Sunday, May 31, 2015

Donna Daniels – Among The Best Emcees You Can Hire For Your Business Today

It is indeed quite hard to host a business event these days. It is hard to attract many possible clients to attend your business gathering. One way of attracting guests or participants is to host lively, entertaining, and enjoyable events. This can be done by hiring the best professional emcee like Donna Daniels.

About Donna Daniels

Donna loves people and people indeed love her. She is a corporate emcee and entertainer, singer, TV show host, author, recording artist, spiritualist, volunteer, pet lover, and vegetarian. She has done shows for live audiences as small as 20 and as many as 45,000. Without a doubt, she is the number one female corporate D&D emcee. If you want to make your event rock, she is the right professional to hire.

The emcee services Donna offers is a program that will include action-packed games, dances, songs, quizzes and audience participation which are non-stop from beginning till end. You must be aware that Donna has extensive experience being a corporate comedian and a show host. Most importantly, she can make any even look glamorous and classy. Therefore, your committee will look good and get all the accolades.


Rates – Donna charges one flat rate on a “per-event basis”. Be aware that professional corporate event emcees charge on event basis since their focus is always on providing the best event for your audience and not on the time they must finish. In case your event will take the whole day, there might be additional surcharge.

Team – Donna will only emcee with her backup team of 2 stage assistances along with her personal producer. You actually cannot engage her alone since she believes that a successful event will take a dedicated team of people. With her team, you will get professional individuals who are properly trained in terms of responding to her cue and timing. She emphasized that they have worked together for many years already and that is what actually makes them a force to be reckoned with. Besides, the team with the best players will always win. Be reminded that there are no additional rates for Donna’s team.

Location – Donna is an Australian but she is based in Singapore. In case your event will be held outside of Singapore, you can still contact her since she travels internationally.

Donna Daniels and her team is indeed among the best emcees you can hire for your business. They possess the right experience, skills, and knowledge necessary to make an event successful. You can learn more about them along with the services they offer at

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