Saturday, May 23, 2015

Apartment Specialists – The Experts In Terms Of Buying And Selling Apartments In NZ

How can you achieve the best price if you are selling your apartment in NZ? How would you get the largest number of buyers to view your apartment for sale? Who can you trust to provide you with only the best advice on your asset? If these are among your concerns today, consider working with Apartment Specialists.

Apartment Specialists – Who Are They?

Andrew Murrays is an Auckland apartment agent and the founder of Apartment Specialists. Apartment owners usually work with Apartment Specialists for them to achieve the best price for their assets with the least amount of hassle and stress. With a proven track record in terms of obtaining record prices in the Auckland apartment market, they are indeed the specialists with no exclusivity period and with a transparent sales process.

Their Difference

Traditionally, Auckland agencies protect listings and do not make it easy for other agencies to sell their vendor’s properties. Mr. Murray is so much disappointed with this kind of business. Thus, he highly emphasized that Apartment Specialists are doing business differently. How?

They do not actually protect listings and allow any agent to sell their vendor’s apartments giving their vendors maximum exposure to plenty of possible buyers. The approach is paying dividends for vendors with Murray getting an average of 11% over past building records.

Apart from that, Apartment Specialists do not ask their vendors to sign an exclusivity deal. Murray actually questions why vendors must be locked in. He actually takes a very different approach. He claims that if he doesn’t do what he says he would, then he should be fired.

The Apartment Specialists are indeed very determined to shake up the Auckland apartment market. Their different approach has indeed lifted valued on the CDB and tackled the auction lead market. He stated that it is time to let real estate agencies work for the vendor.

Their Apartment Valuation Tool

With their apartment valuation tool, you can certainly find out how much your apartment is really worth in today’s market. Be mindful that Apartment Specialists want to empower owners with the complete facts. It can indeed be very challenging for you to get the true value of your property in a moving market with lots of sales methods. Their simple valuation tool makes use of real world sales data along with experience to show you what your apartment is really worth. After all, knowing the real value of your apartment will allow you to make the right decision.

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