Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Look At The Website Of Sandleford

trusted manufacturer of quality hardware products
Every commercial and residential property requires a number of hardware products that serve aesthetic or functional purposes, or both. These products can range from anything as simple as a receptacle or container for different types of correspondences, signs and numerals, to something more intricate and sophisticated as safes.

To make sure that you get hardware products that do not clash with the interior or exterior design of your property and at the same time, are truly functional, durable, and long-lasting, you have to invest in items from a trusted manufacturer. In Australia, one of the leading and most reputable manufacturers of hardware products is Sandleford Pty. Ltd.

leading manufacturer of quality hardware products
About Sandleford

Sandleford Pty. Ltd. is a manufacturing company of high quality hardware products. The company is based in Braeside, Victoria.

Their range of products includes the following:


- Security safes
- Fire and security safe
- Gun safe
- Cash box
- Key storage
- Book safe
- Clock safe
- Fire water chest
- Fireproof chest


- Fence mounted
- Freestanding
- Brick-in
- Wall mounted
- Post mounted
- Letterbox post


- Braille signs
- Site safety signs
- Home, office, and workplace signs
- Flyer holder


- Stencil kits
- Stick-on numerals
- Screw-on numerals

First aid boxes

- First aid kits

Wardrobe and tower rails

- Rails
- Fittings
reputable manufacturer of quality hardware products

Partner Dealers

Sandleford’s assortment of hardware products can be bought at their partner dealers or distributors, which include:

• Bunnings Warehouse
• Officeworks
• Aussie Disposals
• Mitre 10
• Home Hardware

Highlights Of The Website

Sandleford’s website is quite a find for individuals and organizations that are on the lookout for quality hardware products. Their product listings are comprehensive and each item is accompanied by the corresponding, clear images.

The site loads fast, even with the wide array of images here. All items are properly categorized as well so every visitor won’t have a problem finding any particular item they are looking for.

Aside from the products offered on the site, there are some additional useful information on what customers can do in case they lost their keys (for letterboxes and safes) and if they need spare parts. Customers can also find and read or download any user manuals they require for their purchased products as well.

All in all, the website of Sandleford promises to be a complete and safe shopping online site for interested buyers of different hardware products. If you’re particularly looking for high quality safes, letterboxes, numerals, signs, wardrobe, towel rails, and first aid boxes, you will find what you’ll need from this website. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Review On AquaSatch

This is the age when almost everyone has his or her own phone. Phones today are no longer limited to just for calling or sending messages. Most phones nowadays are already smartphones. You can use them when surfing the net, sending an email, taking a picture, doing some office tasks and even watching a movie and listening to your favorite song. Hence, most people cannot really live without their phones next to them even when going to the beach or a pool party. And because of this, it is a very smart idea to invest in a waterproof phone pouch.

About AquaSatch

AquaSatch is a waterproof phone pouch provider. The company understands just how important phones are to many people. They know that having access to your phone even when at the beach, in a pool, fishing, water rafting, camping or any other activity, is very important especially for emergency cases. Hence, they introduce a special pouch that is made specifically for the safety and protection of your phones.

The Features

AquaSatch phone pouches can actually accommodate almost all types of phones. Their features are the following:

- IPX8 certified. This means that the pouch is suitable for long hours in the water.
- Waterproof. You can use this up to 10 meters in the water and very durable.
- Large size. These pouches are big enough for any type of phone you have.
- Functional. You can still use your phone even when it is inside the pouch because it can still be touch sensitive.

The good thing about these waterproof phone pouches is they come in many different colors. You can choose any color that you want with the same quality and functionality. There’s black, orange, pink, blue, purple, yellow, green and the clear one.

Contact Information

If you are interested in getting these pouches for your phone, you can contact AquaSatch through their email. Use the contact form provided and expect to get a reply within 24 hours. AquaSatch also ships orders with affordable shipping rates depending on the number of items you ordered. They have regular shipping, express shipping and even international shipping to the US and New Zealand.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Statewide Forklifts: NSW’s Most Trusted Forklift Specialists

leading supplier and rental services provider of forklift and other equipment
Forklifts are staple pieces of equipment in warehouses, docks, and construction sites. Operations in such areas would be greatly hampered without these machineries since they can be used for various applications.

Forklifts are indispensible pieces of equipment used to move heavy and bulky supplies, usually in large quantities, from one area to another. They are also useful and efficient in stacking supplies as well.  Some forklifts have special modifications that come in the form of a small metal platform which has a railing around it, enabling people to step in and lift themselves up in the same fashion, to reach higher heights.

This type of equipment is also one of the most expensive machineries businesses can invest in. Fortunately, aside from purchasing a brand new one, there are other more cost-effective options you can consider.

trusted supplier and rental services provider of forklift and other equipment

About Statewide Forklifts

Statewide Forklifts is one of the most well-known and established suppliers and providers of various brands, models, and other related services regarding forklifts. This family-owned company started its operations in 1999 and has now grown into one of the most trustworthy and reliable forklift specialists in Western Sydney and Central Coast areas.

The company started expanding their products and services by purchasing used machines for their rental fleet and for resale. They bought the Budget Forklifts NSW Company in 2008 which provided them a larger service department and rental fleet. Two years later, Statewide Forklifts expanded their business to the Central Coast in Wyong, NSW. They soon purchased a second factory unit to service the Central Coast and Hunter Valley.

At present, Statewide Forklifts provides forklift rentals all around Australia, with around 250 units and their fleet is continuously growing.

reputable supplier and rental services provider of forklift and other equipment

Sales And Services

Statewide Forklifts specializes in the following:

Forklift sales and rentals

• Engine Counterbalance forklifts
• Battery Electric counterbalance forklifts
• Warehouse forklifts
• Forklift attachments
• Access equipment

Repairs, maintenance, and servicing
• Bespoke preventative maintenance plans
• Scheduled maintenance services
• Tyre and other parts replacement
• Breakdown repairs
• Single unit or fleet support
• Repainting and refurbishment of existing units
• LPG recertification
• 22-point Safety Inspections
• Detailed service reports

Read more about the products and services offered by Statewide Forklifts on their website.

Reasons To Choose To Statewide Forklifts

Statewide Forklifts is unrivalled in terms of the products and services they offer. They specialize in new and used forklifts sales and rentals, forklift attachments, all-terrain buggies, fleet management, onsite mobile repairs, and more. 

The company lives by its motto, “Service You Deserve”. As such, they place high importance on minimising any downtime for any business. 

With their trained and expert team, Statewide Forklift can handle repairs and maintenance of most makes and models of forklifts. You won’t lack for any brand or model of forklift (bran new or used) you can purchase or rent for your requirements from this company as well. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

School Of Natural Therapies: Providing High Quality Sports Massage Courses

leading provider of massage therapy courses
Sports massage is one area of massage therapy that is quite popular today. This is because professional and non-pro athletes and fitness buffs usually seek this type of massage to prepare for upcoming competitions or an intensive workout and after these events. Athletes and fitness buffs don’t have to be injured as well to enjoy the benefits that this type of massage therapy can offer.

Benefits Of Sports Massage

Sports massage can help release muscle tension and restore balance to a person’s musculoskeletal system. When received regularly, it can help athletes prevent or avoid injuries, which might otherwise be caused by overuse.

Sports massage is also designed to prepare athletes and fitness buffs for their best performance, reduce fatigue, and relieve muscle swelling and tension. When a person engages in physical activities, particularly strenuous ones, muscle tension builds up in the body’s soft tissues. Because of overextension or overuse, minor injuries and lesions occur in these tissues which can cause a great deal of pain to and poor athletic performance from an individual. Sports massage therapy can help alleviate pain and prevent injuries that could affect a person’s flexibility, response time, mobility, and overall performance in events and workout programmes.

trusted provider of massage therapy courses

School Of Natural Therapies: A Leading Provider Of Sports Massage Courses

The School of Natural Therapies or SNT is one of the most established and highly-regarded training providers of massage and holistic therapy courses in England. SNT offers a wide range of courses, all of which are accredited by different highly esteemed regulatory bodies such as ITEC, SRM, and BTEC.

SNT conducts their classes in various venues.  Currently, they have class venues located at the British School of Osteopathy, North Clapham, Portreath, and Central Brighton.

The School of Natural Therapies is presently headed by its esteemed school principal, Marc Innes.

Sports Massage Courses You Can Take Up At SNT
At present, SNT offers the following sports massage courses:

ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

This course can be taken by beginners or those with a UK recognised qualification at Level 3 or above, in body, Swedish or holistic massage. This programme provides specialist massage training with SNT’s popular ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage, which can lead to a further programme of study to Level 5, in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage. This course can be taken as a 2-step programme that will permit students to qualify at Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy first, whilst continuing to study for the BTEC Level 5 Diploma.
BTEC Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage Course Level 5

This is the highest qualification available for the Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage Industry in the UK as of today. The level 3 and level 5 programmes can take place over 11 months and is externally validated by Edexcel/BTEC and   ITEC.

Under this course, students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to correctly evaluate musco-skeletal and soft tissue injuries and disorders, choose the most appropriate remedial massage and sports massage methods to treat the injury or dysfunction, and provide advice, guidance, and rehabilitation procedures to assist individuals with their on-going healing procedure and prevent injury in the future.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Intouch Relocations – The Leading Independent Destination Service Provider In The Middle East & Africa

Relocating to an Arab nation like Dubai can be an exciting yet scary thing because of the different beliefs, culture and religion they have. It is very important for you to be aware of the must-knows before moving to Dubai. International relocation companies like Intouch Relocations can be your best help.

About Intouch Relocations

Intouch Relocations is considered the leading independent destination service provider of pure relocation services in the Middle East and Africa. Since it was founded in 1998, they surely have the knowledge, experience, and desire to make moving to a new city as simple yet successful as possible.

They highly emphasized that they strongly believe in listening to people’s needs instead of offering a regimented service. They try to customize their support based on their client’s requirements while maintaining policy integrity and consistency. Though locating the right home and being a part of a new community are fundamental to the enjoyment of a new environment, they fully understand that the anxieties of any change might be in the overlooked details. Hence, they strive to take these stresses out of their move by being their specialist on the ground resource.

They say that cultural differences can lead to many questions, and international perceptions of a region and its people are often inaccurate. With their presence and reach in major cities in the Middle East and Africa, the have obtained comprehensive understanding of how things are viewed from the perspective of both locals and expats. And they share such knowledge with their assignees to help ease the settling in process.

What They Do

They recognize that until a person has settled themselves, they won’t be able to give their best efforts at work. By acting as an extension of the corporate HR department and combining their specialist skill sets, they will be able to significantly reduce the time, stress, and anxiety from the moving process. They aim to ease away the pains caused by the relocation process so you can focus on more important things. Here are some of the services they offer:

  • Orientation Programs – They will introduce you to the new location as well as guide you to make informed decisions.
  • Temporary Accommodation Services – They will help you secure the most suitable options with comfort and cost benefits over hotel stays.
  • Home Finding Programs – They will help you identify and secure the right housing.
  • Settings-In Services – They provide the post-move support to help you gain local knowledge and integrate into your new community.
  • Payment Processing – They can disburse payments on behalf of their clients in order to reduce administrative burden, track costs, and boost turnaround time.

Apart from that, they also offer Immigration and Departure Services, and Policy Development And Local Area Expertise.

They fully understand that there is no substitute for first-hand information. So they made efforts in bringing their services closer to where their clients need them to be. Check out where they operate at

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bedashing Beauty Lounge: Your Complete Makeover And Pampering Partner

leading beauty and styling salon in Abu Dhabi
There are many ways and tips you can try to feel better and even relax after a particularly bad day or week. You can indulge in your favourite dishes and snacks. You can relax at home by binge-watching all your favourite movies and TV shows. You can go on a trip to discover and stay in a new place where you can get some much-needed R&R and forget about your worries for a bit.

The Perks Of Going To A Beauty Salon

Going to a salon after a rough day or week at the office can be very rewarding, too. You can relax in the soothing ambience of the salon while getting your hair or nails done. A lot of salons offer various spa treatments as well that will allow you to feel pampered, well-rested and rejuvenated after a session and ready to face the world. Of course, after spending some time at a salon, you will feel more beautiful and better about yourself.

well-known beauty and styling salon in Abu Dhabi

Bedashing Beauty Lounge

One of the best beauty salons in Abu Dhabi today is Bedashing Beauty Lounge. Bedashing Beauty Lounge is one of the most innovative, cutting-edge salons in Abu Dhabi. They offer a wide range of beauty and hairstyling services and treatments. The salon is also well-known for its friendly and unique ambience.

Bedashing Beauty Lounge started out as Dashing Nails in 2008. The company was rebranded to encompass the variety of services they offer today and in the future, across different locations.

The salon offers a complete and remarkable experience wherein all guests are pampered with the latest beauty treatments and solutions by their trained, professional, and friendly staff. You won’t find it hard to relax and enjoy your visit at this salon due to its relaxing and warm environment.

At present, Bedashing Beauty Lounge has 7 branches across Abu Dhabi. They are located in Al Falah, Al Khaleej, Al Arabi, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Kalifa City, Delma Street, and Central Market.

renowned beauty and styling salon in Abu Dhabi

Bedashing Beauty Lounge’s Beauty Services And Treatments

Below are some of the beauty services and treatments you can get at Bedashing Beauty Lounge:

Nail services

• Manicure, pedicure, and shape and polish change
• Sensual treatments
• Gel polish
• Super enhancements
• Artistic, fashionable nails

Hair services
• Hair cut
• Blow dry
• BD hair extension
• Curling
• Hair up (bridal)
• Hair treatments (Kerastase, L’Oreal, anti-frizz and keratin treatments)
• Hair colouring

Body treatments

• Wax, Halawa, and no-strip
• Tanning
• LPG body sculpting

Facial treatments / solutions

• Eyelashes
• Brow enhancement
• Tinting and bleaching
• Make-up
• LPG - face

Learn more about these beauty and styling treatments and services by visiting Bedashing Beauty Lounge’s website here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

No Fuss Event Hire – Everything About Event Furnishings And Temporary Flooring Solutions

Organizing an outdoor event can be very stressful since you need to consider several important things. These will include hiring the right event furnishings and checking the weather forecast so you can prepare for the possible weather changes. No Fuss Event Hire can be your best partner.

About No Fuss Event Hire

In 1996, Geoff Tucker founded No Fuss Event Hire. Since then, the company has worked vigorously in order to maintain a reputation for both reliability and credibility in the supply of hire equipment services in Victoria and interstate.

They have a team of experienced staff who is capable of executing major events simultaneously. They already have established long-term contractual arrangements with a comprehensive list of high profile events. Indeed, the demand for temporary infrastructures like ground access products, portable flooring, tables, marquees, and chairs has increased steadily to the extent that they are now recognized as the market leader in Australia.

They are the largest stockiest of temporary flooring and ground access products in Australasia these days. Indeed, they have enough flooring to cover entire stadiums. In 2012, they have introduced the 2 new advanced protection products – Supa-Trac and I-Trac.

They focus on providing consistent professional customer service and on providing hire products that are very suitable to a wide range of industries.

Products They Offer

Flooring – You can choose from a wide range of portable flooring products, which are proven to be the most practical and comprehensive for different ground conditions and surfaces, indoors or outdoors. They also have temporary roadways and turf protection products.

Marquees – They offer marquee hire with various structures in many sizes in order to compliment any event. Know that marquees will be erected by their staff equipped with the latest technology to guarantee minimum to no impact on the site.

Event Furniture – They offer a wide selection of event furnishing for marquee occasions. You can choose from tables and chairs for theatre style seating, casual seating, formal and informal dining, and other event furnishings suitable for your specific needs. They also have radiant heaters and portable misting fans to make your guests comfortable during your indoor or outdoor events.

Specialty Structures – Boost any event with the wide range of specialist marquees they offer.

Fencing and Crowd Barriers – They offer a number of fencing options to suit any event. Also, they have Veloz Barrier, which is more attractive and safer as compared to regular crowd control barriers.

There are actually 2 types of hire options No Fuss Event Hire offers.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Review On Well Desk

Working in the office for long hours seems to be very common these days. Since most people really need to earn more money for their family and their future, they opt to stay longer than the usual time they spend in their office which can affect their health in the long run. Back pain is only one of the most common effects of working late. And so, it is a huge help to opt for something that people can use in their everyday work at the office that is both practical and affordable.

About Well Desk

Well Desk is a company that provides standing desks which are good for both productivity and overall health of those with office work. These desks are specifically made to improve the health of the workers by encouraging them to stand more often and be more productive. Well Desk is proudly Made In America- from the materials to manpower. Well Desk’s product designs were built out of rigorous testing and a desire to provide a simple and affordable solution. And with their years in occupational health and safety, Well Desk knows that these desks meet all ergonomic guidelines and are a practical solution for any office or workplace. The desks they offer are built from premium quality Baltic Birch Plywood and are built for strength, function and durability.

The Features

Well Desk’s standing desks are made from the highest grade materials. They are best known for their ergonomic designs that are lightweight and easy to assemble with a stylish look, sturdy, shake-free and safe. The standing desks that the company offers also have the following features:

- Relieves Back Pain
- Reinvigorates
- Increases Productivity
- Burns Calories
- Solid and Sturdy
- Easy To Use
- Tool Free Assembly
- Fully Adjustable

Contact Information

For people who want to know more about these products, Well Desk has a website where you can check the standing desks and their specifications. The website also has their email address and physical address and a contact form for those with questions about the product. It is also good to note that they offer FREE shipping within the US and low rates for international shipping.

Appetite Catering LLC: One Of The Leading Catering Companies And Food Shops In Dubai

leading catering and food shop in Dubai
Dubai is now one of the busiest cosmopolitans in the world. But even if the residents are always on the go here due to their work and busy schedules, they still strive to find the time to look for dining establishments or food shops that offer a variety of delectable meals, worthy of every penny they spend for such fares.

Because of the usual hustle and bustle in Dubai, the locals are also always on the lookout for dining options that won’t hamper with their work at the office. As such, food deliveries and catering are also the go-to solutions of professionals who want to satisfy their tummies and cravings without wasting time to go out and find the right restaurant or dining establishment.

renowned catering and food shop in Dubai

About Appetite Catering LLC

The good news is that busy office employees and individuals who are searching for great food but don’t want to embark on the traditional practice of searching for and trying a good dining establishment can satisfy all their cravings and other gastronomic needs with just one company: Appetite Catering LLC.

Appetite Catering LLC is a family owned and run catering company that specialises in office food delivery, executive lunches, and corporate catering. The company is also behind a new deli concept called “1762” and a food shop, Appetite “The Shop”.

The company was founded in Dubai by self-confessed foodies husband and wife team Manar Al Jayouchi & Suzi Croft and their business partner, Nabil, in July 2005. They first started their operations in a small but efficient kitchen in Al Qusais with just two people. In September 2007, they moved to their new premises in Al Quoz. Since expanding their operations, they have added new premises and now have a team of more than 150 employees. Appetite Catering LLC is also now fully HACCP accredited.

At present, Appetite Catering LLC has two Appetite The Shop branches, located at the Executive Towers, Bay Avenue, Business Bay and at the A4 Space, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz, both in Dubai. They will soon be opening a new branch at the Index Tower.

reputable catering and food shop in Dubai

Appetite Catering LLC’s Menu

The company has a wide range of options regarding their menu in terms of main dishes, breakfast meals, specials, sweets, and drinks.

Catering Services And Solutions

Office or board meetings, corporates functions and events require only the best meals or foods to be served. Appetite Catering LLC has variety of menu options to choose from, including breakfast, lunch, coffee break, and hot buffet menus. They also make sure that every dish they serve are made of the finest ingredients and will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

You can peruse the food options and catering menus of Appetite Catering LLC on this site.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Qilosophy – The Health Experts When It Comes To Cupping And Acupuncture

Have you ever wanted to try Acupuncture but are not sure what will work best for you or perhaps where to go? Is Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy something that only a couple of people can afford? Is it painful? Is it really effective? Close the gap between you and control over your mental and physical destiny by making an appointment with Qilosophy.

About Qilosophy

Qilosophy is founded by Stephanie M. Nelson who is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Licensed Acupuncturist. Since 2010, she became the owner and practitioner of Lion Acupuncture, Herbs and Massage PLLC. Now, she is offering a streamlined of all the most efficient and most popular treatments she has been administering for the past 6 years.

Stephanie has been practicing Massage Therapy in Tucson, Arizona since 1996. It was in 2009 that she graduated from The Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. For 3 months, she studied at The Hainan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Haikou, China.

With her extensive knowledge and experience, she now offers time-tested treatments in cupping and acupuncture. She has actually combined and refined everything she knows as a Master Massage Therapist and as a Practitioner of Oriental Medicine into Qilosophy.

Providing you with a service which delivers is Qilosophy’s priority. They do not do treatments that they have not seen satisfying results from. It is very important for them that you get greater value out of your money. Their goal is to make cupping and acupuncture easy to use and an affordable choice for everybody.

Their Offered Services

Acupuncture – This is an ancient form of Chinese Medicine wherein thin needles are placed in certain points on the body to facilitate the flow of Qi (vital energy). They offer acupuncture for your most common needs.

Cupping Therapy – This is known to exist as far back as 300 A.D. They use what is known as the fire-cupping method to perform such service. This treatment can be done with or without an acupuncture service at Qilosophy.

Be reminded that they may decide which treatment is not appropriate for you. They ensure though that they have what you need. Some people may take more than 1-3 treatments in order to attain the desired outcome.

Qilosophy FAQs

Does Acupuncture hurt?
Needles to be used are tiny as compared to the needles designed for giving shots or drawing blood. Acupuncture needles are very thin, sterile and solid – they enter the dermis by being tapped lightly. Bear in mind that people have different sensation tolerance – some don’t feel anything while other are aware of every sensation. They will work at your level of comfort.

Is acupuncture expensive?
Sometimes it is; however, at Qilosophy, they offer it at low prices.

How often should you get acupuncture?

In China, people undergo this therapy every day for 5-10 days with a days’ break in between cycles until their problem is resolved. It is actually a good idea to get it frequently.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Xceleration Fitness And Gym Pros: The Leading Online Supplier Of Refurbished Cybex Fitness Equipment

leading online supplier of high quality Cybex fitness equipment
If you plan on setting up and running a commercial gym, you need to have a variety of fitness or exercise equipment. The availability of various exercise machines you have in your gym would be the main draw of your business. The more functional and versatile workout equipment you have in your gym, the more appealing it will be to fitness buffs.

Treadmills, ellipticals, and cross trainers are just some of the staple types of fitness equipment that all gyms should have. These exercise machines provide great cardio and strength-building workouts.

Cybex: A Well-Known Brand Of Treadmills And Elliptical Trainers
Cybex is one of the leading manufacturers and brands of top-notch strength training and cardio training machines. The company was founded in the late 1960s by the Cybex Ergometer Company. The company first manufactured isokinetic rehabilitation equipment.

Cybex merged with Trotter, Inc., a manufacturer of treadmills, in May 1997. The following year, Cybex acquired Tectrix, a California-based manufacturer of primarily bikes and steppers. In 2001, Cybex acquired Forza, a UK-based company.

trusted online supplier of high quality Cybex fitness equipment

Where To Get Your Cybex Fitness Equipment
Due to their amazing quality, most types of Cybex fitness machines are quite expensive. However, there is no question that having them in a gym can be valuable investments that can guarantee good ROIs. The good news is that you can purchase high quality refurbished Cybex fitness equipment at affordable prices. One of the companies that supply top-notch refurbished Cybex exercise machines at low prices is Xceleration Fitness and Gym Pros.

Xceleration Fitness and Gym Pros was established in 2003. During this time, they began selling high quality fitness equipment in Southern California. They expanded in the recent years and have are now supplying fitness equipment nationwide.

The company sells high quality refurbished fitness equipment. They supply their equipment to consumers who intend to use these machines at home and for use in commercial gyms, fitness centers in hotels, schools, and other establishments.
reputable online supplier of high quality Cybex fitness equipment

Cybex Fitness Equipment You Can Get From Xceleration Fitness And Gym Pros

Below are the types of Cybex fitness equipment you can currently get from Xceleration Fitness and Gym Pros:

• Cybex 530T Treadmill
• Cybex 610A Cross Trainer
• Cybex 750A Arc Trainer
• Cybex 600A Arc Trainer
• Cybex 620 Arc Trainer
• Cybex 750AT Arc Trainer

You have the option of investing in serviced and cleaned equipment or one that is refurbished and which comes with a 6-month warranty.