Saturday, October 25, 2014

HSS: Tailoring Health Courses For Public Safety

Public safety is a must for every industry. So if you’re in the business industry, you must ensure that your workplace is safe for all your employees. Their safety should be your top priority. 

Unfortunately, no matter how cautious you are in everything that you do, some accidents are just inevitable. And the only way to minimize problems is if you know how to perform first aid. 

Whenever an accident happens in the workplace, casualties can be minimized when there is a medical practitioner on board. But what happens if they are not around? You could prepare your workplace by knowing basic first aid through health and safety training. In Dubai, businesses are able to ensure safety in their workplace with the help of reputable companies like HSS.

Health & Safety Solutions (HSS)
HSS is a company that provides training courses to different countries all around the world. Their services help businesses and other industries train their employees on how to react during emergency situations. 

About HSS
The company employs consultants as well as trainers who provide their services to businesses that want to provide knowledge to their employees on how to perform safely and efficiently in the workplace. They take pride in their consultants and their trainers because of their expertise and their years of experience in this kind of industry. 

Services Offered

Audits – when you hire them, you will get an assessment of how your organization is working safely. Your management system will be reviewed and you will be provided a report as well as recommendations on how you can implement health and safety policies in your workplace. 
Policies – get assistance in formulating the rules and regulations for your business to ensure safety at all times.
Risk assessment – learn about policies and provide manuals to your employees and implement your risk assessment process.
Management system – create a safe workplace by providing safety procedures to your employees.

Training courses
These courses are dedicated to helping your employees learn how to do first aid, or improve the skills of those who already have background on medicine. 
First aid
Fire safety
Health and safety
Schools and nurseries
CPD for medical professionals
Oil and gas / construction

Lifeguard qualification
A course that involves physical training as well as abstract classroom work, plus a practical assessment on water rescue and other lifesaving skills. 

Specialized courses 
Hostile Environments First Aid Training Course – specifically designed for businesses with hostile environments. The latest and advanced first aid techniques are taught in this course.
Close Protection Officers Tactical Emergency First Aid Course – the course teaches the students on how to deal with casualties.

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