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Professional And Safe Demolition Services You Can Get From Martelletti Contracting

reputable contracting company in Perth

Many people often associate the word demolition with a wrecking ball. Certainly, there is some truth to this since a crane with a wrecking ball is one of the most commonly used equipment to demolish any infrastructure. However, the whole demolition process does not centre on this alone.

First and foremost, there are various types of demolition methods to choose from. These types include deconstruction, implosion, and the use of the traditional excavator with grapple and thumb. You also need to get a permit or license to have any demolition job on your property first before the actual process can commence. Finally, the site has to be fully prepared as well before the infrastructure can be demolished. As such, demolishing a house or building is not as simple as hitting it with a wrecking ball.

Getting Help From The Right Contracting Company
Since a demolition job or project can be quite complicated, time consuming and of course, a heavy task, it is best to simply hire a contracting company that specializes in this area. The right contracting company will have an expert who can help you get on the right track of the whole demolition job, from start to finish.

First, the contracting company will provide you an exact measurement of the property to be demolished. This is an important thing to do since this will be factored in the overall demolition cost, the number of employees needed and equipment to be used. Second, if you don’t have the necessary permits or licenses, the company can also help you in applying for and getting them. Once you agree to the rate and the permits are in order, the contracting company will prepare the site and discuss with you the most suitable and safest demolition method to be done on your property. You and the contractor will then create a timetable for the whole demolition process.

trusted contracting company in Perth

Martelletti Contracting

One of the leading, most established and trusted demolition services provider in Perth is Martelletti Contracting. Adam Martelletti founded Martelletti Contracting Pty Ltd in 2009 with the sole aim of providing the best quality of earthmoving services in the region.

The company regularly works with various government agencies, private and civil contractors and both residential and commercial property owners. Martelletti Contracting is fully insured and as such, they are best company to work with in terms of all your earthmoving and demolition requirements.

reputable demolition company in Perth

Martelletti’s Demolition Services

Martelletti Contracting specializes in various areas of demolition. These include the following:

1. Residential dwellings

• Full or partial demolition
• Shed removal
• Asbestos removal
• Clean site
• Levelling

2. Commercial

3. Swimming pools

• Full removal and back filled
• Partial removal and back filled
• Compacted

4. Asbestos removal

• House
• Sheds
• Roofing
• Fencing

To know more about Martelletti Contracting, the details about their various demolition services and to get price quotes, visit

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