Monday, October 9, 2017

TS EXPORT: A Trusted And Experienced Import And Export Company In Japan

Today, more and more people are opting for used vehicles from overseas auctions. There are actually many advantages of getting used vehicles. For one, the vehicles up for auctions always come in affordable prices, way cheaper when compared to brand new or pre-owned ones sold by dealers. Secondly, in auctions, you and the other bidders have control over the final prices of the vehicles you are interested to get. And lastly, there are a lot of options for you in auctions so you can choose the right one for your needs.

However, one thing that you need to take care of once you have purchased your required vehicles from the auction, is how to imported your newly bought vehicle to your country.  The smartest way to streamline the complete importing process is to hire the services of a trusted company that provides import and export solutions.


TS EXPORT is one of the most trusted and established import and export companies in Japan.  The company is highly regarded not just in Japan but in most parts of globe as it has shipped hundreds of thousands of motor vehicles and parts globally for years already. TS EXPORT’s headquarters is located in Himeji, Japan. The company has team members strategically located in Kobe in Japan, North America, Australia, Russia and in most parts of Asia. All the team members are highly skilled, knowledgeable and well-experienced in vehicle sourcing, purchasing, logistics, export documentation, dismantling, container packing, international shipping and information technology.

TS EXPORT Services

TS EXPORT offers complete and quality importing solutions. They can help you with looking for any vehicle or automotive parts you need and the whole importing process. The vehicles you will see on their website come from different parts of the world including Germany, USA, UK, Italy, France, Sweden, Korea and from Japan itself. Check out the following:

• Performance cars
• Forklifts
• Buses
• Kei mini trucks
• Tractor containers
• Agricultural machinery
• Power boats   
• Salvage cars
• Salvage trucks
• Jet skis
• Motorhomes and campervans
• Yachts
• Excavators

TS EXPORT Contact Information

To know more about the company, what they do and what services they offer, you can check out their website. You may want to use their contact form for your questions, call them through the phone number provided and browse through the different pages to know more about auctions, shipping, fees and tools.

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