Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Making An Informed Career Choice With Accelerated Nursing Programs Through Accelerated Nursing Guide

Finding the Right Nursing Career Advice

There can be an overwhelming amount of information presented to you when you are doing a research about nursing careers. If you're using online sources, a more comprehensive and easily readable site can be very helpful such as Accelerated Nursing Guide to help you go through information about Accelerated Nursing Courses. You will be presented not only with updated information but also reasons why it will be to your advantage if you use accelerated nursing programs. Noticeably, fast track nursing courses are now being offered by several reputable educational institutions. 

What You Should Know About a Nursing Career

Some of the relevant information you will find in your search include what an accelerated degree program is, why you should choose a career in nursing, what career opportunities await a person who has an accelerated nursing degree, how much do nurses earn, and whether or not you should choose to take an accelerated degree program. All these information are all offered in the site in an easy-to-read format that can help you digest all that information to help you decide whether a career in nursing is the right path to take. 

A Quick Look Into Why Nursing Career May be Good for You

Some of the listed advantages of taking Accelerated Nursing Courses that you will find are:

  1. It will only take you as short as 11 months to finish your course, giving you less than a year before you can begin a career in nursing and welcoming employment opportunities.  
  2. There is an ever-increasing demand for nurses in the healthcare industry. Although about 65% are employed in hospitals, other workplaces for nurses may include outpatient facilities, nursing homes, and a private practitioner's clinic. 
  3. More and more of nurses presently in the workforce are reaching retirement age, with the average age pegged at 47 years. This means that there will be a greater demand for young nurses to join the workforce each year with the vacancies caused by retiring nurses. 
  4. In addition, the National Center for Workforce Analysis has projected that there will be around 800,000 vacancies in the nursing field across the entire country by 2020. This is an indication that a nursing degree is still one of the most competitive in the employment sector.
  5. Nurses can earn as much as $60,970. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of RNs was that exact figure in 2007. Having a Bachelor's degree in the field or gaining further level of education such as a Master's degree will increase your earning capacity.
These are only some of the information you can find that can help you analyze whether you should pursue a nursing career. Being guided would help you make a more informed decision with your career choices. 

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