Monday, March 23, 2015

Online Banking Made Faster And Easier Through Commercial Bank Of Dubai

If you are looking for the best avenue to start banking in Dubai, you can check out, the official site of Commercial Bank of Dubai. With a very easy user interface, everything you want to know about their terms and conditions is just a click away.

CBD offers three types of banking; the personal, commercial, and corporate banking.

For Personal Use

1. Personal Banking. Even the not so techie kind of customer can feel comfortable browsing the site. Any customer can manage their savings account, mobile banking, or track their goals easily. Their products and services are created to fit different customer needs to help them get the most of their money. Through Dubai online banking, they can bank, borrow, protect, invest, discover, and budget and track their finances to keep track of their financial status.

Some of their top features are Minimum Monthly Balance which encourages the customer to maintain a low minimum monthly average balance and watch it grow, Attijari Reward Points which can enable the customer to earn points on incremental monthly average balance, Budget and Track which allows the customer to manage their daily finances and plan for their goals, and the Attractive Interest Rates which can let the customer earn interest at competitive rates. CBD also offers savings account, deposits, and credit cards as part of personal banking.

For Medium-sized Commercial Business

2. Commercial Banking. For medium-sized commercial businesses that are looking for the right bank to finance their needs, CBD is the right place to bank. They offer various financing options such as working capital finance, term loan facilities, contract financing facilities, overdraft facilities, bill discounting services, contracting and construction financing and asset-based lending, and many more. CBD’s goal which is to maximize the business potential is well aligned with these services.

For Corporate and Government Entities

3. Corporate Banking. For large corporate and government entities seeking to get banking financing support, CBD is also the right choice. Like what is offered for medium-sized commercial business, they also offer different services such as term loans, bill discounting facilities, working capital loans, contract financing, contracting and construction and asset-based financing facilities, overdraft facilities, and trust receipt facilities. With a team of experienced relationship managers and product specialists, business growth is at hand.

The nice thing about CBD is they have a virtual assistant who can help answer the queries of every customer. Your questions will be answered any time of the day through this easy and reliable virtual assistant. Check out to personally experience fast and easy banking. 

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