Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Review About Unpacking ADHD

Health conditions are caused by different factors may it be from the genes, environment or perhaps society. Having health conditions can surely affect your performance and future. Therefore, it is essential to look for experts who can help you. When looking for help with regard to your ADD or ADHD condition, you need to seek help from Unpacking ADHD.

What is Unpacking ADHD

Unpacking ADHD was founded by Don Baker. He is a licensed counselor who was diagnosed with ADHD in 1997. Baker has been leading groups and creating workshops for adults with ADHD. The primary purpose of Unpacking ADHD is to help adults understand their unique brain wiring, transcend challenges, and discover the “unmined gold” of their natural strengths.

How can Unpacking ADHD help you?

When diagnosed with ADHD, individuals may find several treatments that can help them from medications, stimulants, therapies and other treatments. However, Unpacking do not make use of these solutions, instead Unpacking ADHD provides knowledge and support to understand how your brain really works, you can see a path and feel hope, possibly for the first time. Thus, Unpacking presents classes and podcasts for you.

Opening the suitcase – In this class, Unpacking ADHD will unpack the truth about ADHD brain wiring and throw out the common misperceptions that ADHD is a disease, a defect or a failure of self-control. This class uses videos, readings, infographics, group discussion, and other multimedia tools. This class will last up to 4 weeks in order for you to gain sufficient information about your condition.

Packing for success – This is an action-oriented four-week course that will help you apply the latest growing knowledge about ADHD brain wiring to optimize your personal brain function. Packing for Success presents videos, readings, infographics, group discussion, and other multimedia tools to make the content easily digestible for people with a range of learning styles and personalities.

Navigation skills - This class will help you avoid getting lost in the “netherworld” between where you’ve been and where you want to go. In this class, you can focus on moving through the inward turmoil and learning to make choices that are truly your own.

Smart But Stuck – Smart But Stuck is a podcast that explains how and why many people living with ADHD get stuck in their schooling, employment and relationships due to emotional problems they did not know they have. In this podcast, you will know how positive and negative emotions play a critical role in prioritizing tasks, sustaining or shifting interest and effort, holding thoughts in working memory, and choosing to engage in or avoid tasks and situations.

Why Choose Unpacking ADHD

•    Don Baker has been leading groups for adults with ADHD for more than 15 years.
•    Unpacking ADHD provides support, tools and educational resources to help adults living with traits of ADHD transcend challenges and embrace their unique strengths.
•    Unpacking ADHD opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for learning, growing, and creating the life you desire. 

In case that you want to learn more about Unpacking ADHD, you can visit them at www.unpackingadhd.com in order to make your lifestyle and future better.

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