Tuesday, April 21, 2015

MavSocial Site Review – How To Accelerate Your Social Asset And Social Publishing

Using social media for business marketing? Youtube vs Vimeo? Effectively communicate your brand message to existing client as well as to your potential customers. This review will show you how MavSocial can help you.


MavSocial’s Mission

Social media, as many people know is a very powerful tool for marketing because this is where people spend most of their time these days. As a business owner you want to take advantage of this trend and to know what technology to use. Know that social media marketing may sound complex and not to mention time consuming considering the many channels and information you have to deal with. MavSocial’s mission is to help you with the following:

  • To store and organize all your digital assets such as photos, videos, content, etc.
  • To plan your posts in all social media campaigns
  • To publish to multiple pages and networks easily
  • To save time and budget for you and your team
  • To tackle problems and provide fast and simple solutions

MavSocial is your complete photo, video and social media posting software. It is your complete social media digital asset management and social media publishing system. Manage your content and messages across your social media through this highly efficient software.

Features Of This Powerful Digital Asset Management Software

Digital Asset Management – this feature allows you to store, organize, find, share and analyze all your content more intelligently. You would know what pieces are performing best across pages and networks. Get timely updates and save important date from the RSS content feeds. As for digital photos, you can access millions of quality and royalty-free images for use. Should you need editing for your own images, a complete set of photo editing tools is included.

Campaign Planning - Youtube vs Vimeo? MavSocial’s campaign planner will help you with your campaign strategy. You can schedule your social media updates and have more control on when you would like your clients to see them. And with the social inbox feature, it would be easy for you to monitor and interact with your customers.

Social Media Publishing – this feature enables you to create your campaign post once, customise and publish your message with one easy to use interface. Language support is provided so your post is not just in Western European character sets but also in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Thai, Arabic, and more.

Dashboard and Reporting - views of all your social engagement on screen and get important marketing data on reports.

See MavSocial in Action

Visit mavsocial.com to watch their explainer video and find out how you can get this software for free.

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