Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Look At McCallum Towing: Perth’s Leading Towing Company

trusted towing company in Perth

Nothing beats driving down the long, traffic-free country roads in Perth. You feel more relaxed when you’re driving such wide-open roads and your passengers also experience or feel less stressed as well.

Unfortunately, you can still experience an unexpected source of frustration and annoyance: your car simply breaking down while you are in the middle of nowhere. Since there aren’t that many other cars passing by this road and no other drivers can help you out, you know that assistance can only come from one source: a towing company.

McCallum Towing

reputable Perth towing companyPerth car owners who are still looking for a reliable towing company can look up and get in touch with McCallum Towing.

This firm, which formally started its operations in 2002, is family-owned. And since 2002, McCallum Towing has been providing excellent and reliable towing services in and across Perth.

The Company’s Services

McCallum Towing provides towing services for different kinds of vehicles: cars, 4x4 automobiles, trucks, motor bicycles, forklifts, boats, caravans and even bob cats.

The company specializes in various types of towing services as well. McCallum Towing provides assistance in the following:

• Recovery of stolen vehicles
• Motorbike transport
• Cars, truck and caravan towing
• Transport of sports cars
• Transport of bob cat and forklift
• 4x4 recovery

reliable towing firm in PerthAccording to the company’s website,, the towing experts can offer their services for anything that Perth residents need to be moved or transported any time and any day or night of the week.

McCallum Towing has different types of towing vehicles that can be used to transport various kinds or models of vehicles. Below are some of their towing vehicles:

• 3.5 tonne Bannar Back
• 6.5 tonne Tilt and Slide Truck
• 4x4 Recovery Vehicle
• F350 Tow Truck (with towing capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes)
• 3 tonne Tilt Tray

Aside from providing dependable high-quality 24/7 towing services, McCallum Towing offers competitive and even cheap rates, when compared to other towing companies.

In Summary

Since McCallum Towing has been in the towing industry for more than 12 years now, it is very easy to put your trust in such a company. You know that from their years of service that this company is really dependable, trustworthy and reputable. They also have different kinds of towing vehicles so whether you need a small tow truck for your stalled bike or a big one to have a forklift you rented transported, McCallum Towing has this. Whatever kind of vehicle you need to be towed and at any time of day or night, you can count on the reliable services of McCallum Towing

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