Friday, January 9, 2015

ZEP Finance -- Making Property Acquisition Possible and Easier
Each of us is working very hard to reach our dreams and fulfill our future plans for ourselves and for our family. The question is, how hard should you work to get all the money you need for your dream home? Or your dream car? Or perhaps put up your own business?
At ZEP Finance, they've got everything covered. Whatever your situation is, they can provide you with a lending plan and help you achieve your future goals. You can check them out through their official website at

What is ZEP Finance?

ZEP Finance is a local finance broking company that provides services across the NSW Northern Rivers area including Brisbane. It is headed by Zain Peart, who is also the founder. With his great passion for helping people solve their money problems and achieve their goals, he has earned a very good reputation not only in terms of customer service but also for going beyond the call of duty. If you ask their previous clients, most of them will tell you that Zain, together with his wife, Emma, are their friends -- and not just their mortgage brokers.

What Are Their Services?

ZEP Finance help you acquire almost anything.

Your home -- they specialise in home purchases. Whether you are a first home buyer or perhaps upsizing or downsizing or changing regions, their team will work very closely with you throughout the whole purchasing or loan process.

Your Car -- they help you get the car you want. With their large panels of lenders specialising in vehicle financing, their team can help you find a solution that suits your needs whether its personal or for business.

Your Investment Dreams -- making your first investment property can be very wonderful if you have the right resources. And by resources means the funds and knowledge. ZEP Finance has extensive mortgage broking and investment experience so they can help you strategically structure your investment loans and build your investment portfolio.

Your Own Business -- ZEP Finance has different kinds of loans like personal, commercial , and even asset and equipment finance. Unlike other firms, their personal loans have an exceptionally fast turnaround time with very straight forward process. They also have access to many loan products with various lenders so they can help you find the right loan for your business. 

They also help you manage your finances and save money through their refinancing and debt consolidation services.

With their mission of making things easier for their clients, ZEP Finance also offers online services. You don't need to visit their office. Simply visit their website, book an appointment or ask questions. Use the online client form to get your loan processed as soon as possible Check out mortgage calculators if you want to get an idea about your borrowing capacity. For regular market updates, follow their blog.

Find out more about the company by reading this post.

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