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Professional Hair Styling Services You Can Get From La Tease

Hairstyling salon in Adelaide
A lot of women seek refuge and comfort in hair and beauty salons when they have a bad day, when they’re feeling down and depressed and when their level of self-confidence takes a dip. After an hour or so of hair styling and pampering at a salon, most women would come out feeling more confident, happier and of course, more beautiful.

Hair dressers can really help and do wonders for many women and men as well. Residents in Adelaide who want to start feeling better about themselves inside and out can always count on the professional hair dressers and stylists of La Tease to help them out with achieving this goal.

About La Tease 
reputable hair dressing salon in Adelaide
La Tease is a highly regarded hair salon located in Blakeview, Adelaide. The salon’s professional stylists expertly combine classic hairdressing with the latest styles and trends to provide all their clients an extraordinary experience and hairstyle.

La Tease’s Hair Services

La Tease offers a variety of professional hair services. The following are some of these:

1. Cutting. La Tease offers hair cutting services for both men and women. All cuts are inclusive of a wash and dry off.

2. Hair extensions.
Get longer hair anytime you want to when you go to La Tease and have hair extensions attached by their expert hair dressers.

3. Matrix colours.
You can get your hair professionally dyed at La Tease. The salon has a wide range of hair colours and products from the Matrix line or brand. 
Hairstyling salon in Adelaide
4. Foiling. The professional hair stylists of this salon can expertly and safely apply highlights and lowlights on your crowning glory with the use of foils.
5. Upstyling. La Tease offers wedding styling and other professional hair styling events for a number of different occasions or events.

6. Treatments. The salon’s treatments include Matrix advanced, Evo, and Macadamia mask.

You can read more about the various hair styling services and offered products of La Tease and how you can book an appointment with them on

What To Expect When You Go To La Tease

When you go to La Tease with or without an appointment, once you walk through the doors, you will be riveted by the salon’s calm and relaxing ambiance. You will forget all your problems while you are in the salon due to the soothing fragrance of the beautiful scented candles lighted inside. While inside the salon, you’ll also get to sip on a delicious cappuccino. During the whole hair styling session, you’ll be sitting and relaxing on one of the comfortable electric reclining wash lounges La Tease have. You will definitely feel better about yourself inside and out after stepping out of this wonderful salon.

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