Wednesday, May 20, 2015 – Providing Alternatives To Nursing Covers

Nursing, for both you and your baby is a personal experience. While breastfeeding will come naturally as most mothers claim, it does not really mean easy especially for novice mums. Along the way, there are some challenges and the best way to prepare for this important part of motherhood is to educate yourself.

One website that provides tips and informative content is With these, the site can help you make your breastfeeding experience go more smoothly and easily, particularly when you are in public places.

Breastfeeding in Public

If you feel nervous about feeding in public, the key is to plan before you go. Some establishments have designated place where you can comfortably and privately breastfeed your baby. If such area is not accessible, there are special clothes or accessories that can help you breastfeed successfully in public.

Nursing covers like blanket, bib or sling are pieces of fabric meant to conceal your chest area. While some mothers prefer nursing covers because they are comfortable using it, some do not like it as this causes their baby to fuss even more.

Many of the double duty slings and wraps on the market today allow you to position your baby close to your breast while also keeping your breast covered. With this, you are able to feed while walking and going about your day to day activities. This takes a bit of practice and patience.

Alternative to Nursing Covers

Specially made nursing clothes are great alternative to nursing covers. These clothing pieces which are designed by women with their own breastfeeding experiences are different from maternity clothes. Nursing clothes are made to allow you to help your baby access your breasts through special openings in the chest area. You are able to feed without exposing your breast, back and tummy.

Peachymama has a collection of these clothing pieces from breastfeeding tank tops, to shirts, to blouses, to dresses. They come in solid colours, classic designs and pretty prints. Nursing tops can be matched with comfortable pants.  Remain chic and fashionable while nursing your baby.

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