Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Live The Difference Life Coaching: Helping You Turn Your Life Around

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It’s hard to find people who are genuinely happy and satisfied with their life. Everyone seems to always have problems or difficulties with handling or managing their finances, balancing their personal life and work, and with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Just like any ordinary people, you would also find yourself immersed or battling with such problems as well. If you can successfully deal with and find a way to overcome these problems and difficulties on your own, then good for you. However, not all people have the correct skills, attitude and mindset that would enable them to manage and overcome all the problems, difficulties and emotional, mental and physical distress that they are going through. And without a good support system that you can find from your friends, relatives and family, you may just find yourself spiraling down further. To prevent this from happening in your life, you should consider getting help from a life coach.

Getting Help From Erik Teichmann: A Leading Life Coach

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Erik Teichnmann is the founder of Live The Difference Life Coaching. He is a certified life coach, having undergone training in Life Coaching and he also has a professional certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. He is also a practicing Buddhist.

Live The Difference Life Coaching is based in Melbourne and offers transformational one-on-one coaching both face-to-face and on the phone. The clients of live the difference comes from a wide range of background and even from different parts of the world, not just from Melbourne or nearby areas.

Life Coaching Workshops

Erik offers a variety of especially designed life coaching workshops to help you see positive changes in your life.

Below are some of these popular and helpful workshops:

Learning To Like Yourself. This workshop will help you learn to accept, appreciate and love yourself more.

leading life coach in Melbourne
Redesign Your Life. If you feel confused about where your life is headed, this workshop will help you cut through this confusion and with building a good blueprint that you can follow. This workshop is designed to give you inspiration to change or redesign your life.

Developing Confidence. This workshop will help you overcome feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem.  Through this workshop, you will learn how to improve your sense of achievement so that you can really achieve more and be more confident about doing so.

Live The Difference’s website, livethedifference.com.au, provides more details about these workshops and the other workshops they offer.

An Overview Of Their Website

The website of Live The Difference is very simple, clean and neat looking. As such, it is very easy to navigate and read all the contents. It does not boast of any flashy images, which is good, because sometimes, they can be very distracting and just take you away from the more important part of the website: the contents.

The website is very informative and provides all the details about the workshops you will want to sign up for to start turning your life around. The workshops are all really helpful and based on the testimonials and success stories from their previous clients, which you can read on the website, you won’t go wrong with choosing Erik as your life coach.

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