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Plate.La – A Website For Buying & Selling License Plates And Mobile Numbers

License plates may be considered by some owners as a strip of metal or a requirement that is imposed by authorities. But if you are in the United Arab Emirates, this is considered an investment platform. If you are interested to join an auction, know that you will be given a certificate of ownership. Such certificate can be used by the owner or transferred to somebody else. Over the years, the number of auction participants is becoming higher because they see number plates as collectible and as a great opportunity for profit.

Plate numbers for Abu Dhabi residents are considered a great source of pride, a luxury good, and a status symbol. Be reminded though that not all license plates in the country are created equal. If you are an investor, you might want to get your license plate from the capital of Abu Dhabi. Based on locals, capital plates have a higher price due to the fact that Abu Dhabi is associated with plenty of concepts like money, nationalism, the government and power.

About is considered the biggest website for selling and buying license plates and mobile numbers. They offer the easiest way to buy and sell not only license plates but mobile numbers as well. As of the present, they sold 205,000 license plates and mobile numbers already. gives assurance that their team of DU phone number and Dubai license plate experts offer you with the best license plate and mobile numbers for your car and mobile devices. Also, you can have your numbers customized. If not, you can just browse through their wide range of premade license and mobile number options.

Services They Offer

License Plates – They sell and buy UAE and Dubai license plates. You certainly need a Dubai license plate number so you can drive your car and make people know that your auto is officially registered. But you can just get plates through accredited license plate manufacturers like After all, they are the biggest license plate and DU phone number manufacturing company in the industry nowadays.

Mobile Numbers – They sell and buy Etisalat and Du numbers. Give your mobile devices customized numbers of their own with their mobile numbers for sale services. You can actually have your number customized so you can easily remember it. Also, you can use these numbers to add branding to your contact information. For instance, you can spell out the name of your company so you can further fortify brand recall among your clients.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Review On Mackenzie Jones

When it comes to business opportunities and job vacancies, the UAE is still among leading countries where a lot of people go to. People who are looking for great job opportunities choose the UAE as the country offers a lot of options. However, landing a job that you want is not that easy as there are also a lot of other applicants wanting the same position you applied for. Going through the process of landing the job you are aiming for is indeed challenging. And so, seeking help from those who are experts in recruitment and job seeking is a huge advantage.

About Mackenzie Jones

Mackenzie Jones is among those companies trusted and known for their services t help people find the right job for them. This company is founded in the UK but they just started in the UAE in 2006. Mackenzie Jones is one of the first recruitment consultancies to have an on-the-ground presence in the MENA region.  They have an office in Dubai as well.

Mackenzie Jones’ top-notch services and solutions make them popular among both jobseekers and companies looking for great people to fill in their job vacancies. Mackenzie Jones finds the right talents for the right job position. They help individuals find the right companies as well, thus enabling them to transform their careers and live doing the things they want.

The company is headed by David Mackenzie. He is the company’s Managing Director and Head of HR. Mackenzie Jones now has offices in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai.

What Mackenzie Jones Has To Offer

Mackenzie Jones provides recruitment consulting services for different industry sectors. Check out the following:

- Banking and Financial Services
- Digital
- Fashion, Retail, and Hospitality
- Finance and Accounting
- Human Resources
- Legal
- Marketing
- Sales
- Secretarial and Business Support
- Special Projects
- Strategy, Change, and Consulting
- Tax

Mackenzie Jones boasts itself in being honest and transparent, hence, more and more people are getting their services. They also pride themselves of unparalleled customer service.

Contacting Mackenzie Jones

Contacting Mackenzie Jones is now made easy with their website. You can check all information that you want about the company and can even use their contact form for your questions and inquiries.

SAD Lights Review – Everything You Need To Know About SAD And The Use Of SAD Lights

Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is a mood disorder wherein people experience depression around the same time each year. Oftentimes, people with SAD start feeling its effects in the fall towards winter. But there are also those suffering from depression caused by SAD during the spring or summer. When treating this health condition, SAD light therapy is often used apart from psychotherapy and medication.

SAD light therapy, also known as phototherapy, will involve you sitting several fees from a special light therapy box, making sure that you are exposed to a bright light. The main idea of this therapy is it will imitate the outdoor light. This result to changes in brain chemicals related to moods.

About SAD Lights Review

SAD Lights Review is a site made to give information regarding Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD lights and a better understanding of SAD. They search for the bestselling SAD lights in the market. Also, they review them for you through a combination of their personal experience with the product, along with a collection of reviews by real consumers. Feel free to check out their site so you will have an idea of what SAD is. Also, you will be able to know what SAD lamp will suit your needs.

Bestselling Brands

NatureBright Sun Touch Plus – This is considered by many to be the best SAD light. This is a natural remedy used in treating SAD, most especially during the winter season when the diminished sunlight often mess with the mood and energy levels of people.

Philips Go Lite Blu – This comes with a compact design, a rechargeable battery and a storage case, which makes it absolutely easy to use, travel with, and store. It produces sunny day-stimulating blue light to make you feel more cheerful in no time.

Uplift Technologies – Uplift’s lamps can provide 10,000 lux of the light spectrum that is flicker, glare, and UVB and UVA free. This further means that you can efficiently reap the benefits of light therapy in just a couple of minutes every day.

Verilux HappyLite Deluxe Sunshine Simulator – This is among the most comfortable product for treating SAD via phototherapy. This is highly recommended for those who have higher sensitivity to light glare and discomfort to light heat. It consistently transmits sufficient amount of light to the eye that tells the body to keep moving all day. As compared to other SAD lights, it does not emit weird smell.

Knowing More About What Pet’s Delight Can Offer

Among the most common problems that most pet owners face when it comes to ensuring the health and welfare of their pets is finding a pet shop that has all the essentials needed for the pet. Although there are actually a lot of pet shops these days, not all of them offer a wide variety of choices for your pet. And so, knowing a pet shop that does not only offers everything that your pet needs but also offers you a lot of choices to choose from is such  relief.

All About Pet’s Delight

Pet’s Delight is a known online pet shop in Dubai. It offers a wide variety of choices from pet food to pet accessories and from cats to dogs and to small pets. The shop is proud to be known among the best online pet shops that offer great services and great products which come in affordable prices. Pet’s Delight boasts of ensuring and putting the welfare of your pets first. They make it their priority by offering only authentic and high quality products. And this is what sets them apart from many other pet shops in the area.

Pet’s Delight is already making a name when it comes to the most popular choice for pet shops. They have at least 6 pet store branches located near residential communities. Pet owners can always visit their shop and choose from the diverse selection of pet products. Pet’s Delight branches are located in Arabian Ranches, Arabian Ranches 2 (The Village Mall), Emirates Hills Town Centre, Al Barajeel Oasis Complex in Mirdif, Silicon Oasis – Spinneys Mall and Al Raha Gardens Plaza in Khalifa City Abu Dhabi.

Pet’s Delight Products
For dog and cat lovers and owners, choose from among the many products offered by Pet’s Delight. From the best food for your pet, accessories and grooming needs, Pet’s Delight has them all. Pet’s Delight have products for the following:

- Dogs
- Cats
- Fish
- Birds
- Horses

Additionally, Pet’s Delight offers best quality brands known in the animal world. Check out the following:

- F10

Pet’s Delight Contact Information

Contacting Pet’s Delight is easy. With their contact form available on their website, you can send comments and questions. You can also get their phone number and email address from the site.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sandleford: Providing Your Business Premium Standard And Customised Signs

Leading manufacturer of high quality hardware products
You will see signs anywhere you go. These signs are placed or installed for various reasons. Most of the time, they are there to provide instructions, some guidance, information, or reminders. They are also handy in enforcing safety of people, telling them what and what not to do so that they do not hurt themselves.

In the business world, signs play several key roles as well. Aside from providing information, instructional, and boosting safety and security in the workplace, business, and industrial areas, they also serve the important purpose of highlighting the brand, name, and logo of an organisation.

Standard And Customised Business And Workplace Signs

Businesses would require a variety of signs to help them achieve different immediate and long-term goals. They will need the usual standard signs to bolster safety in work areas. These signs also ensure that employees and guests will follow important work-related instructions and guidelines.

Customised signs are signs made for a very specific purpose. They can express the name and address of a particular business or organisation. They are usually personalised to provide information, instructions, and reminders that are exclusive for the organisation, the work they do, and the products or services they provide.

trusted manufacturer and supplier of high quality hardware products


Sandleford Pty. Ltd. is a family-owned business that has been manufacturing and supplying the Australian home improvement market with a variety of products for over 20 years. The company sold their first letterbox model in 1995 and since then, they have been continuously working hard to develop various product ranges suitable for use in and around the home, offices, and work areas. At present, they specialise in producing and supplying consumers with security safes, signs, house numbers, letterboxes, and outdoor play equipment.

The brand is a well-known wholesale supplier in Australia that works with different retailers including Bunnings Warehouse, Officeworks, Mitre 10, & Home Hardware. Sandleford recently expanded and their products are now available in the USA and UK.

reputable manufacturer of high quality hardware products

Signage Products

Sandleford offers a variety of only the best signs that can be used in offices, stores, industrial areas, and even homes. Their line-up of products includes:

• Site safety signs

• Reflective signs

• Home, office, and workplace signs

• Flyer holders

• Braille signs

You can easily order from Sandleford’s website the standard signs you require and the customised ones you need for your office, store, or home. You can also get the supplies you need from the brand’s partner retailers and dealers which are Officeworks, Aussie Disposals, Mitre 10, and Home Hardware.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Event Furnishings For Your Event From No Fuss Event Hire

In 1996, Geoff Tucker founded No Fuss Event Hire. The company has been working to maintain a reputation for reliability and credibility in the supply of hire equipment services, not only in Victoria but also interstate. They employ a team of experienced staff with expertise to execute huge events simultaneously.

No Fuss Event Hire has established long-term contractual arrangements with a long list of high profile events. The demand for temporary infrastructure has increased steadily to the extent that they are now recognized as among the market leaders in Australia. Temporary infrastructure will include marquees, chairs, tables, portable flooring and ground access products.

Today, No Fuss Event Hire is known to be one of the biggest stockiest of temporary flooring and ground access products in Australiasia, with suffient amount of flooring solutions to cover entire stadiums. In 2012, they introduced 2 new sophisticated ground protection products - these are I-Trac and Supa-Trac.

Products They Offer

Flooring - Customers can select from a wide range of portable flooring products like marquee flooring products that are proven to be among the most practical and comprehensive solution for all ground conditions and surfaces, not just indoors but also outdoors. They offer turf protection products and temporary roadways.

Marquee - They offer marquee hire with a wide selection of structures in various sizes in order to compliment any event. The marquees will be erected by people who are very qualified and equipped with the latest technology to guarantee minimum to no impact on the site. Prior to installation, professional staff will inspect the area to make sure that there will be no disturbance to the area's natural condition.

Event Furniture - They offer a vast selection of event furnishings for marquee occasions. You can choose from tables and chairs for formal and informal dining, casual and theatre style seating, and other event furnishings suitable for all your needs. To provide a new level of comfort for your events, you can hire portable misting fans and radiant heaters as well.

Specialty Structures They Offer

Air-Roof - This is a 12m x 6m inflatable air-roof marquee that is suitable for indoor and outdoor event spaces. It has 66sqm usable floor space, making it a perfect structure for an entrance area to create an excellent first impression of your event.

Inflatable Cube - This is a 12m x 12m white inflatable cube marquee with 106sqm usable floor space. This cube will definitely create a unique environment in order to make your event stand out from the rest.

Wow Structures - This is a 6m x 6m Wow crossover dome structure that is bound to impress. It has square base and a stunning dome. These are corporate event tents that is capable of taking up to 400kg of suspended weight directly from the in-built rigging points.

Hire Options

Full Hire - No Fuss Event Hire will deliver and install all the stock like portable floorings, marquee hire, and furnishings. Also, they can install and deliver to anywhere in Australia.

Dry Hire - This option will give you the opportunity to choose the stock up from their warehouse and return it if the hire period ends. Take note though that not all items can be dry hired.

But if you do not want to hire, be aware that No Fuss Event Hire also offers new and 2nd hand flooring products for sale. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Zain Saudi Arabia: Your Total Telecommunications Partner In KSA

Leading telecom company in KSA
Various pieces and types of technology today have made a lot of things easier and simpler for the common man. Different kinds of mobile devices have made it faster and easier for people to communicate with others. Aside from calls, people can get in touch with each other through text and private messages, emails, and chatting. Using their gadget, everyone can continue their work while they are on the go. With the same device, they can play mobile and online games, watch their favourite films or TV shows, and listen to some music whenever and wherever they are.

All of these are possible through the various solutions and services of a dedicated and reliable telecommunications company. In Saudi Arabia, the leading telecom service provider here is Zain.

About Zain Saudi Arabia

trusted telecom company in KSA
Zain Saudi Arabia, also known as Mobile Telecommunication Company Saudi Arabia, is a telecommunications services company that provides fixed line, mobile, and Internet services in KSA. The company was formally established in August 2008 and is now one of the biggest mobile network operators in Saudi Arabia.

Zain Saudi Arabia is spearheaded by its executive management team. This team is entrusted with launching Zain’s services in Saudi Arabia and managing the Company’s business in all facets to meet the targets and vision set by the Shareholders and the Board of Directors. They also closely oversee all Zain operations while searching for new growth opportunities.

At present, Zain’s executive management team is led by Peter Kaliaropoulos, the Chief Executive Officer.

To date, Zain has numerous branches and shops across Saudi Arabia. The company’s main office is located in Riyadh.

reliable telecom company in KSA

Offered Services And Solutions

Zain Saudi Arabia offers their telecommunication services and solutions to individuals and businesses.


Locals in KSA looking for telecom-related services will get a variety from the Personal division of Zain. Their products and services under this category include:

• Voice plans

• Internet services

• Devices

• Roaming services

• Phone and electronics services

• Rewards programme


In case you are looking for telecom services and solutions you can use in and for your business, these are the products and services Zain has to offer:

• Voice plans

• Internet services

• Add-on bundles

• Roaming services

• Other business solutions (Microsoft Office 365, Machine to Machine, Bulk Messaging, Zain Gate Pro, and Easy Gate)

Zain’s Shop

Aside from their services and solutions, Zain also has an online shop and various physical stores where you can get the latest devices, accessories, and other packages. In addition, with their vanity number product, you can choose your preferred local mobile number.

Get more details about Zain Saudi Arabia’s products and services here.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Review On Blue Ink Beachwear

Choosing the best swimwear that will complement your body frame can be a little challenge especially if you do not have many choices available. Most women spend hours just looking for the best and perfect swimsuit for them. However, it can be frustrating at times when you have already spent hours in finding the best swimsuit or swimwear but you still end up having to go home bringing nothing. And so, one of the best moves when it comes to buying swimwear, is through online shopping. You can definitely find a lot of online shop offering a lot of choices for swimsuits.

About Blue Ink Beachwear

Blue Ink Beachwear is among the best and most trusted websites for people looking to buy quality swimwear in a more affordable price. It is considered as the number one source for high quality swimwear and beachwear, made to love for the empowered, cosmopolitan and independent woman. The company was founded by Anisha Lalani in late 2014. Blue Ink beachwear has come a long way from its beginnings. It has a concept trapped for several years in a creative mind, waiting to be unleashed. Anisha Lalani, its founder, is now based in Dubai where she will further pursue her dream and operate from Blue Ink’s Dubai headquarters.

Blue Ink Beachwear Products

Blue Ink Beachwear offers a lot of choices when it comes to swimwear. As of the moment, their products are classified into two sections namely:
 - Swimwear. This is composed of a lot of different types of swimsuits with different styles, designs and colors. You can choose from these following choices:
o   Athens

o   Bahamas
o   Bali
o   Cannes
o   Goa
o   Havana
o   Ibiza Blanca
o   Ibiza Oro
o   Sainte-Maxime
o   Saint-Tropez
o   Zanzibar
-          - Beachwear. People have different tastes when it comes to their apparel when going to the beach. Blue Ink Beachwear offers a diverse of choices. Here are your choices:
o   Anais
o   Anna-U
o   Anna-V
o   Dominique
o   Eva
o   Natasha
o   Olivia
o   Pareo
o   Sheena
o   Stephanie

Blue Ink Beachwear Contact Information

Indeed you can surely find a lot of choices when it comes to swimwear. You can check out Blue Ink Beachwear’s website to know more about their products. You can browse through the pages to find the best swimwear for you. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Boost Trampoline Park: The Complete Indoor Recreational Venue For The Whole Family

Leading indoor trampoline park in Northampton
It is quite normal to see trampolines out in the front or back yards of many residential properties today. With this outdoor feature, kids and teens can spend plenty of time having fun while they bounce around. In addition, they get to exercise which means they can strengthen their muscles and lose weight while jump on the trampoline. By having this fun bouncy feature, parents won’t have to worry about their kids spending too much time indoors and living an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle while they are at home.

Indoor Trampolines

Unfortunately, the fun hours you and your kids will enjoy while you’re on the trampoline can be hampered due to the bad weather. This fixture might not be used for a long time if your home isn’t equipped or conducive to house your trampoline and for it be used indoors.

If you and your kids still want to enjoy spending hours on a trampoline even if it’s cold or raining outside, the best thing to do is to head to an indoor trampoline park. In Northampton, you can check out Boost Trampoline Park.

complete indoor trampoline park in Northampton

About Boost Trampoline Park
Northampton is home to one of the newest new indoor trampoline park: Boost Trampoline Park. This place boasts of a 30,000 square foot trampoline park that has an amazing selection of activities.

The Boost Trampoline Park has over 50 interconnected trampolines. You will also find 2 Extreme Dodgeball Courts, a Wipe-Out Zone, Battle Beam, Foam Pits, and Basketball Hoops, among others, in this fun indoor park. Even your little ones will have fun in this park since they can spend time in the toddler area. For adults (parents and guardians) who want to sit and relax instead of bounce around, the café is the perfect place for them to lounge around, sip their beverage of choice, and indulge in their favourite snacks or treats.

The Boost Trampoline Park is located at Unit A Fairground Way, Northampton, just a few minutes away from the Northampton Town Centre.

ideal indoor trampoline park in Northampton

Attractions And Packages

The Boost Trampoline Park is the perfect venue for various trampoline-based activities for people of all ages. Whether you are young or old, you can engage in an enjoyable and safe activity here. 

You can enjoy all the facilities and activities Boost Trampoline Park has to offer through the following packages or sessions:

• Boost Family Explore

• Boost Free Jump

• Boost Parties

• Boost Fitness

• Boost Minis

• Boost Minis Explore

You can get more details about these Boost sessions and book online by visiting Boost Trampoline Park’s website.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Peak Online Cardiff And South Wales: Your Complete Partner For All Your Online Needs

complete online solutions provider in Cardiff
Having a website is a necessity for business owners today. Individuals who want to gain popularity online are also on the right track if they have a website that represents their brand first.

For organisations and individuals that do not still have a website and are ready to have one, the best decision would be to invest in the services of a reliable provider of various online services and solutions. By working with such companies, you will have help with having a good website design that represents your brand. In addition, in case you need help with content creation, online marketing, and website maintenance and updates, your online partner can also assist you with all of these.
trusted online solutions provider in Cardiff

Peak Online Cardiff And South Wales

Peak Online Cardiff and South Wales prides itself as a small web company that is huge on quality, customer service, and value. The company has offices in the UK and Hong Kong and has plans of expanding in other areas. They offer complete online solutions for a company’s online presence.

Peak Online Cardiff and South Wales’ primary goal is to help you at every step of the way to online business success and renown. They continuously work hard to provide excellent customer service while adding their personal touches and honest advice when asked for by the client.

The company’s specialisation covers and roster of clients include organisations in the production and retail sectors and they have the experience and expertise to help every business whether large or small.

Peak Online’s office is located in Cardiff, South Wales.

reliable online solutions provider in Cardiff

Offered Services And Solutions

Peak Online specialises in the provision of the following services and solutions:

Website Design

• Custom design
• E-commerce

Digital Marketing

• AdWords
• Email marketing
• Social media


• Cloud
• Dedicated servers
• Domain names

Content Writing Services

• Copy writing
• Translation

Maintenance and Support

• Developments
• Maintenance
• Updating

Graphic Design

• Logos
• Banners
• Branding

Get more details about these Internet-based services and solutions by visiting Peak Online’s website.

Why You Should Work With Peak Online Cardiff and South Wales

If you or your business will need to rely greatly on your website, partnering with Peak Online Cardiff and South Wales is a good decision. With the multitude of services and solutions they offer, you won’t have any problem that won’t be fixed.

In addition, Peak Online Cardiff and South Wales has the most professional staff you can work with. With their experience and expertise, you can depend on them at any stage of the whole website set-up and running process. Aside from their professionalism, the team of Peak Online Cardiff and South Wales will work with you every step of the way so that your website can be your best online partner and business and promotional tool.