Saturday, November 15, 2014

Website Review: Creative Safety Supply

Visual safety is important in any industry. Every business involves risks, and employees face these risks every day. Although accidents can never be predicted, safety precautions help in minimizing risks in certain areas of a business. Thankfully, there are companies out there that provide solutions to such problems. 

In America, different businesses are able to handle and protect the safety of their employees with the help of safety suppliers such as Creative Safety Supply. The company offers products such as 5s, floor tapes, and other industrial label solutions. 

Find out more about the company – Take a look at their website:

Home Page
At the home page of Creative Safety Supply, you’ll notice three important things: the safety products they offer, a blog where you’ll find helpful information, and a video that talks about the latest products for industrial purposes. 

The safety products you’ll notice are LabelTac printers, floor marking tapes, smart stripe shapes, foam tool kit, custom floor signs, and 5S vinyl tapes.

The website has a blog where you’ll find helpful information. Some of the featured topics include safety check, improving overall safety through reporting injuries, and preventing falls in the workplace.

In the videos, you’ll learn about the importance of using safety brands and knowing about the latest industrial products.

Products Page
On the products page, you’ll see different categories and products to choose from. The categories are as follows: SafetyTac floor marking tape, LabelTac industrial label printers, marking tapes, tool organizers, floor and wall signs, pre-made labels, lean supplies and training, safety items, label makers, and large format printing. 

Free Safety Guide Page
This is a very helpful page for its visitors. As a business owner, you’ll truly benefit from these resources. These will help you and your business enhance safety. There are online training guides, documents and other resources that will benefit your business. 

Improve your practices and knowledge through these helpful guides:

Free 5s guide, Free arc flash guide, Free pipe marking guide, Free GHS guide, Free Kanban guide, Free floor marking guide, Free spill kit guide, Free NFPA guide, Free lackout/tagout guide, Free marine guide, Free offshore pipe marking guide, Free PPE guide, Free forklift safety guide, Free Kaizen guide, Free ammonia pipe marking guide, Free floor tape samples, Free label samples, Free product catalog, Free GHS pocket guide, and Free valve tag guide.

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