Monday, February 9, 2015

Time4Diamonds – Designing Watches And Jewelleries Just How You Want It

Finest timepieces and best jewelleries are collections every person wants to have. They bring colour to life and add up to one’s style. Because these quality pieces usually come in high price, they also have become the sign of prestige in the society. Some make it a symbol of their accomplishments, a goal, a treasure, a gift, an investment and more countless ways to regard such a beauty. How about you? 


The Time4Diamonds Website

Shopping for watches, jewelleries, diamonds or looking for signature collections has never been easy with the birth of Time4Diamonds. The company has a wide selection of brands for watches - Rolex, Hublot, and Cartier to name some. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles or bracelets are jewelleries you shouldn’t miss. Which diamonds would you like to ornate your favourite accessory? Or perhaps you want to have specially designed timepieces?


A Brief History

From being a small London based store in 2005, Time 4 Diamonds is now an international brand. With thousands of brokers around the world and offices in UK, Poland and United Arab Emirates, it is one of the leading shops for luxury wristwatches and jewelleries. Their love for timepieces embellished with diamonds drives them to provide clients with quality jewelleries and timepieces.


Reasons why clients should select them 

Design and Craftsmanship – It is beyond pre-existing designs. Always daring to be different, they go for new and more creative styles. Every item they make is the product of their artisans and expert team of designers working hand in hand. If you have your own design in mind, it is gladly accommodated. The team would come up something that will satisfy your needs and desires.

Sourcing for Gem stones – to make sure that they will produce unique pieces and bring life to your accessories, the company handpicks and invests in diamonds and other precious gems.  

Sourcing Timepieces – the company already has an extensive collection of luxury timepieces and jewelleries but still a special division is created with the sole task to look for exceptional deals that are worth their client’s money. They continue to find limited and rare production watches for you.

Service – watch servicing and repairs are offered to make sure that your pieces are properly taken care of. The store also gives advice on potential rewarding investment pieces.  And if you are selling your watches, they can assist you to get the best deal. You can check their website for details on repairs/servicing, selling your watch, trade services and more.

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