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Vinyl Cladding Professionals: The Complete Provider Of Vinyl Cladding Supplies And Installation Services

leading vinyl cladding suppliers and installation contractors

Since the introduction of vinyl claddings in the late 1950’s, this particular type of wall siding has been a favourite among various commercial and residential property owners.

Today, vinyl claddings are made of plastic and manufactured in a way to imitate wood weatherboard. They are engineered from polyvinyl chloride resin and they effectively provide both decorative and weatherproofing duties.

Benefits Offered By Vinyl Claddings Products

Vinyl cladding products offer a lot of major benefits. For one, vinyl cladding products for houses never need to be painted. Their colour does not fade easily as well so they retain their appeal year after year. They do not rust or corrode and won’t warp or crack over time. Vinyl cladding is highly durable that it will look perfect for many years, even in the harshest of weather conditions.

These wall siding products are environmentally friendly since they are produced with relatively low resources. They also help in insulating your home and as such, they greatly reduce your heating and cooling bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Vinyl wall cladding is also very resistant to mould and does not easily dent. Finally, they are maintenance free so you don’t have to worry about working hard on them or paying contractors to preserve their quality.

trusted vinyl cladding suppliers and installation contractors

Where To Buy Vinyl Cladding Products In Victoria

There are many local suppliers of vinyl cladding products in Victoria. If you’re looking for one that supplies such products and offers their expertise in installing them, one company offers all of these: Vinyl Cladding Professionals.

Vinyl Cladding Professionals (VCP) is the installation division of vinyl cladding wholesale supplier – Mitten Vinyl Victoria. They specialise in the supply and installation of vinyl weatherboards for new buildings, homes and renovations across Victoria.

VCP is fully licensed with the Building Control Commission. The company is also a Registered Building Practitioner and as such, holds a compulsory Builders Insurance to carry out works on new homes, medium density units, 2nd storey extensions and renovations in addition to smaller projects such as bungalows and granny flats.

All their staff are fully trained and qualified to work with home owners, builders and architects in providing them the right advice and the best solution for their projects.

VCP’s main headquarters and official address is located at Bundoora, Victoria.

reputable vinyl cladding suppliers and installation contractors

Vinyl Cladding Professionals’ Products

Below are some of well-known brands and types of vinyl cladding products VCP carries:

• Cambridge
• Cedarline
• Insulplank
• Sentry
• Vertical
• Board and batten
• Roof gables
• Eaves

You can purchase these products from VCP and also choose to get help from their specialists in professionally installing them on your property.

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