Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Site Review On, The Master In Organic Gardening

The Smiling Gardener

Cultivating plants in your own backyard? Want to learn how to grow fresh organic vegetables?  Turn your organic soil into a vibrant, living community.

With the health and wellness revolution, many people opt to grow or choose produce grown without chemicals. Organic gardening has become more than just a passion. It is the now the way of life. To start the holistic gardening approach in your backyard, here’s a website that can help you.

The Smiling Gardener

The website is for every organic gardener out there especially those who want to master the art of organic gardening. The Smiling Gardener was launched by Phil Nauta, a Certified Organic Land Care Professional with his desire to pass on what he has learned to you. With his expertise in organic soil and garden health management, you will learn the basics and advance techniques in organic gardening that can help you start growing vegetables and fruits of good quality.

The Focus Of The Website

Basically you will find here essential knowledge and skills that are beyond what you get from reading books and other sources on organic gardening. It will teach you the details of how to build incredible soil and grow food that is healthier. The website is rich with practical organic gardening tips. It covers organic vegetable gardening, organic container gardening, indoor gardening, herb gardening, organic fertilizer use and so on.

The following 3 topics are the focused here:

Growing your own chemical-free, full of nutrients, delicious foods
Controlling insects, diseases and weeds without the use of chemicals or pesticides
Making healthy soil and compost 

Get FREE Organic Gardening Lessons and Ebook

You can get 15 free lessons and an ebook as a gift from the website. The lesson covers the 15 vital organic gardening lessons for becoming a better organic gardener. You will know how to prepare an organic garden bed, how to use mulch, how to improve sandy soil, and so on. You will also find out the best organic fertilizers to use as well as the best methods you can apply in your garden maintenance. The ebook on the otherhand is a handbook on holistic gardening.

Liquid Organic Fertilizers And The Best Hose End Sprayer

The site has the organic fertilizer guide page for you to know more about microbial inoculants, mineral fertilizers and liquid organic fertilizers. And when applying liquid fertilizers, has suggestions for the best hose end sprayer - the Gilmour hose end sprayer 362 and the Gilmour hose end sprayer 499. You can read more about this at

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