Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why SageHort Is Best For Your Plants

Property improvement is essential for homeowners. Of course, just like their house, they also wish to make their properties appealing, comfortable and relaxing. With this said, more and more homeowners are looking for ways that can improve their properties. One of the most common options is to create gardens. Gardens can provide enjoyment for homeowners most especially if they need an activity that can help them reduce their stress. Gardens can also help you relax since you can simply sit on your garden for an afternoon snack. However, there are instances that plants can be ruined because of different types of issues such as weather condition, pests and even kids. Thus, you need to protect your plants with the help of SageHort

What is SageHort?

SageHort is a company that offers greenhouses and accessories developed by Sproutwell™ Greenhouses. They also provide services that can cater to beginner/hobbyist, professional grower. With this said, you are sure that your garden needs are properly accommodated. The company also provides other services such as
- Technical Advice from setting up of heated propagation units, misting, fogging, heating/cooling right up to nursery automation and commercial potting machines.

- Fertilizer formulations according to customer requirements

- Leaf & Soil Analysis interpretation of results and providing fertilizer recommendation

- Service, repairs and spare parts for your trolleys, barrows, propagation, misting & heating equipment.

- Javo Potting Machines service, parts, advice and commissioning of new machines

Different types of greenhouses offered by SageHort

Aluminum Greenhouse – This type of greenhouse can create the optimal condition for your plants to thrive. You can easily control heat, light and water that can help you create the ideal temperature for your plants. When it comes to durability, aluminum greenhouses do not or even breakdown from UV rays.

Plastic Tunnel Greenhouses – There are two types of tunnel greenhouses, the low-tunnel and high-tunnel kind. These greenhouses are ideal for huge properties since you can use these greenhouses for your crops like tomatoes, herbs, and flowers.

Polycarbonate greenhouses – Due to the rapid improvement of innovations, individuals can also opt for polycarbonate greenhouses. This is much better and more durable than aluminum. When it comes to the price, polycarbonate greenhouses are also affordable.

Why opt for SageHort

With their vast experience in providing the best greenhouses, you are sure that their solutions are effective and reliable. Thus, you can grow and protect plants easily.

Apart from than, they also have experts who can help you choose the ideal greenhouse that can accommodate your needs.

Finally, the company also has a website, www.sagehort.com.au to ensure that you can obtain the services that you are looking for easily and more efficiently.

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