Monday, October 9, 2017

TS EXPORT: A Trusted And Experienced Import And Export Company In Japan

Today, more and more people are opting for used vehicles from overseas auctions. There are actually many advantages of getting used vehicles. For one, the vehicles up for auctions always come in affordable prices, way cheaper when compared to brand new or pre-owned ones sold by dealers. Secondly, in auctions, you and the other bidders have control over the final prices of the vehicles you are interested to get. And lastly, there are a lot of options for you in auctions so you can choose the right one for your needs.

However, one thing that you need to take care of once you have purchased your required vehicles from the auction, is how to imported your newly bought vehicle to your country.  The smartest way to streamline the complete importing process is to hire the services of a trusted company that provides import and export solutions.


TS EXPORT is one of the most trusted and established import and export companies in Japan.  The company is highly regarded not just in Japan but in most parts of globe as it has shipped hundreds of thousands of motor vehicles and parts globally for years already. TS EXPORT’s headquarters is located in Himeji, Japan. The company has team members strategically located in Kobe in Japan, North America, Australia, Russia and in most parts of Asia. All the team members are highly skilled, knowledgeable and well-experienced in vehicle sourcing, purchasing, logistics, export documentation, dismantling, container packing, international shipping and information technology.

TS EXPORT Services

TS EXPORT offers complete and quality importing solutions. They can help you with looking for any vehicle or automotive parts you need and the whole importing process. The vehicles you will see on their website come from different parts of the world including Germany, USA, UK, Italy, France, Sweden, Korea and from Japan itself. Check out the following:

• Performance cars
• Forklifts
• Buses
• Kei mini trucks
• Tractor containers
• Agricultural machinery
• Power boats   
• Salvage cars
• Salvage trucks
• Jet skis
• Motorhomes and campervans
• Yachts
• Excavators

TS EXPORT Contact Information

To know more about the company, what they do and what services they offer, you can check out their website. You may want to use their contact form for your questions, call them through the phone number provided and browse through the different pages to know more about auctions, shipping, fees and tools.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Easy Mix Sales: Creating Reliable And Appealing Concrete Structures

Easy Mix Sales
A lot of homeowners are using cement when creating structures since this material is strong and reliable. However, there are times that you need to make use of special types of cement in order to improve its looks and reliability. Fortunately, there are companies that can provide you with a wide selection of concrete products like Easy Mix Sales.

What to know about Easy Mix Sales

In 1974, River Sands Pty Ltd, part of the Neumann Group companies has established Easy Mix. Before that, in 1948, the Neumann Group was create as a sand mining business. Today, it is comprised of eight companies with a combined annual turnover of over $600 million, and is recognised, as one of Australia’s leading privately owned organisations. This is possible since The Neumann Group has diversified interests in sand minding, concrete, steel, specialised metals, land development and construction.

With the resources, experience and strength of the Neumann Group and River Sands, Easy Mix offers leadership in developing and packaging innovative products for the Australian trade and DIY markets.

Cement products offered by Easy Mix Sales

As of now, Easy Mix Sales is known to provide a wide selection of ready mix concrete products. These include Mortar, Beachcrete, Concrete, Colouring Pigments, Sand and Gravel, Paver Bond, Screed, Sealers and Landscaping Stones. But, easy Mix Sales is most popular in providing different types of cement such as the following.

Easy Mix Sales
GP Cement – Easy Mix GP Cement is a general purpose cement which meets Australian Standard AS3972, Type GP. This cement is specifically manufactured for concrete, mortar, render, plaster, foundations and any other project requiring high strength cement.

GP Builders Cement – Easy Mix GB Builders Cement is a multi-purpose ready mix cement product which complies with the requirements of Australian Standard AS3972 – Portland and Blended Cements for Type GB (General Blended) Cement.

White Cement – Easy Mix White Cement is a general purpose cement which meets Australian Standard AS3972, Type GP. It has been specifically manufactured for concrete, mortar, render and plaster or any other project requiring a high strength cement with decorative characteristics.

Hydrated Lime – Easy Mix Hydrated Lime is a powdered product used in a variety of industrial, agricultural and construction applications.

How can Easy Mix Sales help you?

Easy Mix SalesApart from providing you with the best products that can accommodate your construction needs, Easy Mix Sales can also help individuals in different ways. These include the following.

Easy Mix engages with the local community in a number of different ways by giving sponsorships of numerous charities and community organisations such as educational facilities and service providers, RSL initiatives and programs for the disabled.

Easy Mix is also committed to sustainability and best environmental practice both philosophically and practically throughout all business interests.

In case that you want to know more about the services of Easy Mix Sales, it is best to visit them at to help you build stronger and more appealing structures.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Jim’s Antennas- Making TV Watching More Enjoyable

Since many people still enjoy watching TV even with the raise in popularity of online streaming and other forms of entertainment brought by the internet, it is important for homeowners to make sure their televisions get the best reception and signals from the media companies. Hence, the use of TV antennas is still very common in most homes these days.

About Jim’s Antennas

Jim’s Antennas is a trusted company and service provider when it comes to TV antennas. The company started in June 1999. It is a division of the Jim’s Group of companies that focuses in quality antenna installations and servicing. As of today, the company has already over 150 qualified technicians who can provide expert antenna installation services in Australia. These experts are fully trained and have deep knowledge in aspects of audio and visual services, digital and analogue antenna systems, digital upgrades, plasma, LCD & LED installations, home theatre, surround sound, telephone and data services, video intercoms and extra TV and stereo points.

Why Choose Jim’s Antennas

The company is proud to say that all their technicians and specialists are fully trained to meet the needs of the customers even those who always keep up with new technology. Aside from this, customers can also enjoy the following benefits and advantages:

- Local Franchisees providing prompt, flexible service schedules
- Qualified Technicians
- Up to 5 Years Warranty
- Satisfaction Guaranteed
- Digital TV Upgrades
- Antenna Systems
- Home Theatre Set Ups
- Telephone / Computer Points
- Security Systems
- Video Intercoms

Their Services

Take advantage of the services offers by Jim’s Antennas. Check out the following:

- Antenna installation
- Antenna repairs and servicing
- Digital TV antennas
- Digital TV
- TV wall mounting
- Plasma, LCD and LED TV installations
- Foxtel for multiple rooms
- Home theatre
- MATV and commercial
- Satellite TV installs (VAST)
- Date point installation and repair
- Phone line installation and repair
- TV tuning and reception
- TV antenna signal booster

Contacting Jim’s Antennas

To know more about the services that Jim’s Antennas provide, you can check out their website. Know their hours of operation, head office and phone number. You can also book a free quote of their services via their website or use the contact form for your queries, comments and feedback.