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A Review On Melodica

For most people, dancing, singing and playing musical instrument is not just a talent. They can actually be learned. One with a talent in dancing, singing and playing any musical instrument can improve well with the help of an expert music and dance school. In Dubai, most locals enroll their kids to music and dance classes not only to enhance their talents and skills but also to learn about discipline and responsibility. Taking such classes is also seen to be very effective in improving the kids’ academic performance in school. And so, more and more parents are now looking into enrolling their kids in one of the classes.

About Melodica

Melodica is a music and dance institute that is very much known in Dubai because of its elite and professional classes. The institute is owned and founded by Afshin and his band called the A-Team. Afshin is a popular pop star and has performed more than 500 concerts with his band worldwide. And so, he and his team, share the passion and all they know about the entertainment business to help young people achieve what they really want in life and to help them become the best that they can be when it comes to music and dancing. With the institute’s head of music department, Tim Sullivan, you can rest assured that what you paid for is totally worth it. Tim is known to be a successful pianist, chamber musician and soloist who has also performed a lot of concerts in New York.

Who Can Take Their Classes

Melodica is an institute that does not only focus on teaching kids to improve their talents and skills. The institute also accepts adults who want to learn more about music, dancing and singing. Melodica offers classes for:

- Children. Melodica has teachers who love to teach your kids who have the passion in music and encourage them to improve.

- Adults. Molodica believes that even adults can learn to love music and actually be good at it.

- Professionals. Melodica offers workshops for professional artists.

Music Classes

Learn to play different musical instruments easily with the help of professional music instructors in Melodica. Check out the following:

- Piano
- Guitars
- Violin
- Vocal
- Keyboard
- Drums
- Saxophone
- Children and music
- Oriental instrument
- Recorder
- Flute

Dance Classes

For those who just love dancing and those who want to learn different dances. Check out what Melodica has for you:

- Kids ballet
- Salsa
- Zumba
- Hiphop
- Belly dance
- Yoga
- Ballroom
- Flamenco

Contact Information

If you are interested in taking music or dance classes, check out Melodica’s website which contains their office address, phone number, email address and their office hours. You can also leave a message through their contact form.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Imagery Connection: Your Complete Partner In Achieving Better Mind-Body Therapy

complete online source for powerful guided imagery exercises
In this fast-paced and stressful world, it is becoming more and more important to find some “alone” time to de-stress and achieve some calmness and tranquility. This is a key thing to do if you want achieve total focus and various relevant health benefits as well.

Achieving some feeling of calmness and tranquility whenever you need to is something you can do with meditation. And to meditate properly, it will help if you master guided imagery.

What Is Guided Imagery?

Guided imagery is a traditional mind-body technique that is oftentimes considered a form of hypnosis. Guided imagery and visualization offer tools to direct one’s concentration on images held in the mind's eye. Both of these therapies take advantage of the connection between the visual brain and the involuntary nervous system. When the visual cortex is activated, without receiving direct input from the eyes, it can affect a person’s physical and emotional states. This, in turn, can also help elicit physiologic changes in the body and help achieve the therapeutic goals of the person.

Guided imagery has been proven to be an effective stress-reduction and relaxation technique. It can help alleviate various stress-related health issues including high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

trusted source for powerful guided imagery exercises

About Imagery Connection

Conjuring up the right image when you need to meditate or whenever a situation calls for it is not as easy as it sounds though. This is where websites such Imagery Connection comes in.

Imagery Connection is the home of powerful guided imagery exercises. This website was established to make the powerful effects of guided imagery available globally in a safe, convenient, and affordable way.

The website provides various guided imagery exercises. These are short inductions given by the imagery guide to the listener. These inductions help lead a listener into waking dreams wherein experiences are often as intense and clear as night dreams or real life experiences. Waking dreams are events from which emerges a deeper understanding of yourself and of your viewpoint.

The primary aim of each guided imagery session is to explore and experience in rapid succession various aspects of life in an imaginal and sensory mode.  

leading online source for powerful guided imagery exercises

Imagery Connection’s Membership Options

To gain access to Imagery Connection’s guided imagery resources, you have to sign up and be a member. There are 3 ways for you to be a member:

Easy Payment Option. By paying a special monthly price, you can have access to the following:

• Supported Private Forums
• New Weekly Exercises
• Live Webinars and 24/7 Replays
• Entire Library Access
• Live Event Recordings

Best Value Option. By paying an annual membership fee (with a 40% discount), you can have access to:

• Support Private Forums
• New Weekly Exercises
• Live Webinars and 24/7 Replays
• Entire Library Access
• Live Event Recordings

Free Membership. If you want to try Imagery Connection, you can start by becoming a free member first. As a free member, you will have access to:

• The Beginning Library
• Special Intro outlining a path to quick results
• Log worksheets
• 2 Bonus Session

You can open an account and gain access to various guided imagery resources by visiting Imagery Connection’s website.

A Short Review About Maple Grove Dentistry

When it comes to your dental needs, it is really important to know a dentist whom you can trust with all your dental issues. A trusted dentist who can provide not only the basic dental services but even the complex ones such as cosmetic dentistry is also an advantage. However, these days, it can be very challenging to find one mainly because you are given a lot of choices and it can be confusing to choose the right one who will be able to meet your needs. 

About Maple Grove Dentistry

Maple Grove Dentistry is among those trusted dental clinics with exceptional dental experts who are not only knowledgeable and well trained but also skilled enough to ensure that every dental need of every patient is met. It is their goal to help you achieve that beautiful smile and healthy gum for a lifetime. They offer many different services just to ensure that you get what you are looking for in a dental clinic.

The Services They Provide

For many people, choosing a dental clinic that provides a lot of dental services to choose from is already a huge advantage. You would not want to visit two or more clinics just to get the specific dental services that you want. It is a huge advantage to know just one dental clinic that can provide you with all sorts of dental solutions. And so, Maple Grove Dentistry ensures they have all these dental solutions provided for every patient. Check out some of the dental services Maple Grove Dentistry offers.

- Root canals
- Extractions
- Conscious sedation
- Tooth bleaching or whitening
- Implant crowns
- Implant
- Veneers
- Dentures
- Oral hygiene services

Contact Information

If you need to set an appointment with a dentist from Maple Grove Dentistry, you can actually check out their website that contains all the information you need such as their phone numbers, their email address, their office hours and what number to contact for emergency situations. You can also visit their clinic and their office address which is at the intersection of Maple Grove Rd. and Ustick Rd.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre: Your Partner In Achieving The Perfect Signature Smile

Not a lot of people have their signature smile. In fact, not many people are even proud of their smile. And this is mainly due to the fact that they have certain perceived and actual flaws in their teeth. These flaws usually include gaps, crooked or misaligned, stained or discoloured, and missing teeth.

Fortunately, most dental flaws today are easily remedied through cosmetic dentistry. No matter how complicated or how many issues or concerns you may have with your set of teeth, the right cosmetic dentist will look for the best solutions and provide the most suitable treatment or procedure.

Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre
In Dubai, one of the top and most complete cosmetic dental clinics here is Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre.

Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre was founded by Dr. Michael Apa, also the lead dentist of this dental clinic. Dr. Apa is an award-winning cosmetic dentist and also the dentist of record for several of New York's top modelling agencies. As a leading authority in cosmetic dentistry, he is frequently featured on TV shows and quoted in fashion and beauty magazines around the world. Dr Apa is also the founder of Apa Beauty, a line of luxury oral care cosmetics.

Dr. Apa’s work continues to evolve the field of aesthetic and restorative dentistry, advancing knowledge and challenging conventional expectations for the most natural and gorgeous smile possible. With his expert team, Dr. Apa worked hard (and continues to do so) to realize his vision of providing seamless, state-of-the-art dental care. In Dubai, he accomplished this with the completion of the first full-service centre for his revolutionary model of aesthetic dentistry. At present, he extends his unmatched broad range of dental services to the people of Dubai.

Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre is located at63 Al Thanya St, Villa B, Umm Suqeim 2, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre's Team Of Specialists

Dr. Apa works with his team of experts to meet the individual needs of their clients regarding their dental requirements and oral care.
His team of dental specialists include:

• Dr. Giovanni Molina Rojas
• Dr. David Montalvo Arias
• Dr. Jason J. Kim
• Beverley T. Watson

Cosmetic Dental Procedures And Services Offered At Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre

Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre specialises in various cosmetic and restorative dental treatments and solutions. These include:

• Teeth whitening
• Porcelain veneers
• Dental implants
• Cosmetic bonding
• Dental bridges
• Fillings
• Crowns
• Dentures

What Sets Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre Apart

Correcting dental flaws is not simply the main priority of Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre. The expert team will work to bring out your essential beauty by understanding the essential You first. Their approach involves an evaluation not only of your facial form, but also the emotional, and behavioural aspects of your beauty. 

Once you enter Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre ‘s office, you will be met by the expert team as a complete person so that they can understand how you portray yourself in the world. It is this big-picture philosophy that guides the team of Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre in their pursuit of pure, effortless, and natural beauty for each of their clients.

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Experience Superb Accommodations And Fine Dining At Boston’sThe Envoy Hotel

leading waterfront hotel in Boston

Boston is jampacked with various world-famous tourist destination and amazing activities and events that you shouldn’t miss out on. A stay here won’t be complete without a visit to the Freedom Trail, the Boston Common and Public Garden Swan Boats, Beacon Hill, Copley Square, and Fenway Park. Boston is also home to various 5-star world-class restaurants so you can satisfy your palates here as well. 

If you will be visiting Boston for the first time, it would definitely work to your best interest and advantage if you choose a hotel that offers topnotch rooms, facilities, and amenities, such as excellent restaurants and bars. Fortunately, there is one hotel in Boston’s Innovation District that offers these and more: The Envoy Hotel.

visionary waterfront hotel in Boston

About The Envoy Hotel

Located in the heart of Boston’s Innovation District, the Envoy Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels near the Seaport District.

The hotel is home to 136 elegant rooms and suites and two top rated restaurants and bars, all of which offer a modern, design-forward aesthetic and a comfortable, easy-going vibe. Many regard the hotel as cast in a fresh and independent way, but still completely in-step to the rhythm of the city.  This visionary hotel welcomes all visitors and locals who want to have an authentic connection to the pulse of Boston.

The Envoy Hotel is located at 70 Sleeper St., Boston, Massachusetts.

top-notch waterfront hotel in Boston

The Envoy Hotel’s Accommodations

The Envoy Hotel’s rooms and suites are oriented to the harbor, and all boasts of a quintessentially urban point of view. Their elegant yet comfy rooms and suites include:

Classic Rooms

• King Partial Water View
• Double Queen City View

Deluxe Larger King Room

• King City View
• King Partial Water View
• King Water View

Corner Rooms And Suites

• King City View
• King Water View
• Suite Water View

You can check out the rates and special offers of The Envoy Hotel on their website,

leading waterfront hotel in Boston

Restaurants And Bars At The Envoy Hotel

The Envoy Hotel boasts of two topnotch restaurants and bars: the Outlook Kitchen + Bar and the Lookout Rooftop Bar.

The Outlook Kitchen + Bar features delectable breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus. Their bar and wine menu will also satisfy every diner or guest as well.

The Lookout Rooftop Bar is tagged as the “neighborhood’s de factor hotspot”, the hotel’s rooftop bar is a celebration of visionary thinking mixed with maverick mojo. Aside from offering a great view of the skyline and harbor, you’ll definitely get your fill of amazing cuisines and fabulous drinks and concoctions here.

All in all, the Envoy Hotel definitely offers the best in hospitality and dining experience. It definitely lives up to its moniker of being a “Visionary Hotel”.

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Myconcierge: Your Complete Handy Digital Guide In The UAE

leading digital travel and hospitality guide in the UAE

Whether you will be staying in the UAE for a short time as a holidaymaker or for a long time for employment or business purposes, you will definitely be happy to know that your stint here won’t be boring. There are many great sights to see here, places to visit and amazing cuisines to try. You might even have a hard time cramming all the fun activities you want to do during your stay here.

To make sure you come up with the best list of places you have to visit, things you have to do and restaurants you just have to try in the UAE, you can visit the site of myconcierge first.

complete digital travel and hospitality guide in the UAE

About Myconcierge

Myconcierge is an innovative website that curates all the best experiences available in the UAE on one easy-to-use digital platform for locals and tourists to use as a guide.

Myconcierge is an npimedia business and part of a portfolio that encompasses 17 specialist travel and tourism publications across B2B and B2C sectors in four languages. Npimedia also produces concierge magazines distributed in-room at more than 200 hotels with over 100,000 audited copies for each set of issues in the UAE.

The online concierge team is headed by Ankur Bagga, former chief concierge of Atlantis and The Palm. Everything that myconcierge recommends such as brunch and fine dining offers, activities or staycations, have been experienced and approved first-hand by a member of his team to ensure that it meets your five-star expectations.
innovative digital travel and hospitality guide in the UAE

The Website’s Highlights
On the website of myconcierge, you will get great details about all the fun and exciting things worth doing in the UAE. These fall under 4 main categories:

Experience – Find out which activities you have to do and places you have to visit while you are in the UAE. These include going on a hot-air balloon ride over Dubai, driving a race car at the Dubai Autodrome, spending a day at the Ferrari World, or riding a dune buggy in the deserts of Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Taste – These pertains to all restaurants, cafes, and food festivals you have to go to in the UAE.

Shop – Find out which shops in the UAE are on sale or are showcasing the latest in fashion, accessories, gadgets, and other trends under this category.

Stay – Finally, discover which hotels, resorts, and other accommodations would be the best for you to stay in that meets all your requirements and wants.

Reasons To Use This Digital Platform

Consider myconcierge as your own personal concierge. Their staff is accessible on live chat or on the phone, whatever your requirement. They specialize in bespoke arrangements and they are always delighted to create and organise custom itineraries, experiences and events.

When you make a booking with myconcierge, the experience begins immediately and their concierge team will be at your disposal. You will be expected on arrival for your booked activity and will receive VIP service from beginning to end of your stay.

Myconcierge’s in-house videographers inspire your choices. They ensure that the price you pay is at the best available rate with the addition of extra value and service provided especially for you as a member of myconcierge.

Lastly, membership to myconcierge is free. As such, you won’t have any reason at all to not enjoy the benefits and services that this innovative digital platform offers.

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Calvert Investment Counsel: The Leading Provider Of Professional Wealth And Financial Management Services In Maryland

leading investment consultancy company in Maryland

Nobody can predict the future. But whatever the future brings, you can always prepare for it. And you can start doing so by having a good and workable financial plan.

To come up with a good financial plan and follow it through, you can always consider getting help from a trusted financial and wealth management advisor. Proper financial planning has the power to significantly transform your life by reducing worries and stress and by establishing a workable path to your goals and dreams. And since this is such an important task, you need to work with the right partner through the whole process. 

trusted investment consultancy company in Maryland

About Calvert Investment Counsel

In Maryland, one of the most established and highly-regarded providers of professional financial planning and wealth management services is Calvert Investment Counsel. The company was founded in 1988 by E. Kingdon Hurlock, Jr., also the firm’s current principal. Since then, Calvert Investment Counsel has remained an independent, trusted fee-based registered investment advisor headquartered in Baltimore.

The company provides wealth and investment management services for serious investors, both individuals and institutions. Calvert is dedicated to helping discerning clients who want to marry modern technology with a compatible philosophy, comprehensive planning and sound disciplines.

The main office of Calvert Investment Counsel is located at 4 North Park Drive, Suite 201, Hunt Valley, Maryland.

reputable investment consultancy company in Maryland

Calvert Investment Counsel’s Services

As already mentioned, Calvert Investment Counsel offers their professional services to both individuals and organizations. For individuals, their specialized services include:

- Financial and Retirement Planning
- Estate Planning
- Investment Management
- Trust Services through National Advisors Trust
- Insurance Planning
- Accounting and Tax Planning Services
- Philanthropy

For organizations or institutions, they offer their professional services in:

- Endowments
- Wealth Management
- Investment Management

Calvert Investment Counsel is known for working with charitable foundations and retirement plan sponsors.

You can learn more about the various financial planning and wealth management services Calvert Investment Counsel offers on their website.

Why You Should Work With Calvert Investment Counsel

The management and team of Calvert Investment Counsel have over 80 years of combined investment experience. As such, they draw upon extensive background knowledge in economics, securities analysis, trust administration, portfolio management, and financial planning gained prior to and after the founding of Calvert, which they use to help all their clients.

They combine a comprehensive and customized array of financial planning and other wealth management resources with their Multi-Dimensional Investment Platform to make sure that they satisfy the individualized needs of a diverse clientele.

Calvert Investment Counsel’s main goal is to offer an outstanding level of personalized service and responsiveness to client needs. They prioritize the importance of frequent personal contact as the basis for both planning and accountability. Open communication is part and parcel of their services, to effectively foster and build client relationships. As such, Calvert Investment Counsel can make sure that they help you achieve your financial and wealth management goals every step of the way.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Golden Gate Grinders – Offering The Best Herb And Weed Grinder In San Francisco Today

Are you searching for a herb grinder that is sure to last for many years to come? Well, they pride themselves on selling an amazing product which is built to last. For the past years, they have worked towards becoming the top online place to purchase your herb grinders in San Francisco, California. The Golden Gate Grinders is indeed among the best suppliers of high quality herb and weed grinders.

About Golden Gate Grinders

As an engineer, Arnold Marcus knew that there is a way of crafting a much higher quality grinder and that he was the guy to get it done. With plenty of hard work and precise engineering, they have finally released their first prototype grinder and Golden Gate Grinders was born.

They desire for precision along with quality has driven them to continue hone their product; hence, they redesigned the grinder again. Five years later, they have released a product which they believe is the peak of technical achievement. They emphasized that not only does their grinder satisfy their customers but also does so without them spending a lot of cash.

At Golden Gate Grinders, they are all about quality products for all your herbal needs. From the design process to manufacturing to being a part of your daily arsenal of herbal tools, they won’t skimp in terms of quality. Apart from that, they stand by their product’s durability 100%.

American great engineers built the Golden Gate Bridge to last for generations while their engineers have built their grinders to do the same. This is actually what inspired them to call themselves Golden Gate Grinders.

The Golden Gate Grinder Classic 2.5″ Herb Grinder

This is made with aircraft grade aluminium that is harder than Chuck Norris’ fist and sharper than Einstein in his prime. Here are its features:
  •  Premium aircraft grade aluminum, precisely machined on computerized CNC machines.
  •  4 piece grinder with micron stainless steel mesh filters out pollen.
  •  Super sharp, well designed, correctly placed teeth for the best grind, doesn’t rip or shred.
  •  Powerful Neodymium magnets keep the lid on and leftover herbs fresh and odor free.
  •  Textured sides on the lid give the best slide free grip when grinding your herbs.
  •  Tough and reliable, lasts forever.
  •  Silent Grind, smooth and quiet

When they realized how quite awesome this product was, they have decided to make more products. They are actually planning on having Golden Gate wax accessories, Golden Gate Nails, and more in the future.

If you want get your hands on this high quality grinder, know that it is currently on sale online at Amazon for just $24.95. In fact, it is with free shipping but for a limited time only. For questions and other inquiries, check them out at

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A Review About Prototype- An Agency Offering Digital Solutions

Today, establishing presence in the digital world is becoming a necessity for every business not to be left behind. Since more and more people are already using the internet for almost all their inquiries, it is a very smart move to start finding ways to be able to let your target audience know about your business and the products and services that it provides. And to do this, you may need the help of the experts in digital solutions such as website designing and developing.

About Prototype

Prototype is a reliable interactive agency that offers expert digital solutions to businesses. The company started providing these expert digital solutions since 2010 and still continues to provide the same expert services to leading brands from different industries in Dubai. The company boasts itself of providing the best digital solutions to help your business achieve its goal of establishing strong presence online and gaining more interest from prospective audience.

The Services Prototype Provides

Each and every business has different needs especially when it comes to strengthening their digital strategies. Hence, Prototype offers different digital solutions that business owners can choose to help improve their business. Check out the following services:

- Web design. Each business has its own requirements and goals. With this service, you can get the right help that your business needs when it comes to web design. You will be given options that are unique and tailored only for your business. Experts from Prototype can help you with planning, content creation, design and development and usability.

- Mobile apps. Prototype also provides mobile application design and development seeing that the number of mobile users is now increasing. Prototype helps you create a mobile friendly website with the right platform for your target audience.

- Social media. If you need help in your business social media campaigns, you can check out the services that experts from Prototype provides with the use of structured approach and key messaging.

- Digital strategy. For fresh and effective ideas to help you improve your digital strategy, Prototype has experts to help you find the best digital solutions.

- Content management. To be able to attract more people to your website, you must have the right content. Get expert help for your content management with Prototype.

How To Contact Prototype

Contacting Prototype is easy with the help of their website that has all the information you need. Get a hold of them through their phone number, fax, email and social media accounts. You can also visit their office for more help or get a quote online.

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Secure Your Financial Future With Evolve Wealth Management

You certainly have worked very hard in order to accumulate your wealth. Today, there are experts who can help you make a difference in your life as well as remove the “worry” which surrounds your financial future. Among the experts you can trust is Evolve Wealth Management.

About Evolve Wealth Management 

Evolve Wealth Management provides financial planning in Perth WA. They strongly believe in partnering with their clients to save them from financial disasters and be financially sustainable. Be aware that their Perth based financial planners do this by providing guidance, continuing education, and expert financial advice in their Perth office. They are committed to helping people in fulfilling their personal and financial goals.

Financial planning can certainly be full of technical jargons, confusion, and complexity. But with Evolve Wealth Management, they want to keep financial planning simple so that you can fully understand why you are creating wealth. They want to empower clients for them to have the ability to accumulate wealth as well as protect your family’s financial future.

Imagine having a passive income that builds wealth while you just relax on the beach. Imagine feeling confident about your future. Earning a passive income is all about knowing the right steps to take. With their 13 years in the financial industry, let Evolve Wealth Management guide you.

Services They Offer

Retirement Planning – No matter what your dream retirement is, their Perth financial planning team will certainly help you in making it become a reality. Be aware that they take time to get to know you, to better understand how you envisage your retirement, and then they will set goals and customize strategies which will see you transition into a very comfortable retirement.

Investment Advice – If you have a sound investment plan, this will surely deliver positive outcomes, no matter what your financial capacity or age may be. They actually base their investment advice on the sound principles of their C.A.R.E process. They will discuss with you all the merits of every option. They guarantee that with their easy communication style, you will understand exactly why you hold each investment in your unique portfolio. After all, Perth Financial Planning is considered a boutique financial advisory. Know that they likewise provide strategies for business owners.

Personal Insurance – They take time to learn about you so they’ll be able to recommend the right insurance options for you. They are experts when it comes to Life Insurance, Total Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD), Insurance through your Superannuation, Trauma Insurance, and as mentioned, and Income Protection Insurance.

Superannuation – They strive to help you grow and protect your financial future, and properly managing your Superannuation is regarded as the key element of this.

What’s Behind The Well-known TheMakeover

Staying young and looking beautiful for a very long period of time is what every woman desire. From their hair style, makeups to the smallest details such as their accessories, everything needs to look perfect. It brings out the best of them and boosts their confidence. This is why women loves reading the latest fashion trends, makeup tips and other face and beauty tips online.

In the world of beauty, an endless supply of beauty tips and riles in keeping yourself look fabulous is readily available. From tips in styling your hair to the ingenious ways of fixing broken lipsticks, the more information or beauty tips you know, the better you’ll be able to face any kind of situation thrown at you with the best look possible.

Luckily, the internet has ample supply websites that offer resources that women can use to get ideas and inspiration from. Among these websites, one of the most reliable and widely known website is TheMakeoverMe.

About TheMakeover

TheMakeover is a website dedicated to providing every woman with resources and facts in maintaining a stunning beautiful look. The website is a dream site for fans who love fashion, makeup guides, entertainment and Hollywood fashion industry news as well as relationship guides.

Managed by Kotex, the website also includes online shopping for Kotex products such as KOTEX ULTRA Super Plus DUO, KOTEX ULTRA ULTRA NIGHT, KOTEX ULTRA Young, KOTEX MAXI Normal Wings and the newest addition in their collection; KOTEX LUX ULTRA THIN Normal Wings.

What’s Behind TheMakeover

Kotex is a well-known feminine hygiene brand introduced to the public in the early 20’s. Since then, the company has been catering to the majority of women by relentlessly providing the perfect range of pads in the market.

The Product: Kotex Pads

Kotex pads are developed unscented to avoid adding chemicals when using artificial fragrances. The pads are enveloped in specially designed pouch wraps that enables you to keep the pad clean before using it. And after nearly a century of introducing their product to the market, here is a list of reasons why Kotex pads remain one of the top providers till today:

  • Faster absorption, providing a better protection during the day. 
  • Comfort & protection together without any compromise. 
  • New shape for a better fit, more comfort and less risk of leakage. 
  • Cotton soft-like wings for a more comfortable feel around the thighs. 


TheMakeover site’s ( is mainly focused on providing high quality and up-to-date content that revolves within the category of:

• Your Makeover
• Entertainment
• Relationships
• Fashion
• Body and soul

To find out more about TheMakeover, click here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Review On

Keeping your smile as attractive as possible isn’t the only benefit of regular dentist visits. Dentists can also find out a lot about your overall health including the possibility of developing a disease like diabetes as a newly conducted research suggests that the health of your mouth mirrors the condition of your body as a whole.

This being the case, choosing the right dentist for you and your family is important. And when it comes to choosing which dental clinic can provide you with individual dental care for all members of your family, there are many things you need to consider.

About is the official website of Dr. Joseph M Haack, D.D.S., with his clinic located at Howthorne Street, Alexandria, Minnesota. Dr. Haack has served on the Board of Directors for the American Orthodontic Society and is currently on the Board of Examiners. definitely appeals to the average person because the layout is simple but VERY effective. Navigation shouldn’t require too much effort as the links are easily presented above the fold and even without any technical background, one would definitely appreciate it.



Six Month Smiles / Short Term Orthodontics

A modern twist on trend-and-true orthodontics. Although there’s still a little debate within the orthodontic community that braces are the most widely used and most effective method in giving patients a beautiful smile, the Six Month Smiles is an innovative way that has taken the best aspects of braces and modified the treatment to give cosmetic solution that fits your lifestyle.

  • Treatment lasts on an average of six months.
  • Brackets and wires are barely visible.
  • Appointments are fast and comfortable.
  • Less expensive than traditional braces.

Clear Correct / Invisalign

A new system of teeth straightening without using conventional braces. Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner that is utilized to create tooth movement.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have been the standard among patients looking to straighten their smile. Although traditional braces are metallic colored, there are a number of bands and features that can be utilized to spruce them up.

General Dentistry
  •           Bonding and White Filling
  •          Dental Bridges
  •          Procelain Crowns
  •          Dentures
  •          Whitening and Bleaching
  •          Wisdom Teeth Extractions
  •          Dental Hygiene and Periodontal Health
  •          TMJ
  •          Night Guards
  •          Mouth Guards
  •          Post-Op Instructions
  •          Root Canal

Contact Information

Get to know more about Joseph M. Haack, D.D.S., and how to contact them through their website. You can get in touch with them through their phone number or email address provided in their website. Just fill out their contact form for an appointment request or visit them at their office.