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John Walker Chocolatier: Australia’s Premier Fine Chocolate And Confectionery Store

leading chocolatier in Perth

A lot of people still dream of going inside Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Regardless of their age, if there was indeed a real Willy Wonka chocolate factory, a lot of people will definitely buy dozens of Wonka bars in the hope of getting a golden ticket and to be allowed to go inside this literally sweet dreamland.

Unfortunately, Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is just a work of a fiction. And even if it is possible to build one, it would cost potential owners millions of dollars to create and maintain it.

However, people with a sweet tooth (or set of teeth) can always live their dream of entering a candy or chocolate land. They can always visit a chocolatier.

What Is A Chocolatier?

A chocolatier is a person or company that specialises in the production of confectionery from chocolate. A chocolatier is different from a chocolate maker since the latter specialises in creating chocolate from cacao beans and other relevant components.

When you step into a chocolatier’s shop, you will be able to see and sample their various delectable products that were made through various specialised techniques such as tempering, moulding and sculpting.

About John Walker Chocolatier
trusted chocolatier in Perth

One of the leading and most established chocolatiers in Australia today is John Walker Chocolatier.

John Walker Chocolatier was founded by William Walker. William Walker started wholesaling confectionary in Perth during the Depression era. While wholesaling, he began transforming the family business into manufacturing as well.

The first John Walker Chocolatier store was opened in Claremont in 1985.  John Walker Chocolatier grew quickly and established a reputation for supplying the world’s best chocolate.

Today, John Walker Chocolatier provides chocolate through its stores in Perth and also to 5 star hotels and fine restaurants.  The company also offers over sixty varieties of high quality confectionary and strives to produce innovative gift and novelty lines to keep their expanding loyal customers guessing and delighted. The firm has also won many prestigious awards over the years, including the coveted Alfred Stauder Award for Excellence, at the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth Shows. At present, John Walker Chocolatier is the most highly awarded chocolate in Australia.

leading chocolatier in Perth

John Walker Chocolatier’s Products 
John Walker Chocolatier offers an impressive line-up of amazing and award-winning products. These products include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Chocolate treats
• Chocolate bars
• Chocolate boxes
• Confectionery
• Personalised chocolates
• Chocolate gift hampers, baskets and bags
• Chocolate novelties
• Easter chocolate treats
• Panned chocolate

To learn more about John Walker Chocolatier, their wonderful products and to order online, visit

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