Monday, August 25, 2014

Ourimbahvet: Taking Care Of Pets The Right Way

Just like humans, pets also need attention and affection in order for them to be able to perform their functions well. However, there are instances when pet owners cannot deal with pet issues, which can harm their animal friend. That is why when it comes to pet needs, it is a must to call in experts who can help you like Ourimbahvet.


Ourimbahvet is a veterninary hospital that provides the highest quality of veterinary surgery and medicine. During the past three decades, the hospital has grown. As of now, they have five full time and two part time vets. The hospital also has 10 support staff. Because of this expansion, they are now able to treat different types of animals from dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs, wildlife of all kinds, horses, cattle, sheep, goats and alpacas. They also provide services in areas like Mangrove Mountain, Kulnura, Peats Ridge, Calga and Mt White, Yarramalong, Dooralong, Jilliby, Warnervale, Wyee, Matcham, Holgate, Erina, Terrigal, Kincumber and surrrounding areas.

Services of Ourimbahvet

Ourimbahvet facility is equipped with the latest and most effective tools and equipment for pets and equine surgical theatres, x-ray and ultrasound facilities up to dental facilities, in-hospital diagnostic laboratory, separate dog and cat wards and isolation ward. With all these, the hospital can provide you with the finest services for your pets from pet dentistry, intravenous fluid therapy, pre-anaesthetic testing, onsite lab tests, radiology and ultrasonography. The hospital also offers major surgeries like orthopaedics and soft tissue surgery, as well as routine procedures such as desexing.

The hospital also boasts of other pet services like preventive health solutions, pet boarding, PennHIP and animal export. With these services, you are sure that all your pet needs are catered to, which can help pet owners make sure that their pets are stronger and healthier.

If you need a veterinarian in an instant, Ourimbahvet offers full 24 hour vet emergency service for your pet.

OurimbahvetBenefits of these services

Since the hospital has top-class equipment and tools, you are sure that your pet’s need is accommodated efficiently. Apart from that, you are also sure that reliable and competent veterinarians are there for your pets. With their excellent services you know that your pet’s well-being is assured, providing your animal friend the best solution to make them better.

With the help of, you know that your pets are taken care of the right way.

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