Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Yoga Rhythms Australia – Providing Great Info & Training On Yoga

Yoga will allow you to reconnect with your essence, your true self, as well as let the external stresses of the world to fade into the background. You must know that you are using your body as well as breath in yoga with an aim of reaching the state of deep peace which is buried beneath your constant chattering mind. This is considered a practical method of realizing a healthier, smarter state of being. Experts highly emphasized that this is a mental, physical, and mental practice that is meant to offer a system for personal growth, development, and healing. And if you want to know more about yoga, Yoga Rhythms Australia can be your best resource.

About Yoga Rhythms Australia

It was in 2000 that Yoga Rhythms Australia was founded by Jo Moore. Today, she runs the business with her daughter Laura. The style as well as technique that Yoga Rhythms uses has indeed evolved over many years from Jo’s training in Radiant Light Yoga, Yoga Chi Gung, Pilates, IyengarYoga, Body Balance and Foundations of Svaroopa. They claim that its evolution is constant and ongoing as they  continue on their own personal journey with yoga along with yogic philosophy.

Yoga Rhythms’ Methodology

Yoga Rhythms is a combination of many different styles of yoga and yogic philosophy. Their approach is simple – they aim of making their classes, training, workshops, and retreats accessible to all levels of experience, regardless of whether you are a beginner or perhaps a seasoned practitioner. They focus on alignment, enjoyment, and safety, encouraging the yogi to listen to their body, tune in, as well as to do what their body wants them to do, to reveal the indwelling consciousness, and to gradually refine their practice. They claim that they combine a mixture of static poses linked with gentle flow. They emphasized that change is the only thing that is constant which allows you to embrace the ever new experience of your Yoga Rhythms journey.

What They Offer?

Classes – They offer various yoga classes as well as styles in Brisbane Northside and Byron Bay. They have actually provided a calendar for the exact location and address of every class – you can refer to the calendar they have provided in case you are interested in joining a certain class.

Workshops – They actually offer a lot of yoga workshops – these include Essence of Yin, Hands on Alignment, Meditation Sessions, Anatomy and Asana 1, Anatomy and Asana 2, Anatomy and Asana 3, Philosophy and Physiology 1, Philosophy and Physiology 2, and Philosophy and Physiology 3.

Teacher Training – This is the best program you can invest in if you want to teach general or specialized Yoga classes. This year-long program will allow you to totally immerse yourself in the philosophy, teachings, and practices of yoga.

Retreats – They offer yoga retreats in Bali, Brazil, and Australia. The main aim of these retreats is to offer you with a space where you can indulge in the treasures of your own soul. Also, such retreats will offer you options for rest and relaxation, education and training or exploration and play.

Yoga Rhythms Australia is surely the best place where you can know more about yoga. For more info about them along with the services they offer, check out yoga-rhythms.com.au

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