Monday, October 27, 2014

Website Review: Ecela Spanish

The Spanish language is considered as the 2nd most spoken language today all around the world. But still, a lot of people are not fluent or don’t know how to speak this language. Fortunately, learning Spanish can be easy today as there are a lot of resources and a lot of places to do so. 

Ecela Spanish offers a unique way of teaching their students the language. Rather than the usual, boring classroom setup, they engage their students in real conversations to help them improve. What else does this school offer? Let’s take a look at their website.

Learn the Spanish language in 3 beautiful cities

The good thing about learning Spanish in Ecela is you get to choose the location that works best for you. Their system allows you to decide on the adventure that you want to take in your journey of learning the language. 

In Chile, you get to choose from 2 different cities – Santiago and Vina Del Mar. Both locations are able to offer a unique course structure that will help you learn the language well.


Which place do you love best? Buenos Aires or Mendoza, Argentina? Whatever city you choose, you surely would learn not only the language but the tradition of these cities as well. In Buenos Aires, you’ll learn more about their fashion and the amazing tango dance. Choose Mendoza and you can visit their famous wineries around town.

This city has more than one thing to offer. Learning Spanish is great plus you’ll get to experience some of the best foods in South America. Learn how to surf and dance salsa too. Ecela Lima and Ecela Cusco could offer you the best experience possible while learning the Spanish language.

Program Options

Once you’ve decided to take the course in Escela, you can choose from the options they provide regarding the length of time of your study. Normally, you’ll be required to take the normal course, which takes about 6 months to complete. But you are free to choose from the following options too:
1 week course – improve your Spanish to a micro level
2-3 week course – the slight improvement of your skills will go unnoticeable
4-6 week course – equivalent to 2 college semesters, considered as the intermediate level
7-12 week course – a more advanced level is completed
13-19 week course – 2 levels completed, you’re almost fluent
20+ week course – complete the entire program and speak to nearly fluent

You could be offered course options too such as group course and private instruction.

Visiting Ecela’s website can help you decide which course you’re willing to take, and learn about great tips on how you can enjoy learning the Spanish language better.

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