Friday, February 20, 2015

Better Career Opportunities Through The Help Of CV Jedi

There are many job hiring but only a few people get hired. Recruiters have shared that most of the time applicants don’t have the right resume to back them up. They end up moving on to the next applicant and ignoring the first applicant which they have a hard time reviewing the resume. In any case, resumes play a big role in getting anyone land a job. It is not enough to have great background in education, skills and experience. You need to have a well-written resume to get noticed. This is the reason why professional resume writing services exist just like CV Jedi.


With over fifteen years of recruitment and human resources experience they are the go-to company when it comes to leveling up your career. Their consultants have previous experiences as hiring managers and recruitment consultants so they understand the qualifications the employers are looking for. They have an in depth understanding of how the whole recruitment process works. They can make sure the most critical information is highlighted on your resume that it will catch any recruiter’s attention.

If you need help with resume writing, they can help you with that. Actually, they can help with different kinds of people needing different kinds of resume. If you are a college graduate and would want to stand out from your peers who have the same experience as you, they can perfect a graduate resume for you. If you have at least two years of experience and is not at a senior management level yet, they can help you with a mid-level resume. They also offer executive resume service for supervisors, superintendents, project managers, doctors, senior managers, and other executive positions.

Other Services

CV Jedi also caters for outplacement services. Businesses can benefit from this as they will be able to maintain a positive corporate image while they ensure that their brand and values are protected. They will also get less distress caused by redundancy by hiring these professionals. The companies will also benefit from this through smaller chances of any potential litigation by minimizing career transition time. They will work with their clients closely so they can provide personalized guidance to make sure only the best outcomes will be gained.

Packages Offered

They have three kinds of packages that anyone can take advantage with. There is the silver package that includes 2 consultations with a specialist consultant. There is also a gold package that includes 3 specialist career consultations. There is a platinum package too that contains 4 consultations with a career specialist.

With these professionals around, landing in a job you’ve worked hard to get would not be as impossible as it used to be without any assistance from professional resume writing services.

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