Friday, February 27, 2015

Cherish You Portraits: Offering The Best Photography Session Styles In Mackay

leading photography studio in Mackay

Selfies are definitely all right if you’re looking to have photos that are casual in nature. And even if these pictures appear informal and casual, with this type of self-portrait, you can manipulate your mobile device or tweak your photo using various apps to make your selfies look flattering and appealing.

These selfies though would not usually present you in the best light. You won’t also be able to channel your inner beauty and personality with an informal self-portrait you took using a smart phone. If you want to have a collection of glamorous, artistic and beautiful photos, you will still need to work with a professional photographer.

renowned photography studio in Mackay

Cherish You Portraits
There are many photography studios in Mackay which you can consider getting themed pictures with the help of a professional photographer. One of these renowned studios is Cherish You Portraits.

Cherish You Portraits is a photography studio run and managed by Cheryl Eagers.  This studio was established from her desire to show and remind woman of all ages, shapes and sizes just how truly beautiful they are.

Cheryl is highly skilled in portrait and art photography. She is a Master of Contemporary Art and member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

leading photography studio in Mackay

Specialised Photography Session Styles

If you want to have a photo session with Cheryl Eagers, you can choose from a variety of session styles of themes. These include, but are not limited to:

Glamour photography. This type of style aims to capture and emphasise your natural beauty and best features. The images you will get are truly artistic and striking. A typical photo shoot almost always involves having an entire hair, make-up and clothing makeover to produce the most glamorous and beautiful version of you.

Boudoir photography. Through boudoir photography, you can have images that tastefully and artistically convey intimacy, sensuality, sexiness, softness, and romance.

Pin up and vintage photography.
If you want to have photos looking like Marilyn Monroe or Betty Grable, pin up photography is for you. Pin up photography is a vintage style that is fun, playful and always stunning.

Wedding photography. For your pre-nuptial and actual wedding photos, Cherish You Portraits can also help you get the best collection of beautiful pictures for this important and momentous event.

Trash the dress photography. After the wedding, are you thinking of “trashing” your dress? Keep amazing mementos of this event as well with stunning photos with your choice of theme for your trash the dress shoot.

You can get more details about these photography style sessions and other ones on

Other Services

If you want to be an expert in using Photoshop or learn more about photography, you can sign up for various classes at Cherish You Portraits. You can also get amazing wall art photos from this studio which you can use to add décor and style to your home, office or business premises.

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