Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Review On Peachymama

One of the many hurdles that first-time mums would have to go through after giving birth is finding the perfect post-maternity clothes. These clothes have to be comfortable, stylish and at the same time, they should permit mums to breastfeed their babies discreetly and with ease.

Many first-time mums still tend to think that they have to go to a tailor to have some customized breastfeeding clothes made. Or they have to scour different brick-and-mortar and online shops to find that perfect breastfeeding dress or top.

Finding the perfect breastfeeding clothes does not have to be difficult today though: nursing mums can simply order them from the website of Peachymama.

Knowing More About Peachymama

Peachymama is an online shop created and managed by Merril Bainbridge. She conceptualized this when she was nursing her daughter several years ago and was having a hard time looking for comfy, fashionable and functional breastfeeding clothes. Merril started designing a clothing line that particularly suits all new mums with after-birth bodies.

Peachymama’s breastfeeding clothes are not just about being functional for nursing but they are also all fashionable. After all, Peachymama is all about colour, fabric and style as well.

How Peachymama’s Breastfeeding Clothes Work

Whether you are shopping for a breastfeeding dress or top, all of Peachymama’s nursing clothes follow or have the same concept.

The clothes are cut in to shape just above your tummy and the fabric cascades loosely over your tummy as well, thereby hiding unsightly post-birth flabs on this area. To breastfeed your baby, you simply lift up or pull down an opening on the upper chest part of the clothing. This lets you nurse your baby comfortably, easily and discreetly, even in public. You won’t need to use a shawl or blanket as additional cover when you need to breastfeed your baby.


There are different types of products you can get from Peachymama’s online shop, all of which are perfect for nursing mums. These are:

• Nursing tank tops
• Nursing T shirts
• Nursing tops
• Basic tops
• Nursing dresses
• Post pregnancy high waisted pants

The latest product of Peachymama are summer breastfeeding dresses, all of which are made with cool and comfy fabric and have exciting and chic designs and styles – perfect for the upcoming hot season.

Finally, Peachymama also offers a hospital value pack. This pack includes a nursing top, basic black nursing top, and narrow bootleg high waisted pants. These three are the ideal clothes to give to any mum who have just gone out of the hospital after giving birth and are already breastfeeding their babies.

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