Monday, September 22, 2014

A Look At The Website Of Eureeca.Com: The First Global Crowdinvesting Marketplace

reputable online crowdfunding platform The Pebble E-Paper Watch. Ouya. Pono Music. Bitvore. The Dash. These are just some of the big and growing businesses right now that started with the help of crowdfunding campaigns.

If you still do not have any idea about what crowdfunding is, this refers to a particular process of asking a group or “crowd” of people to donate some amount of money for a definite project or cause in exchange for certain rewards. The Internet is usually the platform used for requesting for the donations or funds.


online crowdfunding marketplace is the first global online crowdinvesting or equity crowdfunding platform that start up business owners can use to raise funding from the crowd in exchange for equity in their business. With the help of Eureeca and by using the Internet and the different social media networking sites, investors can successfully connect with growing businesses and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) online. As such, Eureeca provides a better alternative to business owners who are looking for ways to fund their ventures.

Eureeca was founded by Christopher Thomas, the company’s current CEO and Sam Quawasmi, the firm’s MD. Mohanad Shurrab is the company’s present CTO.

The company and its website have been featured in several well-known publications, some of which are on the Gulf News, Fortune, MBC and The National.

Eureeca is also a founding member of the U.S. based National Crowd Funding Association or NLCFA.

Working With Eureeca

trusted online crowdfunding platform
Below is a simple step-by-step guide on the process of working with Eureeca if you are an entrepreneur or investor:

1. Business owners will submit their funding proposals and goals on the website.

2. A third party compliance team will diligently check the veracity and legitimacy of these businesses.

3. When the compliance team gives their thumbs up for a certain business, the funding proposal goes live on the website and it has 90 days to raise the target fund.

4. If an investor finds the business worth financing, the investor can donate any amount of money as long as the amount falls on the stated minimum rate. This amount is credited from their Eureeca account.

5. If after 90 days the entrepreneur’s funding goal is not met, the money an investor invested will be returned to his or her account, which can be invested in other business ideas or proposals.

6. If the goal is met, Eureeca will finalise the legal requirements and handle the exchange of funds for the equity agreed upon.

Eureeca’s Website
Whether you are a business owner or investor, you will find Eureeca’s website very helpful. You can sign up either as an entrepreneur or investor and achieve your goals of getting help with financing your venture or in investing some money on a business that you think is worth aiding to grow.

The website has some great graphics that effectively helps all visitors understand what crowdinvesting is and how anyone can participate or get involved in this process.

The website also highlights the fact that Eureeca also has a third party compliance team that checks out businesses listed here, as an investor, you can be sure that you are financing a credible and legitimate venture.
The firm is also composed of a highly talented and skilled team and backed by board members who are also greatly esteemed in their own rights and as such, as a business owner or investor, you can be sure that your goals will be achieved when you sign up on Eureeca’s website.

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