Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Review On Granny Flat Engineers

When it comes to making use of extra spaces or areas at home, most homeowners actually prefer building granny flats as they are not only very useful but very practical as well. Aside from this, having a granny flat in your property adds more value to it. However, most people do not actually know if they can have one on their property and where to seek help from when deciding to build one.

About Granny Flat Engineers

Granny Flat Engineers is actually a company that provides building services in Australia. They pride themselves of building affordable yet quality granny flats or small houses with nice and comfortable designs. They are known to provide great value for your money seeing that it is every homeowner’s wish to live in a decent house.

With more than 70 years of combined experience, the company can surely deliver great results when it comes to building your own granny flat. They have in-house engineers, builders and even designers who are known to provide excellent professional services.

Whether you are planning to build a granny flat for your parents, kids or for business and investment purposes, you will never regret getting expert help from Granny Flat Engineers as they specialize in these type of projects.

What They Offer

Homeowners and investors are actually given options depending on their preferences.

- Homeowner’s Luxury Pack. This is for those people who want to have an extension of their home for their parents. Usually these people do not want their old parents to live far from them but at the same time, they want their parents to have a separate dwelling.

- Investor’s Pack. Some people invest in small houses and flats like these because they are not that costly to build and maintain. Usually these units are rented out for small families and those who just got married and are still saving up for a bigger one.

The Process

If you are planning to have your own granny flat, it is advantageous to know the process before you can actually have one built on your property.

- Design and approval process. In Australia, there are certain permits that need to be accomplished before actually starting to build something especially in residential areas.

- Construction process. After all the permits are processed and the final design is approved, construction starts. The construction process is as follows: site preparation and foundations, framing and lock-up stage, finishes and decorations, cleanup and handover.

It is really great to get expert help when it comes to home improvement or any construction projects. Choosing a company that provides affordable yet expert and quality services is such an advantage.

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