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Acris Acrow Props For Sale: The Trusted Supplier Of Acrow Props In Australia

leading supplier of construction & building props

Construction business owners and any home improvement DIY enthusiasts in Australia will always have a lot of different types of tools, gear and equipment in their arsenal. Hammers, nails, manual and electrical saws, drills, helmets and gloves are just some of these regular tools and gear that they usually have and use. There are also certain bulky items that construction workers and home improvement specialists also frequently use such as ladders acrow props.

What Are Acrow Props?

Acrow props are telescopic tubular props made of steel or aluminum, or a combination of both. In construction and most home improvement projects, they are used in shoring and scaffolding processes or methods.

Shoring pertains to the method of providing support to a structure so that construction, repair or rebuilding works can proceed without the possibility of any collapse occurring. Scaffolding can be any temporary structure which can be used to support the workers and materials to be utilized in a structural construction or repair project.

Types Of Acrow Props

Acrow props are usually categorized based on their sizes. They usually range from size 00 (0.57m) to size 4 (4.5m). The different size of each prop also determines the minimum and maximum weight it can support.

Mobile Scaffold Towers

There are also some acrow props that are categorized as mobile scaffold towers, which are offered by a leading online supplier of these items. These mobile scaffold towers are very quick and easy to erect, dismantle and transport and no tools are needed to erect or disassemble them. This type of equipment is highly ideal for builders, painters, contractors, interior liners, ceiling fixers, building maintenance, plumbers, and electricians to have and use.

Some of these props that you can get from Web-based merchants include:

trusted supplier of construction & building props

Acris 9.0m Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower with Braces. This prop has a platform height of 9.0m and weight of 300kg.

Acris 6.0m Wide Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Tower.
This type of mobile scaffold tower has a platform height of 6.0m and weighs at 225kg.

Acris 5.0m Wide Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Tower.
This prop has a platform height of 5.0m and weighs around 225kg.

Acris 6.0m Narrow Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Tower. This mobile scaffold tower has a platform height of 6.0m and weighs at 225kg.

You can get more details about these mobile scaffold towers and acrow props on

Where To Get Acrow Props And Mobile Scaffold Towers In Australia

leading supplier of construction & building props

The ACRIS Services Group established Acrow Props For Sale so that builders, business owners and individuals can purchase acrow props and mobile scaffold towers with no hassle and even effortlessly. Interested buyers of these indispensible shoring and scaffolding items can purchase their supplies from the website of Acris Acrow Props For Sale and have all their orders delivered directly to their office, worksite or their home.  This is a much more convenient way of getting these important construction and building supplies and you can be sure that all these items are of high quality and really durable and safe to use for all your shoring and scaffolding requirements.

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