Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Opting For Commercial Bank Of Dubai

Choosing a trusted bank for all your financial transactions is very important. You cannot just opt for any bank especially if you are planning to put a huge amount of money in it. In UAE, you might think that finding a reliable and trusted bank is hard. And so you usually opt for offshore banking.

It is no longer the case today. Commercial Bank of Dubai or CBD is considered as one of the most prestigious banks in UAE. If you are looking for a bank both for your personal and business transactions, you can actually trust CBD.

The Main Features

Each and every bank has its own features and advantages. This is what makes them distinct among others. CBD offers top features that are actually not only for those who have businesses but also for those who are looking to build their own personal accounts.

- Low maintaining balance. There is no need to pressure yourself to reach a certain amount of money for your maintaining balance. CBD offers low minimum monthly balance so for people who are still starting to save and invest.
- Rewards points. Being able to save money for the future is a smart move. And being rewarded for this is an advantage. Learn to earn rewards points on your incremental monthly balance.
- Budget and track. This is a very important feature of a bank. You need to have access to your account so you can manage it effectively.
- Attractive interest rates. When choosing a bank, always check for interest rates. There is a huge difference if you opt for a bank with attractive interest rates to grow your finances.

Banking Products You Can Take Advantage Of

It is equally important as well to choose a bank that offers a number of banking products. CBD offers more than just the basic banking products.
- Savings account
- Deposits
- Credit cards
- Insurance
- Loans

All these products are ways to help you manage and grow your finances so you can have a brighter future. Your bank should be your partner to reach success. Whether you are planning to grow your personal finances or your business, make sure to choose the right bank.

Banking With CBD

It is also more advantageous if you opt for a bank that provides excellent customer service and smart ways to help you better manage your finances. CBD gives you smart access to your accounts so you can track and manage them real time. You can do mobile banking, SMS banking and online banking. You can also take advantage of Branch/ATM locator if you need to find one in the current area you are in.

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