Thursday, January 15, 2015

HINO Motors – Japan’s Leading Bus And Truck Manufacturer

There are plenty of industries like construction and warehousing that will need the help of heavy equipment for the implementation of their business operations. Among the vehicles necessary will include trucks. And if you are considering of investing in trucks, get it from HINO Motors.

HINO Motors – Company Info

HINO Motors is the leading bus and truck manufacturer in Japan. It is now a subsidiary of TOYOTA Motor Corporation. It was founded in 1910 and became a separate company in 1942. The HINO Motors Limited or HML represents the Toyota group in the global market for buses and trucks. They actually have a huge market share in other Asian markets as well as in Australia. Today, they are also serving an increasing rage of clients in North America and in other regions.

The total sales of HINO brand trucks and buses worldwide is about 10,000 vehicles annually. HINO along with its global distributors are working to assert a stronger presence within the global marketplace. The company strives in design and development in order to come up with vehicles that are complemented by conscientious support via extensive service networks, ensuring reliable inspections, repairs, and maintenance for all HINO customers.

In the Middle East, due to the increase in sales and growth of the HINO dealer network, HINO has redoubled its commitment towards customer satisfaction with the establishment of a training centre in the United Arab Emirates for service engineers in 2009. People who want to purchase HINO trucks in UAE can get them through Al-Futtaim Motors, the company that holds exclusive franchises for HINO Motors along with other top automobiles and automotive products in the world.

Different HINO Products Offered In The UAE

  • HINO 300 Series – These are light-duty trucks that are smart, reliable, easy-to-use, functional, and durable. 
  • HINO 500 Series – This series represents an evolution of technology in the medium truck market. They are fuel efficient, comfortable and safe.
  • HINO 700 Series – This series is the popular choice for truck owners, fleet managers, and drivers. It achieves reduced emission, consumes less fuel, and is very excellent in performance, safely, and dynamic operational capabilities.

Special Offer

Today, they offer a special price and added assurance to the HINO 300 series 5.5 Ton GVW. This truck delivers excellent maneuverability. With a short wheel base, 3 ton payload, and 3.08 metres chassis length, this can be the most suitable truck for you. It is offered at AED 77,000 with 1 year free service. You can get it at AED 1,495 per month.

You can learn more about HINO Motors along with the different products they offer at

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