, if you have a landscaped lawn, your property will be somewhat cooler than the other areas. This is because any place where there are lots of trees typically enjoys lower temperatures. This is particularly helpful during the summer when the outdoors can remain a safe place for everybody to enjoy despite the heat because the trees can provide shade and moisture in the air.

Lastly, with a clean, well-maintained landscaped lawn, residents and guests can develop a better understanding and concern for the environment since a beautiful environment is known to modify or elevate behaviors.

Leading Lawn Care & Landscaping Company In Oklahoma

Investing In The Services Of Landscaping And Lawn Care Contractors

Today, you can have perfect outdoor space suitable for various purposes when you get help from professional lawn care and landscaping contractors. In Oklahoma, one of these trusted companies is Kershaw Landscape & Design.

Kershaw Landscape & Design LLC is a family owned landscape design and maintenance and lawn care company providing their services to the greater Oklahoma City community. The company was founded by the owner and current head, Robert Kershaw.

The company specializes in year round full service maintenance of residential and commercial landscapes. Since their establishment, Kershaw Landscape & Design stays true to its mission of transforming a landscape to something both pleasing to the eye and useful in purpose through quality workmanship, materials, and equipment.

Reliable Lawn Care & Landscaping Company In Oklahoma

Offered Services

Kershaw Landscape & Design offers a variety of lawn care and landscaping services and solutions. These are:

Landscaping Services

Grounds Maintenance

These include:

• Lawn Maintenance
• Seasonal Clean Up
• Lawn Aeration
• Dethatching
• Mulch Installation
• Leaf Removal
• Seasonal Color
• Shrub Care
• Tree Work
• Gardens
• Storm Recovery and Clean Up

Landscape Improvement

• Design and Installation
• Removals
• Sod and Seeding
• Lawn Leveling, Grading, and Top Dressing
• Fence Installation and Repair
• Christmas Lights Installation And Removal

Irrigation & Drainage

These cover the following:

• Irrigation System Installation and Repairs
• Drainage System Installation and Repairs

Hardscape Creations

These include installation of the following:

• Stone Patios
• Stone Walkways
• Paver Patios
• Paver Walkways
• Brick Patios
• Brick Walkways
• Retaining Walls

Why Invest In The Services Of Kershaw Landscape & Design

Kershaw Landscape & Design provides the valuable guarantee of 100% Client Satisfaction. They are committed to providing only the best quality of services and if a customer is not satisfied, they will work on resolving the issue or give your money back.

In addition, all the team members of Kershaw Landscape & Design are reliable and professional. They consistently uphold excellence in customer service while being truthful and upfront in all communications at the same time.

A Website Review On Kings Cross Adult Shop

More and more people are becoming more familiar of Christian and Anastasia of the Fifty Shades of Gray. Similar to call to arms, it somehow is calling out to every couples, lovers, partners and everyone in their relationships to explore the world of sex and try various tools, apparatus, toys or whatever you want to call them to incorporate a new spark in love making.

But before this movie was launched, plenty of people are already aware and are even already practicing this. In fact, getting access or perhaps ordering sex toys online is somewhat easy with just a few clicks.

80% of women aren’t able to reach the climaxing stage through penetrative sex alone. Moreover, based on research and statistics, approximately 60% of women have faked climaxing at least once. It is indeed true that almost all women will need clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm.

There is no doubt that the use of sex toys can enhance your relationship. Moreover, some women aren’t very comfortable with their bodies that can sometimes cause some issues related to intimacy. With the use of sex toys during mutual masturbation or sex, anxiety of being naked can be reduced. And this can create more intimacy.

About Kings Cross Adult Shop

After decades of having the most successful and prominent adult shops in Australia, Kings Cross Adult Shop is now online. You can’t just visit their 4 renowned retail outlets but also visit them online.

Kings Cross Adult Shop offers a massive range of toys, lingerie and thousands of adult goodies. They have real store locations. They are 100% the real deal because you can call them any time to talk to a real person.

Sassy ICON McQueen is their hostess. She meets and greets everyone 24/7.

Kings Cross Adult Shop highly emphasized that their range of products is the biggest and the most competitive in Australia. Their buying power allows them to deliver to you the best possible product for the best possible price. They can cater to your needs 24 hours a day and seven days a week anywhere in world with their fast and discreet door-to-door delivery service. They will always be there to guarantee that their clients come first.

The use of adult toys is not a taboo anymore as more and more people around the world are using these items. Getting them online can be your best option if you are still shy to buy it from a retail store. Be sure though to get it only from a reputable online store like