Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Review On Creative Photography Classes

Looking for ways to acquire or enhance your photography skill? Whether you would like to learn how to shoot like a Pro or discover the secrets of multi-award winning photographers, you can turn to Creative Photography Classes.

Exclusive Suite Of Photography Classes

This website has an array of lessons to help you become a much better photographer. Photography classes here combine the concept and styling of a photo shoot, lighting, the set up, camera setting and shooting, posing techniques, and finishing off with editing and processing of images in Photoshop. What is best here is that you can take the courses in the comfort of your home as they are delivered online.

  • Video tutorials – There are 4 videos on this pages to help you learn how to create a fantasy portrait, to transform a simple photograph into a stunning art portrait, to use professional skills to create an elegant, stylish setting for your next shoot, or to compose a romantic and soft image.
  • PDF Posing guides – Never run out of ideas in your next photo shoot. Get your boudoir photography ideas and posing guide, hand posing guide, and the beginner’s step by step guide to Photoshop. These PDFs come with images which you can even upload in your mobile devices for easy reference.
  • Photoshop Actions – Discover some Photoshop actions for photographers you can use to turn your images into amazing photos. Try how the Magic Shimmer and Glitter Actions give that magical look to your photos that will wow your clients!
  • Texture and Overlays – Courses here will teach you more about Photoshop texture and overlays. Find out more about Venetian Gold Photoshop Digital Background, Magic Light Photoshop Overlays, and the Amazing Painterly Photoshop Textures.
  • Value Bundles – These are combined courses designed for you. You can get these value bundles at a discounted price.

Your Free Resources

Start with the FREE STUFF page. Get tutorials, read tips or download PDFs. Interesting topics on these free resources are as follows:

  • Free Photoshop Tutorial for Magic Lights Photoshop Overlays
  • Photoshop Tutorial. Vintage Inspired.
  • Shimmer and Glitter Photoshop Actions Tutorial
  • Kira’s Special Magic Photoshop Actions Tutorial
  • Specialized Treatments Photoshop Actions Tutorial
  • Photo Rejuvenation Basic Retouch Workflow Actions Tutorial
  • Black & White Treatments Photoshop Actions Tutorial


  • Camera Settings Help Card
  • Photoshop Blending Modes Help Card
  • Sunny 16 Rule Help Card


  • Photoshop Free Shortcuts Guide
  • 7 Point Posing Checklist

Refine how you take pictures and how you edit them. Take your results to the next level through Photoshop tutorials and professional lessons from award-winning photographers at Creative Photography Classes looks forward to be a part of your exciting journey in becoming the best photographer you aspire to be.

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