Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sydney Osteopathic Medicine – Restoring Optimum Health Through Osteopathy

If you're suffering pain anywhere in your body, take osteopathy into consideration. The philosophy of osteopathic medicine gives a holistic approach to health and stresses the importance of the musculoskeletal system in the health and well-being of a person. Osteopathy’s aim is to support the self-healing capacity of the body.

Moving away from a disease-based model to disease prevention and health optimization, Sydney Osteopathic Medicine provides patients quality health care through Osteopathy. They have Wellness Program and Coaching services that can help get you back to optimum health and keep you there.

Osteopathic Care Page

Know more about osteopathic treatment when you visit this page. Listed here are some of the conditions that Osteopaths treat as well as the techniques incorporated into the treatment. There is also a brief discussion about back pain and neck pain problems. Both conditions are quite common considering the modern lifestyle of people today.

The Article Page

You will find tips and more detailed information here if you have back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and migraines, muscle strain and spasm, joint injuries, arthritis, pre- and post-natal problems and other health related concerns. Learn how to manage pain and how to recover well.

Our Osteopaths Page

Check out the Sydney Osteopathic Medicine Team here. Those experienced Osteopaths that will help you achieve optimum health. They are the so called engineers, helping the changes needed in your body’s function to alleviate your discomfort. 

Did you know that in Australia, Osteopathy is one of ten regulated healthcare professions and training to be an osteopath requires the successful completion of a five-year full-time university degree? Osteopaths must be registered with the Osteopathy Board of Australia and patients can check their osteopath’s registration online.

Facts of Osteopathy Page

Find direct answers to your questions. How effective is Osteopathic treatment? How will I feel after the treatment? How long will my consultation take? Is Osteopathic treatment covered by private health insurance, Work Cover or Motor Accident Authority? How will treatment affect my current gym or exercise program? Do I need to book my appointments?

Take responsibility for your own long-term health and well-being. Get advice on injury prevention, pain management and rehabilitation programs. If you have any queries about Sydney Osteopathic Medicine or Osteopathy in general, fill out their contact form or talk to one of their friendly staff to make an appointment.

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