Sunday, September 28, 2014

Northern Lawn Mower – The Most Reliable Supplier Of Garden Equipment

Maintaining a beautiful lawn and garden can be a daunting task, most especially if you do not know exactly what to do or perhaps if you are not aware of what equipment to invest in. Good thing there are experts who can help you out. One of these experts is Northern Lawn Mower.

About Northern Lawn Mower

Northern Lawn Mower is considered one of the best and most reliable suppliers of garden equipment for both professional user and homeowners for more than 30 years already. During this time, they have built a reputation for selling as well as servicing only the very best outdoor power equipment along with some garden products. They offer a complete sales service and repair business. Indeed, they carry an extensive range of accessories and spare parts for all their offerings. Their fully equipped workshop is actually staffed with factory trained technicians who can repair or refit expertly most models of outdoor power equipment.

Products They Sell

  • Blowers
  • Brushcutters or Line Trimmers – both for domestic and commercial use
  • Chainsaw – for homeowner, landowner and professional
  • Generators – super quiet, deluxe, and industrial generators
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Lawn Mowers – cylinder roller, commercial and domestic lawn mowers, ride-on, and rotary mowers
  • Outdoor Power Equipment – log splitters, petrol chippers, shredders, tillers, and cultivators
  • Accessories & Spare Parts

Indeed, they offer lots of yard and garden equipment you can choose from. You can actually view all the products they sell on their website at You must know that apart from selling such equipment, they actually do leasing for their products also.

Why Choose Northern Lawn Mowers

Great Pricing And Exceptional Value – Their quality brands, service workshop and priority trade repair service will help reduce your downtime and maximize your earnings and productivity. You can actually save with their Volume discounts and rebates for trade customers. And with bulk buying power of Northern Lawn Mower, Honda and their 2 stores, they indeed pass the savings on to you.

Friendly, Personal & Convenient Service – Their professional sales consultants fully understand your trade and all the products you need. They will indeed advise you on the right brands as well as models for your trade application and work requirements. They provide total support for your business. Most importantly, they can demonstrate to you how to efficiently use the equipment safely and effectively with maximum productivity for effort.

Quality Brands & Workshop Service – They only stock proven quality brands like Honda, MTD, Stihl, Masport, and Briggs & Stratton. Since they repair and service what they sell, they only sell reliable and reputable products that are sure to last. You can be confident that they are the experts you can trust due to the fact that most international brand manufacturers trust their warranty and service.

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