Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Website Review On Collaborative Enquiry

collaborative enquiry

Looking for a way to develop your team and build a collaborative workplace? Training your team and your leaders will bring out the best in them. This move will surely give your business the greatest advantage.

Changes in leadership styles - Me To We Collaborative Enquiry

The traditional model of training leaders focuses mostly on the knowledge and skills of the person. The limitation of focusing on Me in this model has been addressed through collaborative practice. Collaborative enquiry is a proven effective and efficient system in training leaders. It involves learning how to properly utilise the talents and know-how of other members of the team to achieve end goals. Through collaborative process, people in the organization are engaged deeply and they become motivated and more productive.

Leaders Behind Collaborative Enquiry

me to we

Ian George is a business owner, a consultant to major corporations and a keynote speaker. He used his expertise in the business industry to develop strategic alliance turning one small project into a million dollar company. He employs collaborative practices in his projects as well as in hid relationships.

Stephen Hanman is keynote speaker and facilitator, an organisational developer and leadership companion. His collaborative learning developed a model known in the supply chain management. He advises and coaches leading organisations. 

These 2 collaborative leaders have authored books that provide substance to ongoing collaborative practice. After reading and implementing the ideas on this book, you will be able to achieve your end goals.

Collaborative Enquiry Services

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Keynote Speaking and workshops – make event or workshop memorable with the help of keynote speakers that are highly sought after. The unique style of Stephen and Ian will educate and entertain audience on your conference, seminar or dinner.

Training – Know more about the Me to We approach. Achieve a collaborative work environment with the 2 levels of training provided on this website. You can change the culture of your business through education.

Consulting – better your people and your organization. The consulting services on this website can assist you to develop a method you want to educate your team about.  They can educate your team about the collaborative enquiry method and provide you with a workbook as a guide.

Course – has now opened the Advanced Diploma of Collaborative Management and the Diploma of Collaborative Management. Individuals who are engaged in general and senior management can take advantage of this new offer. You can download course details on the website.

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