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Expert And Effective Pest Control Services You Can Get From Southland Pest Control

trusted pest control experts
Aside from the usual problems and difficulties you have to contend with on a daily basis of living with kids and pets (such as messes and having toys and other knick knacks constantly scattered around), you also have to wage a regular war against some unwelcome boarders in your home: pests.

Ants, termites, bed bugs, roaches and rodents – these are just some of the usual unwanted guests that may also be living comfortably in some hidden parts of your home. Of course, you certainly go all out with terminating these pests and preventing their proliferation with the use of sprays, traps and other techniques but if the infestation is already quite severe, these strategies won’t work. In such circumstances, it’s high time for you to get help from pest control experts.

Southland Pest Control
reputable pest control experts
California property owners who are already up to their neck about dealing with the pests they are unwillingly harboring inside and outside their homes can get assistance from Southland Pest Control.

Southland Pest Control is a locally owned and veteran operated firm that provides commercial and residential pest control services in Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. Its main office is located in Riverside, California.

The company employs only the most skilled, experienced technicians, all licensed by the state of California’s Structural Pest Control Board.  The technicians also regularly undergo training regarding the latest pest control technologies, EPA and State Regulations, and safety practices so that they can provide the guarantee that all their clients receive fast, safe, and affordable solutions to their pest issues, regardless of the size or severity of their problem.

Pest Control Services

Southland Pest Control provides a wide range of safe, effective and affordable pest control and elimination solutions. Some of the pests they can safely and effectively reduce are:
reliable pest control experts
• Ants
• Cockroaches
• Crickets
• Earwigs
• Fleas
• Mice
• Pantry pests
• Rats
• Silverfish
• Spiders
• Ticks
• Wasps

The company provides their services to both residential and commercial properties. They also provide Integrated Pest Management or IPM services and offers preventive maintenance program to ensure that pests are really eliminated. You can get more details about the different services of Southland Pest Control on

The Company’s Pest Control Process

When you decide to hire the experts of Southland Pest Control, your property will be fully inspected first to determine the types of pests found in it and the severity of the infestation. They will then pinpoint the problem areas and discuss with you the best treatment or solution for your pest problems.

For their pest control services, Southland Pest Control offers one year warranty on ant control, chemical-free treatments for cockroach infestations, organic and safe pest control with IPM service and a 30-day guarantee on their flea treatments.

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