Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pets Delight – An Online Store For All Your Pet Necessities

Owning a pet will involve a lot of responsibilities. Of course, you have to ensure that your pet is always healthy and happy. Today, you can buy the things your pet needs online at Pets Delight.

About Pets Delight

Pets Delight is known for offering friendly service, the best in pet nutrition, and a wide range of pet accessories at very affordable prices. As animal lovers and pet owners, they have the welfare of their feathered and furred friends in mind in terms of choosing products for their stores. They always keep up with market trends and scientific innovations. Take note that they do not sell cats or dogs because of ethical reasons; instead, they work closely with plenty of local charity organizations promoting re-homing of abandoned pets.

Products They Offer

Dog – They offer dog food, leads and collars, grooming supplies, bowls, bottles and fountains, toys, beds, raw hide bones and treats, health supplies, hygiene, ID tags, bags and accessories, travel crates, training and doors, and dog clothing.

Cat – They offer cat food, health and hygiene supplies, beds, toys, litter and accessories, treats, collars, grooming supplies,  ID tags and holders, bowls and bottles, and scratching posts.

Equestrian – They offer horse and rider accessories, food and supplements, and stable & horse care.

Apart from that, they also offer food and accessories for fish, bird, and reptiles.

Delivery Facts

They offer free shipping on all orders over 100AED to the United Arab Emirates. Orders that are under 100AED will be charged 20AED. Same or next day delivery is being offered in Dubai. Abu Dhabi in 48 hours and the rest of the emirate will be delivered on Wednesday of each week.

They will contact you to schedule a very convenient time in order to deliver your order. If you can’t accommodate the scheduled time, they will deliver your order to your specified delivery address at an additional charge of 50AED. Be aware that all deliveries will require a signature and a valid photo ID.

If you choose to opt for store pickup, take note that all orders must be completed by 12 noon for next day delivery. Since they do not deliver to their stores on a Friday, orders made on a Thursday will be delivered to the store on Saturday.

About Returns And Exchanges

For orders damaged, defective, or broken, they will replace the broken parts when possible or perhaps send out a new one at their own expense. Your request for replacement parts will definitely be processed as fast as they possibly can.

For returns or exchanges, it will take about 1-2 business days for them to receive the item back from you. Within 48 hours, you will receive an email and a credit note reflecting that the amount has already been credited into your account. For more info, check out

Monday, August 29, 2016

Appetite Catering And Shops: Satisfying All Your Catering And Dining Needs

leading catering company and food shop in Dubai
Today, there are dozens of dining establishments throughout the UAE. Some may only specialise in certain cuisines while others serve a variety of options for any time of the day. There are also food shops that are known for serving only healthy and vegan fares while others aim to satisfy the palate of both the more conscious eaters and those looking to indulge themselves in the most delectable, calorie-filled meals and snacks. There are also dining establishments that only offer in-house meals while there are also others that specialise in this and also provide catering and delivery services.

well-known catering company and food shop in Dubai

About Appetite Catering

Appetite Catering is just one of the few food establishments in the UAE that offer in-shop dining experiences, catering, and delivery services. Their specialties include breakfast meals, mains, sweet offerings, drinks, and weekly menus. 

Appetite Catering began 10 years ago with just a “sandwich and a dream.” The company was established in Dubai in July 2005 by self-confessed foodies – and husband and wife team – Manar Al Jayouchi & Suzi Croft and their business partner Nabil.

Their original vision was to offer the UAE superior packaged food products and lead the market in being the providers of better pre-packaged dining experiences. After achieving this goal, the owners decided to expand and hence, their first food shop was opened in Al Quoz in September 2007. At present, they have more premises, offer different services, have a team of more than 150 employees, and is fully HACCP-accredited.

established catering company and food shop in Dubai

The Appetite Shops

At present, Appetite has 3 food shops located in Dubai, offering a variety of dishes every day. Aside from the great food, you can also enjoy the comfy, relaxing, and friendly ambience at these shops. The shops are located at the:

• Executive Towers, Bay Avenue, Business Bay
• A4 Space, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz
• Index Tower, 312 Road, Ground Floor, DIFC

reputable catering company and food shop in Dubai

Appetite Catering’s Offerings

If you can’t dine at one of Appetite’s food shops, you can still enjoy all their delectable offerings through the following:

Office sales – Appetite Catering has a team of dedicated sales people who visit offices daily. They offer a wide range of their best-selling foodstuff including meal, sandwiches, salads, wraps, desserts, fruit salads, juices, and smoothies.

Event catering
– Whether you are planning or preparing for a small office meeting, a formal evening event, or a birthday party in your home, let Appetite Catering take care of all your food and dining needs. The company is known for their delicious range of menus and professional catering services. Their catering team will create an unforgettable dining experience for you and your guests.

Learn more about Appetite Catering and all their offerings on their website.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

QLD Blinds & Security: Your One-Stop Shop For Doors, Security Screens, And Window Furnishings

Complete retail shop for security doors, screens, and window furnishings
Doors and windows are staple fixtures of any home, offices, and most types of buildings and establishments. These fixtures are usually made of wood or steel and follow a generic design or style. Property owners who want to enhance the look and improve the level of privacy and security of their home or building however will divert from the usual materials and style and opt for fixtures that can help them achieve these goals.

QLD Blinds & Security

Property owners based in the Gold Coast and Southern part of Brisbane who want to have doors and windows that are made of top-grade materials and have appealing designs can rely on the products and services offered by QLD Blinds & Security.

QLD Blinds & Security Building has been in the business of providing homes with window furnishings, doors, and security screens for more than 20 years now.  They are considered one of the market leaders in terms of window treatments, doors, screens, and other related products. 

trusted retail shop for security doors, screens, and window furnishings


Their line-up of products includes the following:

Stainless steel security doors

The company’s security screens are made from a woven stainless steel mesh and offer high level security without obstructing your views. They can be used as or for:

• Fixed and sliding windows
• Hinged and sliding doors
• Shop fronts
• Casement, awning and double hung windows
• Cyclone screens
• Pet doors
• Outdoor room extensions

They also offer the Diamond Grille Security, an additional feature that can act as visual and physical deterrent which can further protect a property’s doors and windows.


Their products include:

• Roller blinds
• Motorised blinds
• Venetian blinds
• Vertical blinds
• Panel glides


The company is known for designing and building custom made insect and security enclosures for your outdoor areas, such as patios, verandas, and balconies. The screens can be done using insect screen or stainless steel security mesh.

Pet doors

Give your pets freedom to go in and out your home. QLD Blinds & Security’s pet doors come in small, medium, and large sizes for their flaps.

Get more details about these products by visiting QLD Blinds & Security’s website.

Why Choose QLD Blinds & Security

QLD Blinds & Security offers a wide range of products to choose from. As such, whether you are having your home or building built or want to renovate it, you will have a wide range of window, door, and security-related products to choose from by checking out the line-up of QLD Blinds & Security.

Their sales consultants also have in-depth product knowledge of all their products and can offer you stylish and affordable solutions suitable for your home or workplace. They will not hesitate to visit your premises as well to make better recommendations. What’s more, once you have ordered your products, the expert team of QLD Blinds & Security will install your order. Their installation team will also demonstrate the proper care and use of your product.

If you want to boost the appeal, privacy, and security in your property, you can start by investing in the products and services of QLD Blinds & Security.

A Review On Ventwerx HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning

It is very important that your home’s ideal indoor temperature must be maintained. This will help prevent illnesses like allergies and common colds to arise. Hence, it is wise for you to invest in heating and air conditioning maintenance services. Ventwerx can be of great help.

About Ventwerx

Ventwerx HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in residential service, new installation and repair of heating and cooling Carrier products. Also, they specialize in home energy, professional air duct cleaning services, and attic insulation to San Jose and more.

Services They Offer

AC Replacement – Bear in mind that your AC system will need replacement eventually. Experts say that there are different ways to know if it is time to get it replaced. At Ventwerx, they know how to diagnose the exact problem of your AC unit since they have the knowledge and skills to do such. Apart from that, they can also offer and deliver sound solutions. Their technicians will perform an AC replacement job that will help you secure the best unit and allow you to experience an expert installation.

Furnace Replacement – If you choose to work with them, you will benefit from their signature brand of personalized, skilled, committed service that has been honed by years of training and experience. Rest assured that your unique requirements will be addressed through a scientific, systematic, and prove approach that will greatly benefit you and your home for the many years to come.

Air Duct Cleaning – Their air duct cleaning service is done with utmost care and great attention to detail by their highly trained technicians. The brush as well as vacuum at the point of contact to remove all the debris in your ducting system so you will have proper indoor air quality. This service will also include an in-depth inspection of the system. This means that their technicians will take note of all the signs of damage in the air duct and other potential concerns. In case there is a need for repair or preventative works, they can do the job since they are properly trained for this added work. To guarantee a healthy HVAC system and good indoor air quality, a quarterly air duct cleaning is highly recommended.

Air Conditioning Repair – Ventwerx is indeed a trusted name in both residential and commercial AC repair. Remember though that excellent technical work is not just the reason why more and more people trust them. Rather, they also take pride in the respectful and honest work ethics they have honed over their many years of service.

Attic Insulation – Ventwerx specialize in attic insulation, which allows you to prevent heat loss in your home that can result to an extended lifespan of your heating system and substantial savings. Their insulation services will include checking for leaks, leak-proofing, and the elimination and disposal of current installation. They recommend Knauf EcoBatt Insulation since this insulation material offers benefits and features that makes it a great investment for your property.

Why Choose Them

  • Delight in priceless peace of mind – You will be informed about how the entire process works. In other words, you will know exactly what you are paying for.
  • They will manage the big picture – They will not just address your cooling system issues but also ensure that your system is free from leaks and fire hazards.
  • Great savings – You get to enjoy an actual dollar savings from an energy efficient system, along with a long-lasting, durable unit.
  • Fast help – Call them now and get the help you need ASAP. You can either take 30 seconds and fill out their service and repair form or perhaps call them at 866-699-VENT. Learn more about them and how they can help you at

SSG- Your Expert Support In Your Recruitment Ventures

When it comes to setting up a recruitment business, most business experts say that having the right training and tools is very important. Although one can actually start his own recruitment agency, without the help of experts who know the process well, the risks of failure are high. Starting a recruitment agency may sound very easy, but actually it takes a lot of effort to be successful in this venture. You have to consider a lot of things and with the help of the experts, you can chances of success are high.

About SSG

SSG is a company that provides expert support in the launch of recruitment agencies. Since 2003, the comapny has been identifying motivated recruiters who wants to run their own recruitment business. The company offers a free business launch facility and an outstanding on-going support, in exchange for a descending percentage of the placement fees of the new business.

SSG covers every conceivable eventuality from the fairly dry Legal & Compliance issues to the Creative & Branding challenge. The company also provides all of the recruitment tools & handle the Tax Man, the VAT Man & even the emotional boogie man. This is all free. SSG even provides recruiters with all of the tools that they will ever need, from access to the mainstream ‘big boys’ of the Job Board World (CV Search & Job Postings) to Multi-posting software, LinkedIn & Social Media support, CRM systems, Vacancy Identification software and so on. The company also takes responsibility for all aspects of monthly accounting, including VAT, Business Tax, invoicing & credit control.

What SSG Offers

For those who want to know how SSG can help them in their recruitment venture, check out the following services that SSG offers:

- The launch phase
- Ongoing support
- Equity investments

Contact Information

Know more about SSG and what they have to offer to those who are new in the recruitment business. The company has a website that has all the information needed to get in touch with one of their representatives.  They also have social media accounts that you can check out and follow to know more about how SSG can help you. Additionally, you can use the contact form provided for setting up a meeting or a requesting a callback.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Look At The Website Of Portman Asset Finance

leading asset finance company
Different pieces of equipment, furniture, and other supplies can eat up the budget for any start-up business. Brick-and-mortar shops, for instance, will need to be outfitted with various fittings and fixtures where products for sale can be displayed. Different types of equipment, including computers and appliances, will also have to be placed in the shop to ensure that all operations run smoothly.

If you’re planning on opening a business but unsure about how to buy the different pieces of equipment and furniture you need due to your limited budget, one option you can consider is asset financing. Asset finance is a type of lending option that gives you access to business assets such as equipment, machinery and vehicles. It can also enable you to release cash from the value in assets you already own.

trusted asset finance company

About Portman Asset Finance

Portman Asset Finance is one of the most established companies providing asset finance services in the UK. The company, based in Northamptonshire, has been providing this type of financial service for more than 50 years now. Due to their longevity in the business and impeccable reputation, Portman Asset Finance’s account managers and representatives have served the whole of the UK.

If you choose to work with Portman Asset Finance, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will guide and help you with the whole process of asset financing, from start to finish. You simply negotiate the purchase price of the asset you require and you will receive a tailored finance package that fits your particular requirements.
reputable asset finance company

Portman Asset Finance’s Area Of Expertise
Portman Asset Finance offers their services to various types of businesses. They can provide financing solutions for assets needed or used in the following industries:

• Medical and healthcare (pharmacies and dental practices)
• Manufacturing
• Leisure and hospitality
• Warehouse and logistics
• Retail
• Engineering
• Construction
• Renewable energy
• Recycling
• Contract hire and leasing
• Fitness (gyms)

Read more about the services of Portman Asset Finance on their website.

An Overview Of Portman Asset Finance’s Website

The homepage of Portman Asset Finance is already impressive; it is clean-looking, professionally-designed, and already contains all the basic details you need to know about the company. You don’t have check the different pages of the site just to get an idea of what the company is all about.

The website makes use of great images which helps make each page interesting.  The content is also very detailed; you’ll definitely find all the information you need on the page you will visit. Aside from info on the company and their services, the website also has a page on news and case studies – articles worth reading if you want to know more about asset finance.

All in all, Portman Asset Finance’s website is worth checking out first if you are looking for asset financing options and want to know more about this service.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Review On Make Warm- Energy Efficient Home Improvement

In places where extreme cold is experienced in certain times of the year, having a reliable system to keep the whole family warm and comfortable inside the home is a must. Even in business establishments, it is also very important to provide warmth and comfort to the people working or the customers going in. And so, finding a trusted company that provides all these services is an advantage.

About Make Warm

Make Warm is a company with over 60 years of expertise in roofing, joinery and heating services. The directors and founders of this company see to it that they provide the same quality services to their customers especially the loyal ones. After successfully running their own independent companies, these directors joined forces to be able to provide a complete solution to homeowners across the North West.

Make Warm promises to provide homeowners with the best advice, products and service at a competitive price. Their customer-facing staff are qualified surveyors who can properly assess and advise homeowners on their requirements on the very first visit. And so, they are considered as fast becoming one of the leading advisors and installers of energy efficiency and building services in the region.

The Services They Provide

Make Warm provides various home improvement services to make your home a more comfortable place to stay with your family.  Check out the following services that Make Warm provides.

- Insulation. During the cold season, reduce heat loss by 25% using this insulation service and enjoy lower heating bills.

- Heating. This is for those who want to upgrade their heating system and make sure a warmer atmosphere inside the home.

- Roofing. For roof replacement and repairs, Make Warm is your best choice. Prevent leaks and save money on unnecessary water damage.

- Windows and doors. For windows and door replacement and installation, Make Warm has the best people to do the job.

- Renewable energy. Cut energy usage and lower energy bills by generating your own renewable energy to power your home.

- Finance and funding. Get the best advice on financing and funding such services for your home improvement.

Contact Information

Contacting Make Warm and getting in touch with one of their staff is easy. You can just visit their website and get the details such as their office address, phone number and email. You can also use the contact form provided for convenience.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Functional And Impressive Event Products You Can Rent From No Fuss Event Hire

reputable event hire company in Melbourne
Most types of events today require more than the usual planning and preparation. This is true, whether you will have an outdoor or indoor event. Of course, if you are planning to throw a huge event, you will need to have access to and use a large number of different pieces of furniture, wares, and other necessary fixtures and features.

Spending a lot of money on pieces of furniture such as additional chairs and tables for an event is certainly not a smart idea. It can be time-consuming to shop around and this option can be costly, too. If you need or want some additional furniture and other items for an upcoming event, the most cost-effective strategy to have all these is to hire them.  Fortunately, there are event hire companies that can provide you all the products you may need or want for upcoming important occasion.

leading event hire company in Melbourne

About No Fuss Event Hire
One of the most renowned and complete providers of event hire products in Australia is No Fuss Event Hire. This company was founded by Geoff Tucker in 1996 and since then, has maintained its impeccable standard of providing only the best supply of hire equipment services in Victoria and interstate.

No Fuss Event Hire is known throughout Australia as a market leader in the rental services of different temporary infrastructure such as portable flooring and ground access products, marquees, tables, and chairs. Because of their unparalleled services and top-notch products, the company has been the chosen supplier for many high-profile events and continues to the selected partner of prominent businesses and organizations.

The company employs a team of only the most experienced staff with logistical expertise to execute major events instantaneously. Each team member is committed to every aspect of the company’s supplies and services and won’t hesitate to the extra mile to provide excellent customer satisfaction.
trusted event hire company in Melbourne

Products For Rent

No Fuss Event Hire offers the following products for rent:

Portable / Temporary Flooring Products

• ProFloor
• Carpet
• Plasto Rip
• Supa-Trac
• Supamats (bog mats)
• Hexapro
• I-Trac
• Supa 4 WD mat
• Protectall

Marquees / Structures

Event Furniture Hire

• Tables
• Chairs
• Staging
• Lighting
• Weights
• Others

Specialty Structures
• Air-Roof
• Inflatable Cube
• WOW Structures

Event and Site Fencing

Temporary Seating Systems

Hiring Options

No Fuss Event Hire offers 2 rental options:

Full Hire
– The team of No Fuss Event Hire will deliver and install all the products you hired for your event. After the event, they will also pick them up. The company can install and deliver to anywhere in Australia.

Dry Hire – You also have the option of picking up your order from the company’s warehouse and return them when the hire period ends. However, not all items can be dry hired.

Read more about the event products you can rent from No Fuss Event Hire by visiting their website.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Local Bin Hire Experts In Melbourne

Proper waste disposal or removal must be everyone’s priority. Property owners must know where and how to properly dispose all their trash. Residents and business owners in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs can greatly benefit from getting a bin hire from Apex Waste.

About Apex Waste

Bob Robertson, an experienced waste management expert, is the owner and manager of Apex Waste. For 40 years, he has been helping Melbourne businesses and residents with their waste removal.

Apex Waste has delivered more than 120,000 bins already since 1976. They both have expanded operations and added sizes and options whilst establishing their selves as a reliable and proven bin hire supplier. Moreover, they have always ensured their clients to have an outstanding experience.

They already have recycled more than 70% of the waste they collect at their fully licensed recycling depot in Sunshine. Hence, the amount of waste that ends up in landfill was significantly reduced.

Their main focus is to deliver bins and skips on time as well as on communication and service so their clients can remove waste if they need to for a very affordable price.

They guarantee that you will be having a great experience working with their team. In case you have any issues with the bin size or delivery, they will do everything they can in order to organize a solution and make sure you are satisfied. Among the common types of waste they remove come from deceased estates, construction materials, demolitions, landscape waste, general rubbish, cleaning up garages, and factory clean-up.

They cover all suburbs within a 20km radius of the CBD for their depot in Sunshine. They operate 6 days every week and offers different payment methods.

How They Work

  1. On-time Delivery – They will deliver your bin within a 2-hour window on the day you choose. Though same day is usually possible, they will always deliver within 24 hours.
  2. Fill Your Bin With Waste – Fill up your bin with all the waste you must dispose. They will let you hold onto the bins until you are done.
  3. Collect Your Waste – If you are done, let them know and they will come and collect their bin. They will take care of the waste. Remember that 70% of waste is being recycled at their depot.

Why Choose Apex Waste

Incomparable Prices – You get to enjoy affordable prices combined with superior service.

Deliver & Collect Anytime & Anywhere – They will arrive within 2 hours of required time and delivery throughout Melbourne

No Surprises – All of their prices are up front. Most importantly, there are no hidden fees or surprises.

Excellent Client Satisfaction – They have been catering to more than 110,000 happy customers in over 4 decades of business.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

CitiTurf: A Trusted Name In Lawn Care Services In Texas

trusted lawn care company in Texas
Everyone loves the thought of having a beautiful, thriving, and well-manicured lawn. However, not everyone will be fond of all the hard work that comes with improving and maintaining the beauty and good condition of a lawn.

Unfortunately, property owners will usually have no option but to dedicate a lot of their time and money to work on and ensure that they maintain their lawn. However, if you’re always busy with other activities or your daily routine, you may find yourself neglecting the key gardening chores. If you constantly find yourself in this situation and you’re looking for a way to enhance or maintain the beauty of your lawn, you can always get help from experts who will take care if all the essential gardening tasks your property needs.

leading lawn care company in Texas

About CitiTurf

If you are residing in Texas, you can rely on the lawn care and maintenance services of CitiTurf for all your gardening needs. This company is one of the most established and complete provider of various top-notch lawn care services here.

The company boasts of a professional team of lawn care service experts trained in and focused exclusively on lawn care maintenance, fertilization, and weed control management. They provide their lawn care services to Plano, Allen, Frisco, Murphy, McKinney, Wylie, Sachse, and The Colony.

From the beginning, CitiTurf aimed to stand out from the rest of the local lawn care companies. They did this by becoming the first lawn company to offer “Guarantee Lawn Care”. They work hard to make sure clients enjoy “satisfaction guaranteed” with all their services.

CitiTurf’s main office can be located at 2204 Concho Drive, Plano, Texas.

reputable lawn care company in Texas


CitiTurf offers a variety of lawn care services which include the following:

• Lawn mowing
• Lawn fertilization and weed control
• Bush trimming
• Tree care services
• Flower services
• Sprinkler system repair and maintenance
• Pest control
• Mulching
• Leaf removal
• Spring / fall cleanup
• One-time pest control, sprinkler repair, and irrigation service.

You can get more details about CitiTurf’s services by visiting their website.

Why You Should Work With CitiTurf

CitiTurf offers a wide range of lawn care and maintenance services. As such, whatever care or service you are looking to have done on your lawn, CitiTurf can provide it. In addition, you can be sure that the job will be done properly and professionally since the company only employs qualified staff and they undergo continuous training to make sure their work are up to the best standards.

The company is also known for their “100% Iron-Clad, Risk Free, ‘Double’ Money-Back Guarantee”. This means that if you are not satisfied with their work, they will re-do the item in question for free and if you are still not happy, you will not pay them anything.  If the job is still not done to your total satisfaction, CitiTurf will pay another company of your choice to fix the issue. This is proof of how much the company values each and every customer. With all their offered services and guarantees, there is no reason for you to not choose CitiTurf.

Monday, August 8, 2016

A Review On myLife Psychologists

When it comes to facing life’s journey, each and every individual has his or her way. And depending on the issues that a person is currently facing in life, his past experiences and the opinion of people around him, his decisions and actions may vary. And so, it is very important that you seek help from an expert to help you deal with life’s situations in a positive way. Seeking help from a psychologist is not only a smart but a healthy move.

About myLife Psychologists

myLife Psychologists is a center that provides specialist clinical psychology services. The center has gained popularity and a good reputation because their previous clients and patients have positive feedback about their experience with myLife Psychologists. myLife Psychologists also has psychologists who have completed an Honours Degree of 4 years in Psychology and specialist clinical training by completing a Masters or Doctorate in Clinical Psychology for 2-3 years.

myLife Psychologists Services

myLife Psychologists offers services for people who are facing different issues in different stages of their life. Hence, the services they provide are divided into three types. Check out the following:

- Adults. The therapists in myLife Psychologists help adults with a wide range of difficulties that they are currently facing.

- Couples. Couples who are experiencing marital problems and want to fix their issues can seek professional help from clinical psychologists to rebuild satisfying partnerships.

- Kids and teens. Even kids and teens have their own issues to face. And myLife Psychologists offer professional help to help these kids face life positively as they grow up.
Indeed, having someone who is an expert in dealing with the different issues in life help you face your own challenges is a very huge advantage and a huge help. myLife Psychologists provides these services in an expert way to help people become more optimistic in their life’s journey whether as an adult, as a teen or as a partner.

Contact Information

Contacting myLife Psychologists is easy as they have a website that has all the information you need such as their phone number the office address of their Alexandria and Sydney branches. You can also use their contact form for your personal and general inquiries.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

KEANE: Helping Businesses Stand Out


Every business owner knows that design and marketing are two of the most essential factors in driving their business to the top. Through consistent branding and marketing efforts, a business will be able to catch the attention of its audience and to keep them engaged.

However, a business owner alone cannot accomplish all the tasks required. Hiring professionals will give more advantages, but paying for their individual services will mean more expenses. To reduce the need to spend more money, it is better to opt for a reliable creative branding and marketing company like KEANE.

About Keane

Keane is comprised of talented and brilliant designers, conceptualisers, and marketers who help clients discover and promote their brands. They are confident in their skills and abilities and they accept every challenge, creating original and artistic concepts every time. They work together as a team to ensure that every project will be successful. They have offices across UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

What the team does

Their exceptional team of professionals handles interior and graphic design, conceptualising, and marketing jobs. Their creative designers develop designs that are inviting and that exude the essence of warmth, connecting to every customer. Their designs dazzle and inspire people, whether it’s interior or graphic art. Depending on the business and its market, the designs range from subtle to bold but always captivating.


Whether you are just starting out or you are in the process of reinventing, their team of conceptualisers will help you create and plan ideas and concepts. With their ingenuity, they will be able to come up with the right picture that will convey your message clearly to the audience.
Their marketing team will make sure your advertising plans are well-executed. Their fearless team of Pr and marketing experts will know the right media and the right words to capture and excite a customer.

What the team works on

They work with various operators and business owners who manage:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars and clubs
  • Hotels
  • Leisure

Why choose Keane

They have the knowledge, the skills, and the experience to do it. They have been in the business for a long time to know what to do and how to do it. They combine challenging experiences with enthusiasm to deal with the demand of the industry.

Don’t make your design and marketing efforts go to waste, ask the help of professionals from Keane. Make your business and brand stand out. Visit Keane today.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Review On Easytruck Moving And Storage

For many people, packing and moving out can be really a challenge. It is a good thing, though, that there are companies now offering moving, packing and storage services to help people with this challenge. However, not all of these companies offer quality and efficient services. You must learn how to choose the right company that can be trusted with your valued belongings.

About Easytruck

Easytruck is one of the most trusted and most recommended professional moving companies in Dubai these days. Easytruck offers bespoke moving services at highly competitive rates. If you need help with your moving out, Easytruck offers comprehensive removal services so you do not have to worry. You can be assured that your things are handled with care. The people in Easytruck work quickly, safely and professionally.

Easytruck was established in 2009 by Natalie and Christopher Humphrey. They have seen the need for professional removal and storage services in the area and so they started to provide a world-class one. Easytruck has been tagged as Dubai’s award winning moving company because of their dedication to provide quality services with a fair price.

Easytruck Services

Easytruck does not only offers moving and storage services in Dubai but also in neighbouring areas. They offer moving services in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. They also provide storage services in Dubai. They have a 24/7 hotline number that you can call if you want to get their services or simply get a quote. Simply fill in the form provided in their website and expect to get a reply from their friendly customer care managers shortly.

Contact Information

If you want to know more about the services that Easytruck provides, you can also check out their website which has all the information you need such as their office address, toll free number, sales number, warehouse number, fax number and email address. You can also use the provided contact form in their website.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Intouch Relocations: The Key To A Successful Move

Relocating is a task that requires diligence and patience. With all the challenges that come with it, one must have the wit and tenacity to accomplish all tasks required, from the planning to the actual move. It is a must to be organized and be informed at all times.

By organizing, you are able to do all the tasks at hand, minus the stress. It would be easier to make plans and implement them. On the other hand, by educating yourself, you reduce, if not eliminate, the possibility of culture shock. It will also make setting in easier.

You should also keep in mind that doing all these tasks alone is impossible. It would be more practical and beneficial to seek help from your friends, relatives, and professionals. Whether you need help looking for an appropriate home or you need help with immigration, it is advisable to ask help from a trusted company like Intouch Relocations.

Considered as the Middle East and Africa’s leading destination service provider, the company accommodates a wide base of clients from The UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. They have over 150 destination specialists who are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and effective services through their compliant and best practices.


At Intouch Relocation, their aim is to ease the burden of relocation by offering the following services:

  • Orientation Programs
  • Temporary/ Short-Term Accommodation Services
  • Home Finding Programs
  • Setting-In Services
  • Payment Processing/ Expense Management Services
  • Property Management
  • Departure Services
  • Policy Development and Local Area Expertise
  • Immigration Services

By seeking help from their specialists, you will be able to make informed decisions. They will provide you with sufficient and relevant information about the country you are relocating to so that it will be easier for you to adapt and understand their culture.

Leafy Landscapes: A Leading Provider Of Top-Notch Lawn Care And Landscaping Services In Florida

trusted provider of lawn care and landscaping services in Florida
Florida is abundant in beautiful lawns and gardens which can be found in both residential, commercial, and public properties. Property owners and managers make it a point to ensure that their lawns are well-maintained and thriving. This practically means that all gardening chores are done regularly and properly.

However, not all property owners have the time in the world and the right tools, equipment, and supplies to use to regularly carry out a multitude of lawn care and landscaping chores.  But they still manage to have lawns that are healthy and truly appealing. The reason behind this is they invest in professional lawn care and landscaping services. With the help of these service providers, property owners can have a beautiful and thriving lawn without all the hard work.

reputable provider of lawn care and landscaping services in Florida

About Leafy Landscapes

Leafy Landscapes is one of the leading providers of lawn care and landscaping services and solutions in Florida. This company has been providing their specialized services since 2007 and as such, it is one of the most well-known and trusted lawn care and landscaping company in this state.

Leafy Landscapes was founded by Rob Rist and Drew Henderson. At present, Rob Rist has taken the primary role in leading this company. Under his leadership, the firm has grown to be one of the most complete lawn care and landscaping service providers that understands and takes into the account Florida’s plant materials. In addition, Leafy Landscapes is known for providing only the best quality of customer service.

The company’s main office is located at 5889 S. Williamson Blvd. Suite #1328, Port Orange, Florida.

leading provider of lawn care and landscaping services in Florida

Leafy Landscapes' Services
The company offers a variety of services which include the following:

Landscape Construction and Installation
• Landscape design & consultations
• Plant and tree installation
• Design and installation of concrete pavers
• Fire pits
• Retaining walls
• Erosion control (re-directing downspouts, French drain, and sump pump installations)
• Site gradinga
• Landscape lighting
• Sodding services
• Soil installation
• Stone installation
• Mulch application

Landscape Management

• Ground maintenance
• Lawn & shrub care
• Mowing
• Shrub trimming
• Weeding
• Spring & fall clean-ups
• Mulch application
• Irrigation inspections
• Palm  and tree trimming
• Pressure washing

Leafy Landscapes offers their services to property owners located in Port Orange, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Orange City, New Smyrna Beach, Flagler Beach, Edgewater, Deltona, Deland, Debary, Daytona Beach, and nearby areas.

Why Choose Leafy Landscapes

If you want consistent quality in the lawn care and landscaping services your property needs, Leafy Landscapes has never failed in this aspect. With their expert team, the company makes it a point to satisfy all their customer’s requirements every time.

In addition, the company boasts of only the friendliest and helpful staff. Every Leafy Landscapes employee will see to it that all your questions and concerns are addressed properly and they will maintain utmost professionalism inside and outside the office and in all forms of communication.

Leafy Landscapes is a one-stop shop for all your lawn care and landscaping needs in Florida. But aside from their services, you can expect to work with only the most professional and friendly experts that will make sure all your requirements are met. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Easytruck - The Only Portable Self-Storage Company In Dubai

When it comes to portable storage services, they are indeed among the best service providers in Dubai these days. In fact, Easytruck is the only portable self-storage company in Dubai.

About Easytruck

It was in 2009 that Easytruck Removals & Storage was launched by husband and wife team Natalie & Chris Humphrey. They started as a professional moving company. In 2011, they branched into the storage business. And in 2013, they combined their expertise in professional moving services and storage in order to create a new approach to the business – and mobile storage was born. Today, Easytruck operates over 30,000 sqft of air-conditioned facilities conveniently located in the heart of Dubai.

Their PODs

Their portable storage services and facilities in Dubai are indeed the first of its kind in UAE. All of their self-storage unites, known as storage PODs are 5.5 cubic meters in size and can hold a heap of stuff. They are designed to be transported on their trucks. Their main advantage over other storage companies in Dubai is that the storage units will remain perfectly level through the entire process.
Their PODs are made from high-quality plywood and raised from the ground on a very special base. It is made from wood since this material breathes, and is proven to be the safest storage solution.

Services They Offer

Mobile Self-Storage – This is a self-storage delivered right in front of your door. They will deliver the mobile storage PODs to you, pack, load and lock them. But the keys will be handed to you. They will store it in there secure A/C warehouses. Most importantly, you will have 7 days free access to it.
Local Moving – They will take care of each aspect, from disassembling your furniture and packing them up, to moving them and assembling everything in your new home. Their professional movers and packers are well-trained to properly handle various sizes and kinds of packages. Hence, it is rest assured that all your belongings are in excellent hands with them. After finishing the move, they will take care of dinner for you with a Freedom Pizza on them.
Commercial Storage – This service will provide the ideal backup storage facility for any business. The convenience, simplicity, and cost-efficiency of using their PODs is indeed the perfect alternative to renting extra space. With their careful box-by-box inventory process, you will always be able to have access to whatever you need at any time.

Why Choose Them?

Convenient – You just have to sit back since they will do all the work, from packing to loading and unloading at warehouses.
Cost-effective – Due to the fact that you do not need to hire a moving company, you just have to pay for the storage and packing service. The delivery and pickup are on them.
Secure – Once your POD is packed and locked, the keys will be handed to you.
Organized – They will record the contents of each of your PODs and separate by room so they will know where exactly everything is.
Safe – Since your POD is loaded once at your home, the chance of damage related with loading and unloading moving trucks is low.
Excellent Warehouses – Their storage warehouses are fully insured, air conditioned, secure, and pest-free.
Excellent Customer Service – Their reputation is built on the foundations of exceptional customer service. They have hard-working, friendly, helpful, and respectful staff to assist you throughout the process.