Sunday, December 18, 2016

Best Aerial Photography Services With GoAerials

When it comes to photography and cinematography, one of the most popular these days is aerial. This makes use of drones to fully capture the whole event or area from up above. A lot people are getting interested in the result of aerial photography as it offer amazing view and the whole context of a particular subject. And so, people are looking for the best company or agency that provides the best aerial photography services in the area.

About GoAerials

In Dubai, GoAerials is among the best photography agency that is trusted by both the locals and the foreigners. When it comes to corporate drone or aerial photography and even for private functions, GoAerials is mostly recommended. Those who have tried getting the services that the company offers strongly recommend this to other people.

GoAerials is actually a division of Alkatraz Production which is an expert video production company. GoAerials is based in Dubai but if offers services throughout the UAE. When it comes to world-class aerial filming and cinematography, GoAerials is among those that are the top choices.

The Equipment Used By GoAerials

When it comes to the tools and equipment used by GoAerials, they have the leading edge filming equipment such as the following:

- Cineflex V14, Elite and Ultra
- Shotover F1 and K1
- Versatile RPAS
- UAV Drone Systems

GoAerials Production Services

If you are looking to hire expert aerial production services, GoAerials offers the following:

- Feature Films
- TV Commercials
- Documentaries
- Events
- Stills Photography
- Architectural Progression Photography
- Aerial Filming Permits
- Helicopter Charter
- Drone Work
- Camera Equipment
- Ground and Support Equipment
- Crew
- Logictics
- Jet A1 Fuel
- Travel and Accommodation

All these services are provided by GoAerials. Commercial and private clients can surely rely on to this agency as they cover almost everything that you need when it comes to aerial photography and cinematography.

Contacting GoAerials

If you want to know more about GoAerials and get in touch with them, you can visit their website and check out all the information you need such as their phone number, office address, email address and hours of operation. Alternately, you can use the contact form they provide for your questions and queries.

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