Wednesday, August 2, 2017

All About HSBC Oman And The Services They Provide

Saving money is a must especially for business purposes. By saving money, business owners have extra finances to deal with unexpected financial issues. Apart from that, business owners also have extra fund for events and marketing projects for the business. However, keeping money can be very hard since there are instances when business owners need to spend their savings for other equally important things. In order to deal with this issue, it is best to store finances in banks. In case that your business is in the Middle East, specifically in Oman, the best option is to opt for the services of HSBC Oman.

About HSBC Oman

HSBC Oman has had its presence in Oman since 1948. For two decades, HSBC was the only operating bank in the country. In 1970, HSBC assisted in the first issuance of the Omani currency. Because of this, HSBC has given the “Firsts” for Oman such as offering ATMs, providing international ATM cash withdrawals, introducing an online banking system, and offering commercial electronic banking through its “Hexagon” product. In June 2012, HSBC Bank Middle East’s Oman operations merged with Oman International Bank and renamed HSBC Bank Oman S.A.O.G.

HSBC Oman Services and Features

Apart from delivering innovative banking services, HSBC Bank Oman S.A.O.G. continues to offer the best for their clients. As of now, HSBC Bank Oman S.A.O.G. offers SMS alert services. These SMS alert includes the following:

-    Deposit/Credit Alert: a message will be sent every time funds are deposited/ credited to an account above the threshold amount selected by you.

-    Withdrawal/ Debit Alert: a message will be sent every time funds are withdrawn/ debited from an account above the threshold amount selected by you.

-    Account Balance Limit Alert: a message will be sent whenever your account balance is above or below the balance threshold selected by you.

-    Term Deposit Maturity Notification:
a message will be sent to you a few days before the Term Deposit matures. You can specify how many days prior the message should reach you.

Phone Banking Services Of HSBC Oman

In addition, HSBC Bank Oman S.A.O.G. also now offers phone banking services. With these services, business owners and other clients can accomplish banking tasks right in their mobile phones.
•    Check Bank Account balance and transaction history
•    Check Credit Card account balance
•    Check Credit Card transaction history
•    Transfer money
•    Pay Credit Card bills
•    Pay utility bills
•    Open new time deposits and change maturity instructions
•    Request foreign exchange rates and time deposit rates
•    Enquire about cheque status
•    Report lost Debit Card/ Credit Card
•    Change address and update personal details

HSBC Oman Contact Information

To know more about the services that HSBC Oman offers to both business owners and private individuals, visiting their website is a smart option.

Monday, July 31, 2017

TS EXPORT- Most Trusted Vehicle Exporter In Japan

Aside from having the best places to visit and the best food to taste, Japan is also known for its best vehicles sold at the best prices. Indeed, Japan offers more than just nice vacation spots but it also offers the best shopping experience such as beauty products, home improvement decors and the best quality vehicles. It is no wonder why a lot of people want to purchase a vehicle from Japan. However, most people usually encounter a problem when it comes to shipping the vehicle they just from Japan to their home country. This is because most buyers have not found a trusted vehicle exporting company that can help them. With this being said, it is best to find a reliable vehicle exporter in Japan prior to purchasing a vehicle.


TS EXPORT is what most locals recommend when you ask about a vehicle exporter based in Japan. The company was established in 1983 and since then, has been in the business of importing and exporting for more than 30 years already. TS EXPORT is very much well-known even if it has only started out as a provider of welding services before it became one of the most recommended exporter/importer of quality vehicles in Japan.

Since then, TS EXPORT became an export centre as the company started holding yards and made all their services available to clients from around the globe. It is known as a pioneer in the Japanese exporting and importing services.

TS EXPORT Benefits

To know more about the company, check out their benefits below:

-    STOCK RANGE. They have full range of stock types. They ship different stock types in the same container for full profitable shipments.

-    STOCK CHOICE. They have full range of sourcing options from large and small auctions, dealers, local suppliers and private sellers.

-    STOCK SELECTION. You can select from a vast choice of stock at your leisure. Choose stock that best meets YOUR requirements with support but without pressure from pesky sales people.

-    POSITION IN SUPPLY CHAIN. You choose. Buy wholesale direct at the start of the supply chain to cut out the middle-man and save.

-    BILLING. Take advantage of their Stock Billed At Actual Cost + Flat Service Fee.

-    PRICE TRANSPARENCY. Transparent pricing with online verification, an itemised Trading Account and sending you the freight forwarders account for verification.

-    INFORMATION. They have full range of information and research tools available online 24/7 through your personal Client Portal, by email and Skype.

-    EXPORTER BUSINESS MODEL. Get your stock at the beginning of the supply chain for the best prices. And then provide value-adding services to boost your profits.

-    EXPORTER - IMPORTER RELATIONSHIP. With a fixed fee structure the lower the price of the stock the better it is for both the exporter and importer. They have an incentive to help you get the best deals.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Zayed Sports City- Sports And Recreation Center In One

Engaging in sports is one way to improve your physical fitness while enhancing your social skills as well. Many people really love sports mainly because of these two factors. And so, it is really best to find a place where you can play your preferred type of sports with family and friends. In Abu Dhabi, there is a particular hub built specifically for sports enthusiasts who love to improve their skills in whatever type of sports they are interested in.

All About Zayed Sports City

Zayed Sports City is a sports center which was built specifically for the fulfillment of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’ vision. He was the founding father and the first president of UAE. Zayed Sports City was inaugurated in January 1980. The place is actually the venue that reflects the country’s passion for sports. It was built with the mission of making sports accessible to everyone. This very huge sports complex can host several different events and activities.

The Activities Offered at Zayed Sports City

For sports enthusiasts, Zayed Sports City is really the best place to be. The complex offers the following activities:

- Basketball- Netball
- Volleyball
- Billiards
- Bowling
- Camps
- Combat sports
- Fitness
- Football
- Free activities
- Ice sports
- Rugby
- Paintball
- Tennis
- Youth programmes

The Facilities Offered at Zayed Sports City

If you are looking for a place where you can train, develop, enhance and improve your physical skills, Zayed Sports City offers many different types of facilities that are perfect for sports training, company events and concerts. Check out the facilities they have below:

- Haddins fitness center
- Healthpoint hospital
- International tennis center
- IPIC arena
- Khalifa Intl bowling center
- Restaurants
- Rihan heights residences
- The Domes
- The Room
- Training pitches
- Ice rink
- Stadium

Zayed Sports City Contact Info

This is the go-to place for whatever sports or outdoor activity you are planning to host for your friends, family and even for corporate events. To get in touch with them, you can check out their website which has all the information you need such as phone number and their physical address. You can also use their contact form for questions and inquiries.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Royal Lawn Service: Providing Reliable Lawn Care And Improvement Services All Year Round

Leading Lawn Care & Landscaping Company in MO
Growing the right variety of grass and plants in your lawn is a good way to enhance the look of your outdoor space. However, leaving these plants to their own devices after planting them won’t do them and your property any good.

As such, once you have started a lawn, it is crucial that you care for and maintain it all year round. This means doing the usual yet essential lawn care and maintenance or gardening chores. Failing to do one or carrying out these tasks haphazardly can lead to a waste of money and all the efforts you placed in starting a lawn.

Trusted  Lawn Care & Landscaping Company in MO

About Royal Lawn Service
Maintaining and enhancing your lawn further will certainly take a lot of hard work and your time. If you can’t dedicate some time to carry out the important lawn care and maintenance tasks, the best option would be to get help from pros who can do all these chores for you.

In Missouri, regardless of the season, you can get help with all lawn care needs from the team of Royal Lawn Service. Royal Lawn Service is a family-owned full lawn care and landscaping service company which has been in operations for more than a decade now. They provide their service to residents in Lee’s Summit, Lake Winnebago, Blue Springs, Independence, Grain Valley and nearby areas.

The company is known for their integrated and complete lawn care services. As such, whatever you gardening or landscaping chore you are looking for, the trained and experienced staff of Royal Lawn Service can provide this to you.

Reliable Lawn Care & Landscaping Company in MO


Royal Lawn Service offers various lawn care, maintenance, and improvement services for residential and commercial properties which they are capable of providing anytime of the year. These include:

• Lawn mowing
• Landscaping
• Irrigation and sprinkler maintenance and repairs
• Mulching
• Bush and tree trimming
• Fertilization
• Weed control
• Spring and fall cleanups
• Commercial snow removal

You can get more details about these services on the website of Royal Lawn Service.

Benefits Of Working With Royal Lawn Service
Royal Lawn Service offers a variety of lawn care, maintenance, and improvement services which can be tailor-fit to meet a property owner’s particular requirements. The company’s team will also make use of their resources to ensure that all the services they provide meet industry standards and give you the results you are looking for.

As one of the oldest and most established lawn care companies in Missouri, you can be sure that all their employees are fully trained, experienced, always professional and friendly. The company is also completely insured and as well as all workers. Lastly, they offer a Money Back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the work of Royal Lawn Service.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sandleford: Providing Residential And Commercial Properties Functional And Appealing Hardware Products

High Quality Hardware Products
Whether you own or lease a residential or commercial property, you will need a variety of additional fixtures and features for different purposes. These items can be used as storage materials, as receptacles, to indicate directions, etc. They are handy and most of the time, important to have in your property.

Taking time to find and choose the right products will enable you not only to have durable and functional items but also ones that will enhance the look of your property. Selecting the right manufacturing company will give you an easier time purchasing the perfect items that will be worth all your money.

Top notch Australian Hardware Products

About Sandleford

Sandleford is a family-owned and run business based in Australia that started its operations in 1995. Since then, the company has been proudly supplying the Australian home improvement market with a variety of top-notch hardware products.

The brand’s first products were letterboxes. They have continuously expanded and at present, aside from letterboxes, the company is now also known for their security safes, house numbers, signs, and outdoor play equipment.

The company is known as one of the leading wholesale suppliers in Australia servicing several high profile retailers such as Bunnings Warehouse, Officeworks, Mitre 10, and Home Hardware. Recently, Sandleford has expanded globally in the USA and United Kingdom. Their letterboxes and security products can be found on and In the UK, their products can be purchased at local Home Improvement retailer Homebase.

Superb Hardware Products

Hardware Products

Sandleford specializes in various Australian-made hardware products including letterboxes, security safes, numerals, signs, first aid boxes, jerry cans, and wardrobe and tower rails.


The styles or designs include:

• Brick in
• Fence mounted
• Freestanding
• Post mounted
• Wall mounted

The brand also sells a variety of letterbox posts.


The specific products include:

• Braille signs
• Site safety signs
• Reflective signs
• Home, office, and workplace signs
• Custom signs
• Flyer holders


Items include:

• Stick-on numerals
• Screw-on numerals
• Solar numerals
• Glow-in-the-dark numerals
• Stencil kits

You can get more details about these products and even order them online on the website of Sandleford.

Additional Services

Sandleford provides a variety of pre-purchase and after-sales services. The company has a trained sales and customer service team that can offer their advice if you need help with choosing the right product that will meet your needs. 

In addition, they offer full after-sales assistance and services as well. Lastly, Sandleford also provides their assistance with lost keys and spare part enquiries.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pinewood Landscaping: Giving Connecticut Property Owners A Functional And Idyllic Outdoor Space

Leading Landscaping & Fencing Company in CT

 With the warm weather conditions just happening several months a year, it isn’t unusual to see a lot of people working hard to ensure that their lawn will be the perfect venue for their various upcoming outdoor activities. With summer come different activities that ideally should take place in the yard: barbecues, picnics, ball games, sunbathing, and even some swimming, for those lucky enough to have their own pool.

If you want to have an outdoor space that is truly attractive and at the same time, perfect for all your activities but don’t have the time to work on it, you will save yourself a lot of effort by getting landscaping pros to help you out. In Connecticut, property owners can rely on the services of Pinewood Landscaping.

Trusted Landscaping & Fencing Company in CT

About Pinewood Landscaping

Officially registered as Pinewood Landscaping, LLC, this company was established by James Morrissey in 1995. It is a full-service firm that offers a wide range of commercial and residential installation and design services.

Since the start of its operations, the team of Pinewood Landscaping has worked hard and continues to do so to be the leading landscape installation contractor of choice of locals. The company has a reputation for excellence in service among all their clients. All their employees are fully trained and constantly undergo training programs to ensure that all the service they offer meet industry standards. The company also has and uses the latest technology, tools, and equipment in all the services they provide.

The company offers their services to properties in Fairfield, Middlesex, New London, Litchfield, Middlesex, Windham, New Haven, and other nearby areas.


To help you have a functional and beautiful outdoor space, perfect for any activity, Pinewood Landscaping offers the following lawn and property improvement services:
Reputable Landscaping & Fencing Company in CT
 • Landscape design, planning, and creation
• Installation of steps
• Paver installation
• Pool scapes
• Putting up retaining walls
• Design and building of water gardens
• Sod installation
• Hydro-seeding
• Grading and site work
• Drainage system solutions

Get more details about the company’s services by visiting Pinewood Landscaping’s website.

Reasons To Work With Pinewood Landscaping

Pinewood Landscaping is one of the longest, most established, and trusted landscaping companies in Connecticut. They have built a good reputation for providing top-notch services that go beyond the expectation of all their clients.

All their employees are experienced, knowledgeable, and fully trained in the areas they specialize in. They also see to it that they are professional yet courteous whenever and wherever they deal with their customers.

Lastly, the team of Pinewood Landscaping will work hard no matter how small or big the job at hand is. They will ensure that they will produce results that meet and even go beyond your expectations.

Monday, May 29, 2017

12000 Francs: A Modern European Wine Bar And Restaurant In Hong Kong

They are one of the modern European wine bar and restaurant in SoHo, Central. Stop by and relax with a glass of wine with your family and friends. Indeed, 12,000 Francs is one of the best casual and group dining restaurants you can visit in Hong Kong today.

About 12000 Francs

12000 Francs is a cutting-edge restaurant in the heart of multicultural SoHo. They focus on food preservation and presenting the best European cuisine, but with a modern twist. 12000 Francs is designed to become a welcoming eatery that will both satisfy and delight curious foodies. This is also an ideal group restaurant for parties who are looking for extensive wine list and innovative cuisine list offering great value for money and some harder-to-find wines.

The restaurant’s name refers to the amount of money offered by Napoleon Bonaparte to anyone who can successfully device a method of preserving food for his armies in 1795. It was Confectioner Nicolas Franรงois Appert who claimed such prize when he stored food in wine bottles that were then heated to boiling point before being sealed.

The restaurant’s menu boasts elements of traditional and contemporary preservation methods like salting, smoking and curing, using only the finest ingredients sourced from the 4 corners of the world.

The team behind 12000 Francs is Woolly Pig Concepts. They have engaged the services of Conor Beach who is a chef known for his great attention to detail and his insistence on creating every dish from scratch. 

And with a communal Sommelier’s Table concept at its heart, the restaurant has evolved from a casual dining room to a buzzing yet sophisticated late night wine bar as the evening progresses.

Perfect Spot For Weekend Brunch In Hong Kong

You can choose from 2 sittings from every Saturday and Sunday – first is at 11:30am and the second is at 1:30pm.

You can start with their irresistible freshly-baked doughnut or home-made bread, along with pickled vegetables, some Serrano ham and soft boiled eggs. They also have delicious appetisers, featuring favourites like real cheeseburger, steak and eggs, and poached or scrambled organic eggs.

Moreover, they also offer their Weekend Specials. And if have still room, you may round off your weekend brunch with dessert.

Visit 12000 Francs now and be delighted with their offerings. Use their online booking system to reserve your dining experience. You just have to fill in the details to look for an available time.