Friday, October 31, 2014

Triathlon Research: The Best Source Of Triathlon Training Information

Triathlon is one fun event to join. But you need all the hard work and training to be the champion that you want to be. It’s not all fun and games on this event. Putting extra effort can get you to the finish line. And Triathlon Research can help you get to the finish line.

About Triathlon Research 

This organization’s mission is to provide comprehensive researched information on Triathlon training. They are able to help triathletes improve their performances and achieve their goals. 

Additionally, they aim to become the one and only trusted site providing vital information on the world of Triathlon. 

3 methods of providing the best information

1. Blogs and Newsletters – The organization provides the best information through their blogs that are updated daily. By interviewing world-class athletes and coaches, they are able to provide valuable information through instructional videos as well as writings. Testimonials of world-class psychologists and physiologists are also provided on weekly newsletters. 

In their podcasts, they feature some of the best athletes in triathlon where they talk about their experiences and offer great advice. In its latest episode, form fitness and mindset was discussed. 

If you’re a newbie in this sport, you will really benefit from this method because you get to listen to the best athletes in the field and you could use their experiences as your inspiration. By simply listening to the interviews in the podcasts, you’ll get more than just reading it from a guide book. 

2. Live online events. Triathlon Research runs these events where they feature some of top-level coaches in Triathlon. Athletes also attend these events to share their personal experiences as well as advice. Other people who are featured in live online events are equipment manufacturers, technology experts and other contributors in the field of Triathlon. 

On the latest live event show, the topic on competitive running was discussed; from skill levels, to warm ups, to maintenance and to the right footwear. 

3. Equipment reviews. Another way how the organization shares great information is by providing equipment reviews on the latest Triathlon technology. A comprehensive review is provided on the latest equipment and tools that can help improve a triathlete’s skill in all 3 sports featured in triathlon. The organization also provides additional information like racing results. 

Looking into Triathlon Research’s website is definitely helpful to those who want to know more about the sport. It’s a great way to learn from the experts – athletes, coaches and physiologists. It’s a reliable site where one can learn how to race like a champ.

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