Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pinewood Landscaping: Giving Connecticut Property Owners A Functional And Idyllic Outdoor Space

Leading Landscaping & Fencing Company in CT

 With the warm weather conditions just happening several months a year, it isn’t unusual to see a lot of people working hard to ensure that their lawn will be the perfect venue for their various upcoming outdoor activities. With summer come different activities that ideally should take place in the yard: barbecues, picnics, ball games, sunbathing, and even some swimming, for those lucky enough to have their own pool.

If you want to have an outdoor space that is truly attractive and at the same time, perfect for all your activities but don’t have the time to work on it, you will save yourself a lot of effort by getting landscaping pros to help you out. In Connecticut, property owners can rely on the services of Pinewood Landscaping.

Trusted Landscaping & Fencing Company in CT

About Pinewood Landscaping

Officially registered as Pinewood Landscaping, LLC, this company was established by James Morrissey in 1995. It is a full-service firm that offers a wide range of commercial and residential installation and design services.

Since the start of its operations, the team of Pinewood Landscaping has worked hard and continues to do so to be the leading landscape installation contractor of choice of locals. The company has a reputation for excellence in service among all their clients. All their employees are fully trained and constantly undergo training programs to ensure that all the service they offer meet industry standards. The company also has and uses the latest technology, tools, and equipment in all the services they provide.

The company offers their services to properties in Fairfield, Middlesex, New London, Litchfield, Middlesex, Windham, New Haven, and other nearby areas.


To help you have a functional and beautiful outdoor space, perfect for any activity, Pinewood Landscaping offers the following lawn and property improvement services:
Reputable Landscaping & Fencing Company in CT
 • Landscape design, planning, and creation
• Installation of steps
• Paver installation
• Pool scapes
• Putting up retaining walls
• Design and building of water gardens
• Sod installation
• Hydro-seeding
• Grading and site work
• Drainage system solutions

Get more details about the company’s services by visiting Pinewood Landscaping’s website.

Reasons To Work With Pinewood Landscaping

Pinewood Landscaping is one of the longest, most established, and trusted landscaping companies in Connecticut. They have built a good reputation for providing top-notch services that go beyond the expectation of all their clients.

All their employees are experienced, knowledgeable, and fully trained in the areas they specialize in. They also see to it that they are professional yet courteous whenever and wherever they deal with their customers.

Lastly, the team of Pinewood Landscaping will work hard no matter how small or big the job at hand is. They will ensure that they will produce results that meet and even go beyond your expectations.

Monday, May 29, 2017

12000 Francs: A Modern European Wine Bar And Restaurant In Hong Kong

They are one of the modern European wine bar and restaurant in SoHo, Central. Stop by and relax with a glass of wine with your family and friends. Indeed, 12,000 Francs is one of the best casual and group dining restaurants you can visit in Hong Kong today.

About 12000 Francs

12000 Francs is a cutting-edge restaurant in the heart of multicultural SoHo. They focus on food preservation and presenting the best European cuisine, but with a modern twist. 12000 Francs is designed to become a welcoming eatery that will both satisfy and delight curious foodies. This is also an ideal group restaurant for parties who are looking for extensive wine list and innovative cuisine list offering great value for money and some harder-to-find wines.

The restaurant’s name refers to the amount of money offered by Napoleon Bonaparte to anyone who can successfully device a method of preserving food for his armies in 1795. It was Confectioner Nicolas Franรงois Appert who claimed such prize when he stored food in wine bottles that were then heated to boiling point before being sealed.

The restaurant’s menu boasts elements of traditional and contemporary preservation methods like salting, smoking and curing, using only the finest ingredients sourced from the 4 corners of the world.

The team behind 12000 Francs is Woolly Pig Concepts. They have engaged the services of Conor Beach who is a chef known for his great attention to detail and his insistence on creating every dish from scratch. 

And with a communal Sommelier’s Table concept at its heart, the restaurant has evolved from a casual dining room to a buzzing yet sophisticated late night wine bar as the evening progresses.

Perfect Spot For Weekend Brunch In Hong Kong

You can choose from 2 sittings from every Saturday and Sunday – first is at 11:30am and the second is at 1:30pm.

You can start with their irresistible freshly-baked doughnut or home-made bread, along with pickled vegetables, some Serrano ham and soft boiled eggs. They also have delicious appetisers, featuring favourites like real cheeseburger, steak and eggs, and poached or scrambled organic eggs.

Moreover, they also offer their Weekend Specials. And if have still room, you may round off your weekend brunch with dessert.

Visit 12000 Francs now and be delighted with their offerings. Use their online booking system to reserve your dining experience. You just have to fill in the details to look for an available time.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Make Better Informed Gold Trading Decisions With Trade Gold Online

There has been a huge increase of interest in precious metals as an excellent form of investment during the last decade. Plenty of investors are just beginning to know the ability to trade in the forex markets. Before, the foreign exchange market was an exclusive investment vehicle controlled by financial institutions; but today, retail investors can already trade precious metals against other currencies.

Any time of the day, the forex market allows you to begin gold trading with leverage of a maximum of 100:1. This further means that with a forex platform, you can successfully buy a position of 100 ounces of gold with as little as $1000. But prior to trading your hard-earned money, experts recommend that you must start with a Practice Account first.

Welcome To Trade Gold Online

If you are one of those who are very much interested to learn gold trading, Trade Gold Online offers a great resource of information, along with the latest news regarding the gold markets. This website offers news feeds from some of the best sources, research articles, expert commentary and reviews of different online gold trading platforms that are on the market these days. Also, it provides gold charts, access to the day-to-day gold price, and information about gold coin dealers. Their main aim is to give you focused content that will help you in making well-informed gold trading decisions.

Information is power. Trade Gold Online offers cutting edge research from leading industry experts. This website will surely help you to stay well-informed with expert contributed commentary. You can join their free Newsletter and gain very valuable insight from experienced and knowledgeable traders. By signing up for their newsletter, they will send you the latest expert commentary updates. Always be sure to follow them on their newly launched twitter site.

2017 Gold Forecast

People who want to invest in gold would definitely want to know the forecast for the future. Gold prices have dropped by over 5% since the US presidential election. If you take it at face value, this is not a significant amount.

Prior to the presidential election, experts predicted that the price of gold will skyrocket. In fact, some predicted that the price of gold will go as high as $1500 per ounce. But somewhere in the middle throughout 2017, it will be more likely that that price will fall. However, no matter what happens, the key is to not sink into despair. Indeed, the gold market is always been a significant facet of the economy. In fact, it can weather any storm.

Start trading gold today. You can efficiently manage your risk on any bad trades with a unique deal cancellation tool. If you choose this tool on the trading platform, you can cancel your losing trade within an hour and get all your money back. Check out Trade Gold Online for more tips and tricks to online gold trading.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Wallis Landscape & Maintenance – Among The Best Providers Of Professional Lawn Care And Landscaping Services In Gwinnett County Today

You will have plenty of choices in terms of lawn maintenance and landscaping services in Gwinnett County. Consider looking at how Wallis Landscape & Maintenance can help you.

About Wallis Landscape & Maintenance

Wallis Landscape & Maintenance is a small family owned company, serving the Gwinnett County for more than 25 years. Since they are a small company, they can be more hands-on through each step of your project.

Bryan Wallis is the owner. He will always be onsite, supervising most landscape jobs. He started this business as a part time job while he was still in high school in 1988. Motivated by his own boss, Wallis Landscape & Maintenance has become what it is today.

Throughout the project, you will see friendly and knowledgeable faces. With their lawn maintenance program, you will have an assigned maintenance crew. Most importantly, you will continue to see those similar smiling faces from week to week.

Lawn Maintenance

Wallis Landscape & Maintenance can help so you can enjoy your weekends and evenings without worry. They offer a superb residential and commercial maintenance program that will guarantee that their clients’ landscape investment is well-maintained. Also, they offer ideas regarding how to properly enhance your overall landscape long term.

Some of the lawn maintenance services they offer will include mowing of turf weekly, blowing off all areas to get rid of debris, seasonal pruning, weed control, general cleanup of property, fall and winter leaf removal, and scalping of warm season grass that starts in Spring.

Aside from these, they also offer additional services. These include landscape enhancements, aeration, annual flower installation, pine straw& mulch installation, and other landscape services.

Landscape Services

Hardscape Landscaping will consist of working with flagstone, rock, stone or any hard element. Hardscaping will add property charm and value to your home, without requiring regular maintenance as your gardens and lawns do.

Hardscape Landscaping will include retaining walls, water features, patio, walkways, fire pit, arbors, dry creek bed, steps, and columns & pillars.

Why Choose Them

  • They answer their phones and their office is staffed from 9AM-5PM.
  • They will show up when scheduled with their professional scheduling software.
  • They are insured and licensed to protect your property.
  • They care about the details. Also, they use Quality Management site visits.
  • There will be no contract for residential lawn care.
  • They offer fast and free estimate.
  • They offer 100% professional lawn service guarantee.
  • They offer competitive pricing for dependable and professional service.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Achieving Complete Organisation In Your Home With Quality Garage Storage Solutions

Quality Garage Storage Solutions
All homeowners seem to have one constant problem: storage. There doesn’t seem to be enough space inside and outside their home for them to safely and securely store their stuff. Although they have the option of investing in different kinds of storage solutions, they are quite hesitant to do so because they are too bulky and will just end up eating more space in their home.

The truth is, by finding the right storage solution, they will be able to find a versatile one that can be more than just a place where they can keep various items. In addition, it can be one that can be placed in any area inside or outside your home.

Storing Things In Your Garage

Most of the time, your garage hold the bulk of your possessions. These items can be automotive-related; others will be an assortment of knick-knacks.

If you want to have a more organised garage, the best course of action would be to get the right storage solutions. With these items, you can store your car tools and other stuff properly. You can also store other items in them as well, especially the ones which you can’t find the right storage area for. 
Versatile Garage Storage Solutions

Ultimate Storage: Providing A Range Of Premium Garage Storage Solutions

To help you have an organised garage, consider investing in one (or more) of Ultimate Storage’s garage storage solutions. The brand has a variety of storage solutions in different sizes and styles suitable for residential and even commercial garages.

All their products are made of stainless steel. They can also be locked to completely secure your more valuable possessions. Most of their storage solutions are multi-functional and versatile as well; you can use them for other purposes and not just in your garage as well.

Some of their most popular storage products are:

• Stainless steel underbenches
• Stainless steel tall cabinet
• Stainless steel workbench
• Stainless steel overhead cabinet
• Stainless steel flat shelf
• Island tool trolleys

The trolleys can also double as your workspace whenever you’re working on your car. You have all your tools stored in just one place and you can simply push them outside if you’ll be working outdoors. The trolley won’t move when you lock the wheels to prevent it from rolling and moving unnecessarily.

Durable Garage Storage Solutions

Where To Get Them

Ultimate Storage’s range of products is available in Bunnings Warehouse stores across Australia. You can check out more of their products and where to get them on

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

C&S Tree Services – Your Best Partner In Keeping Your Trees Clean And Healthy Year-Round

For more than 12 years, Shawn Shelby has been in the tree care business. He has seen how almost all of them operated and he knew when he had a chance because his service is different in every way. For beginners, if you are not happy with the service he provides, he is not happy as well.

About C&S Tree Services

Shawn Shelby is the founder of C&S Tree Services, which is a tree service company that has no one sided contracts and no small print. They want you to be happy with every service they provide. To give you assurance, you can have their guarantee so you can read and see that you have selected the easiest company to do business with. They can take away all the risk for you since they give multiple guarantees and that you won’t pay a deposit. They strongly believe that all company policies should benefit you and not them.

Guarantees They Offer

  1. Well Work Till We Drop – When they remove a tree for you and you are not happy with the result, they will keep working for free in order to fix the problem until you are completely satisfied with their work.
  2. You’re Ace-In-The-Hole Can’t Lose – If they trim your trees and you are not happy with it, they will fix it. And when they cannot fix it, they will you the first 2 hours free. But if they have only worked for 2 hours and you are not happy even after fixing the problem, you do not owe them a dime.
  3. If We Break It We Bought It – They are insured for your protection and when they damaged something that is too small for an insurance claim, they will pay for the item’s original price. Most importantly, they will not complain or provide excuses.

Services They Offer

Tree Trimming – They will make sure that you enjoy healthy, majestic and gorgeous tees year-round. Trimming is a very important part of your seasonal landscaping activities. C&S Tree Services will make sure that all of your trees are net, clean and perfectly manicured.

Tree Removal – No matter what your needs are, C&S Tree Services will be more than qualified to remove trees from your property. They come out with specialized machines and equipment, licenced workers and risk-free guarantees.

Land Clearing - C&S Tree Services makes use of forestry mulching, which is one of the most revered land clearing techniques. It turns undesirable vegetation into mulch. Their land clearing services are done using the latest machines and equipment.

Emergency Tree Work – They licensed professional will assist you in every emergency tree work situation. Their workers are 24/7 ready to give you a hand.

C&S Tree Services has provided Oklahoma and Texas customers with specialized tree services for many years with only the best results. Give them a call now, ask for a free estimate and put them to the test. After all, they offer different risk-free guarantees.

Monday, May 15, 2017 – Your One-Stop Solution to All Your Landscaping Needs

Award-winning Lawn Care
Being in the landscape industry for almost ten years, Leafy Landscapes is considered as one of the most reliable lawn care service providers in Florida. It has also received various certifications and awards from Home Advisor, the leading website helping homeowners find trusted home improvement professionals.

Their Guarantee to Clients
At Leafy Landscapes, they are very proud and confident that each of their client will love what they do. Like any other service providers, they will not stop until you are happy with their work. But if you are still unsatisfied after they have fixed the problem, they will humbly pay a competitor of your choice to fix it for you.

Their Staff and Customer Care
From phone queries and emails, their office staff is always ready to provide answers to your concerns. And if there’s something they do not do, they will help you find a solution. Their employees are all uniformed and trained to do their particular assignments properly. Safety is also their top priority in all of the  tasks they accomplish. On top of that, they are  also known for giving their clients individual attention and personalized care by understanding and including your personal tastes and budget during the planning stage.

Their Products and Services
They are capable of providing all your landscape needs with the focus of creating a great end product. Everything is prepared right before they commence your project. They ensure that every detail of labor and products needed to complete your project is accurately included in the proposals from the very beginning. This way, you won’t get surprises later in the middle or later part of project completion.

They provide comprehensive list of advanced services in the following:
Lawn Care Needs – lawn mowing, aerating, over-seeding, fertilization, weed control, tree service, mulching, flower planting, flower bed maintenance, hedge trimming, shrub trimming,

Landscape and Installation – design and consultations, plant and tree installations, concrete pavers, fire pits, retaining walls, site grading, landscape lighting, sodding services, soil installation, stone installation and erosion control.

Landscape Maintenance – mowing and trimming, weeding, spring and fall clean ups, mulch replacement, irrigation inspections, pressure washing, landscape replacement, and other ground maintenance tasks.

Their Commitment
Finally, at Leafy, they provide warranty for their products and services. Should anything go wrong in their workmanship within a year, just give them a call and they will fix, repair, or replace it at once. They also provide a 90 day warranty on all plant materials. Of course, warranty does not cover issues that are caused by poor maintenance such as not watering the plants properly.

For loyal clients, warranty on workmanship and plant material is extended up to three years. All you need is to be a member on their website. Sign up for their lawn maintenance, irrigation, fertilization, and weed control programs. Go to now.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Review On Lawn Care Solutions

When it comes to having a lawn, most homeowners face the dilemma of whether or not to hire experts who offer lawn care services. There are some homeowners who prefer to do all the lawn care and maintenance tasks themselves so save money and there are also those who opt to let the experts do all those. This is actually case to case basis since not all homeowners have enough knowledge and experience about proper lawn care. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies that offer expert lawn care services that you can actually choose from. You just need to know which ones offer the best services that will give you the best deal for your money.

About Lawn Care Solutions

Lawn Care Solutions is just among the best companies offering the best lawn care services. The company knows that the Greater South Austin Texas area needs experts to help the residents take care of their lawn properly to get the best results. As years passed, Lawn Care Solutions understood that people here were hard working, fully vested in the community and wanting the best for their families and businesses which means that having healthy and beautiful lawns is a must in adding more value and aesthetic to the area.

Lawn Care Solutions Services

As of today, homeowners can choose from the many different services that Lawn Care Solutions offers. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can take advantage of the services below:
  •           Lawn maintenance. Maintaining the health and beauty of the lawn can be very time-consuming and energy-draining. Giving these tasks to the experts will not only save you time and money but will also ensure better results.
  •           Hedge Trimming. This task can be very challenging. Leaving it to the experts is a smart choice. Lawn Care Solutions offers expert hedge trimming services to ensure your hedges look exactly like you want them to.
  •           Mulching. There are several different types of mulch you can use for several different purposes. Your lawn will stay healthy if you know what type of mulch and other fertilizers to use.
  •           Leaf Cleanup. Let the experts from lawn Care Solutions do the job. They are very effective in removing and blowing off vegetal debris from your property to make sure the dead leaves don’t entertain the development of pests, weeds and diseases.

Contact Information

Lawn Care Solutions has a website where you can check and get all the information you need. You can also visit their site to get a free estimate or use the contact form provided for your questions.

Lawn Masters: Providing Unparalleled Lawn Care And Landscaping Services

Leading Lawn Care Experts in MO
A beautiful, thriving lawn is important to have the perfect home. With a lovely landscaped lawn, you can have an outdoor feature that is both an eye-candy and functional. A well-manicured lawn can boost the appeal of a property. It can be a great additional feature that can be the perfect outdoor venue for various events: birthday parties, barbecues, picnics, sports, and recreational activities.

A lot of hard work though will have to go to the upkeep of your lawn. And if you want to have a lush, picturesque outdoor space, simple mowing, watering, fertilizing, weeding, and pruning won’t cut it. A more professional touch will be needed to have a truly impressive lawn all year round.

Trusted Lawn Care Experts in MO

About Lawn Masters

Lawn Masters is one of the most trusted and well-known lawn care and landscaping companies in Missouri. This company is family owned and operated and was established in 1983.

Since their inception, Lawn Masters’ goal is to provide all their customers with incomparable high quality lawn and landscape maintenance services. They do this by using only state-of-the-art techniques, tools, and equipment, and the highest quality products available.

Lawn Masters is also fully licensed and insured. They also hold pesticide applicator licenses from the Department of Agriculture of the State of Missouri. Regardless of their credentials and services, their prices are industry-standard but the services they provide are only of the best quality.

Lawn Masters is led by Bill Abell, the company president and Jeff Abell, co-owner and COO.

Reliable Lawn Care Experts in MO


Lawn Masters’ services include the following:

Weekly or regular lawn mowing services
• Turf mowing
• Grass trimming around pavement, beds, and structures
• Blowing off adjacent driveways, patios and walkways

Landscape maintenance services

• Tree and shrub care
• Tree pruning
• Bed weed control
• Grub and insect control
• Mulching

Fertilization and weed control

Core aeration

Complete landscape design and installation

Get more details about these services on the website of Lawn Masters.

Reasons To Choose Lawn Masters

Lawn Masters if one of the most established and oldest lawn companies in Missouri. Aside from holding various relevant licenses and certificates, their company is fully insured.

All their employees are trained and knowledgeable in industry standard practices and techniques. They constantly undergo training as well. Aside from using only the best quality of tools, equipment, and supplies, they use products that are eco-friendly and safe for both humans and pets.

Lastly, Lawn Masters offer their services to various areas across Missouri. These include Ballwin, Chesterfield, Cotterville, Eureka, Fenton, Kirkwood, Manchester, St. Charles, and Wildwood.

Lawn Rescue – Among The Highest Rated Lawn Care Companies In Florida

Everybody wants to have a stunning lawn and landscape. Hence, they do not stop at nothing to get the best lawn service provider to manage their properties. With the fierce competition in lawn maintenance, choosing the best lawn care company will be a difficult task. If you are in Florida, Lawn Rescue can become your best partner. They offer high quality and consistent results at very affordable prices. Most importantly, client satisfaction is their top priority.

About Lawn Rescue

Lawn Rescue was established by Colt McCarty, a firefighter. Today, it is locally operated and owned by firefighters or people who are trustworthy in taking their job very seriously.

All of the employees are English speaking and have been background-checked in order to make sure that you can greatly benefit from all the advantages of working with a reputable, professional company. They have plenty of years of experience in lawn care and lawn maintenance. They pay special attention to detail and are very serious about keeping your property healthy and beautiful.

Moreover, they are covered by insurance policies that will keep you, your family and your property safe. They likewise provide all of their clients with a 100% risk-free guaranteed. This further means that you will never be under any risk if your try their services.

Being technologically driven, they have incorporated complex software in order to streamline and organize all their operations. Their communication strategy is likewise praised by their clients because they always make sure that customers are informed and notified continuously. Most importantly, they always show up when they say and do whatever they say they’ll do.

Services They Offer

Lawn Care – Their standard lawn care services will include mowing turf areas, edging around concrete areas, line trimming where lawn mowers are impractical and blowing debris and clippings from all hard surfaces.

Bush & Hedge Trimming – Most Floridian homeowners want their bushes and hedges to be well-groomed. They are well-trained in trimming hedges and bushes and offer such service as an addition to their standard lawn mowing service.

Lawn Mulching – They offer mulch installation apart from their core services.

Mowing – They regularly mow and manicure your lawn in order to keep it healthy and thriving.

Lawn Enhancements – This service will make sure that you will have the best-looking yard in your neighbourhood. They offer spring color and flower bed maintenance apart from mulch installation.

Seasonal Cleaning – They can get rid of all the debris in spring so the grass can develop its full potential. In fall, they also ensure that your lawn is tidy, pristine, and neat.

Their integrated services, affordable prices and their high values are just among the advantages you will find if you partner with LawnRescue today. Ask for a free quote and let them turn your yard in to an excellent work of art.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vista Turf Lawn & Pest – Among The Best Lawn Care And Landscaping Service Providers In Texas

When it comes to dealing with different lawn care and landscaping needs, let the experts handle them. This can be your best option if you do not have enough time to maintain the beauty and functionality of your home. Vista Turf Lawn & Pest will be willing to help out.

About Vista Turf Lawn & Pest

In 2008, Vista Turf Lawn & Pest was founded by Luke Stice with the vision of delivering consistent, quality, and dependable service to the south DFW metroplex. Since then, Vista Turf Lawn & Pest has established a great reputation for being a lawn service that goes beyond what customers expect.

They are a team of individuals living in the community, meaning that they fully understand the turf and tree and shrub and insect issues of this area. They know the specific problems and challenges this area has to deal with, and they know how to fix them.

They further emphasized that they are not a “cut and run” lawn care company. When there is challenge or perhaps you are not satisfied with their work, they will fix it. They always put their customers a priority. They strive to provide the best customer service with reasonable prices.

Lawn Care And Landscape Services They Offer

Lawn Care – They provide full maintenance services but if you just need a company to mow your lawn, they can also be of great help. Standard service will include mowing the entire yard, fencing, line trimming around all trees, edging with a blade edger, and cleaning up all clippings. They also mulch, and they remove grass clippings from your property when its necessary.

Fertilization and Weed Control – Their 6-treatment service will keep your property beautiful and more functional year-round. They will fight those hard to kill weeds until they are completely gone. If this will take more than 6 treatments, the added service calls are on them.

Shrub and Tree Trimming – Apart from mowing your yard, they also maintain the great appearance of bushes and trees.

Landscape Maintenance – They are very good at creating landscape designs requiring low maintenance. But your investment and beautiful landscape can disappear fast when it is not consistently maintained. They will be very happy to help. In fact, they can also help you save on your water bills.

Christmas Light Installation – From design, to installation, to take down and storage, Vista Turf Lawn & Pest can do these tasks for you with their full service professional Christmas light installations. With their trained installers and wide range of color option, your display will definitely entice all eyes.

Whether you have a residential or commercial property requiring outdoor space care and maintenance, Vista Turf Lawn & Pest surely is the right service provider for you.