Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Diamond Education At Engagement Ring Insight

Buying a diamond engagement ring? Don't waste your money because of bad purchase. Before making your purchase, expand your knowledge about diamonds. Make sure you know the cut of what you are buying and the source where you are getting it from.  One website you can turn to for diamond education is Engagement Ring Insight.


The 4c's of Diamond Engagement Rings

When buying a diamond engagement ring, pay attention to clarity, colour, carat weight and cut. The website explains that these 4c’s are the standards by which diamonds are rated. These four are equally important to the value and appearance of a diamond.

  • Carat Weight – measured based on a total of 100 points, carat describes the physical weight of the diamond. 0.2 grams of it is 1 carat. This means that when you buy a half carat diamond, it is rated 0.50 carats. The overall weight however is not the only basis of the final appearance. The other qualities matter too.
  • Color – these denotes how much colour does a diamond has based on the scale from colourless to yellow. Virtually colourless are the most valuable. But there are fancies or rare stones that have pink, blue, red or brown pigment and they are the most expensive stones.
  • Clarity – this refers to how internally clear your diamond is.  Each diamond has their inclusions or individual characteristics resulting from the hard work of nature. The grade of clarity explains how flawless the diamond is.
  • Cut – this refers to the overall proportions of diamond. It is the part that is man-made. You can choose from a pear-shaped, princess-cut or emerald-cut.  The emphasis when rating the value is based more on how well-balanced the diamond proportions are.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

For engagement rings, this is the most popular fancy cut in the world. Compared to other cuts, princess cut has lower overall cost per carat as approximately 60% of the original stone is retained. It is possible for you to get these diamonds at a lower price because of the greater efficiency in cutting process and better yield.

www.engagementringinsight.com has the complete cut guide and color guide for princess cut diamonds. The website also has a page if you want have an in-depth knowledge about the different diamond cuts. Make the right choice when you set out to buy diamonds or diamond jewellery by understanding what and how the universal diamond grading system works.

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  1. The princess cut was first created in 1980 and yes, this is the most popular fancy shape of diamonds, that's why this cut is a great choice when choosing cuts for diamond as it works with any style of ring particularly in engagement rings. Also, many
    diamond buyers, advise this type of cut in a diamond when buying an engagement ring.